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[Tutorial] How to read and write to a file in Turing
[Tutorial] How to use a mouse in your Turing programs
[comic] Anti-Turing Pill
[comic] Where did tuirng realy come from?
[Tutorial] How to make your turing programs use the printer.
Very Nice
[music video] Turing MV
Welcome to Turing Help; Important Info & Tutorial Links
[music video] I hate turing
[Music Video] Alternate location
[Music Video] Alternate location
[Music Video] Alternate location
[Music Video] Alternate location
[Music Video] Alternate option
[Music Video] Alternate option
[Music Video] Alternate option
[Music Video] Alternate option
[Music Video] Alternate option
[Music Video] Alternate option
[Music Video] Alternate option
[Music Video] Alternate option
[Music Video] Alternate option
[source code] Text Effects
[cartoon] Turing Yard
Need Help! > Bar Code Program
[tutorial] procedures
[Tutorial] Very Simpel I/O
Help 2.
I need help with a drag racing game
First VB post!
[tutorial] arrays
Ok i'm back... with a little problem on my drag racing game
Oval Collisions
Favourite Game
[Tutorial] Collision Detection
Sys.Exec Help
Some help
A test of skills
printing output
great site!
times table
Code / Decode
A test of skills
simple trig functions in turing
Helping Me With My RPG
Shooter help
:!: Help me please with my turing homework :!:
Turing 4.03
Can one display video files in turing
Making a Tile Editor???
Pixel graphics problem
Help Guys
Check this out
Different colours...
Help needed....
Canada eh?
PLease Read!
Need ur help
funny face help???
help me!!!!1
i am new here help me some1
programming, eh?
a other box one help me out bro
CCC (Canadian Computing Competition)
plz help
Game help... again...
increase font size help !!!!!!!
[Tutorial] Character control on screen (Input.KeyDown)
ne 1 got old projects they can send me (gr.11 turing)
Basic Intro To VB
Basic C++ Intro
[introduction] welcome to the world of VB
Calculating with a draw text
Problem with turing
How Do I Display A .jpg and mp3 file to play when executing
Game Codes
Encoder/Decoder w/ Numbers?
[trig] so you're making a pool game?
SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Urgent Major Problem
hey guys sorry to bug every1 but i need help
help me out guys
more .jpg help it true
Net Chat idea!
Falling Snow
---==importing music files(wav.) ??==-----
Internet Chatting
ftpin my game
even more .jpg help
Quick Dan, look here!
[Tony's CG] Pencil
[RulerOfTheStrees]RPG by Krishon
GUI Text field in Turing
Help! Urgent! Chess!
what other programing languages do you know?
help me!
aother one
Goto feature
Problem designing bouncy ball program
Turing 8
Sorting algorithm
Help With RPG
Can somebody plz tell me how to stop smearing
Exit When
Rand Int
New idea
Is there a go-to-line command in turing?
I'm very knew to turing, and was wondering if there....
Net Explanation please...
History in a text file
For Poleop that whont turing 4.0.4 and dont whont to pay
Randomize Procedures?
URGENT HELP NEEDED IMMEDIATELY!!! Music.SoundOff and process
please help as fast as possible
rpg maker
[Tutorial]How to use sound and music in Turing
[Tutorials] Pictures/Images
[tutorial] Smooth Animation / Moving Background
What do you wnat turing to do?
Pong Game Need Help
Diagonal animation
too many variables?
Standalone EXE File
Shutting down program
Multiple Rooms
Encoding Save File
parallelput problem
Errors w. Sprites
heyy... i have a HUGE request.. PLZ
Disco dance floor.
[random source code] Disco Floor
The "clock" function
Computer Competitions Intro - READ
CCC 1996 Stage1: Problem A: Deficient, Perfect, and Abundan
CCC 1997 Stage1: Problem A: Sentences
heyyy.. thank u for ur answers.. i still need help!! :(
[CCC]Introdusing CCC
Annoying Error. Keep shutting down program
[tetris] by Brightguy
Random words from Tony
Net. procs/functions
Turing game: Breakout
Turing game: Breakout
Top 15 Turing commands
Packaging the Game
Help with a game...
*[URGENT]* Program Using Link List [Question]
CCC 1998 Stage1: Problem A: Censor
3D! Blah! I'll be updating this...
Help Guys
Help with loops!!!
Following and attempt at collision detection.
turing 3D engine
letter appearing individually
Menu on WinAPI
getting around getch
final assessment..please help! :!:
I need no keystroke buffer.
moving to next column
Urgent - Net Help - Multiple connections.
Music.SoundOff not working
GUI Help
help me plz i beg you
Extremely Urgent!!! I need help with putting a timer...
Help With Writing To A File
make into .exe file?
[Possibility of harmful programs]
More RPG Help
hey all, sory i have been gone
help quick before tomorrows exam!
Please Help!!
text RPG by azndragon
Inverse Functions
3d engine
making a chat room
password and window
What do you think of this pic?
Finding a File
Guys, check this wicked online Lord Of The Rings game.Simple
Yahoo....100 members!!!!!
[CCC]Few character arrays from Tony
CCC 2000 Stage1: S1J3: Slot Machines
CCC 2000 Stage1: S2J4: Babbling Brooks
Key Press
Only Numbers
Multiplication table
Help with HTML
finding prime numbers up to 1000000
Help Im In Trouble
Need Help
[tutorial] Finding a Prime number
A challenge
if statement
=help!= random circles in triangle
3d File Editor (also view 3d files)
help plz
help with randomize
bmp/jpg -> Turing Code (drawdot)
Urgent Help
draw program
search engine
GUI help
Enter & r keypress
GUI, plz read
help with a draw program
putting to GUI text fields
reading from file qwerks
Canadian Computing Competition (CCC)
My solutions
Case compared to If
SWAT ... where?
Integer to String conversion
help with string manpulation
importing flash
Help with making this program's programming contest
Attempting Harvest moon game, need artist
getch twice at once? or accepting two keys at once
creating a graphing calculator
I'm out of id numbers!!!
tony's new avatar
How to change the Font size\type of font in Turing
Need Help on Program
Smooth Animation
A series of Questions about Turing
nested loops!
Breif Question on Moving Objects
~~~ » Where Do I Get Turing!!! « ~~~
That Didn't Help
Key Commands of Games
Getch and Setscreen statements
Changing detections (ugly stuff)
Delete a file
SWAT turns in to and gets a new url
Fullscreen (setsc statements)
Pong Game Help (collisions)
Turing Challenge for SWAT staff!
example problem??? I'm totally lost!
anoter example problem!
Movin animations quickly email?
program reading and writing problem, complicated with gui
beware of porno! lol
C++ Graphics
need help with nity gritty of grids
[Tutorial][JavaScript] Flying Text
[Tutorial] Moving Text
[tutorial] Arrays
[tutorial] If - elsif - else statments
writing to a file probleml, HELP NEEDED
Top 5 Most Common Silly C++ Mistakes
[tutorial] loops and faking goto line
[sample code] Hello World
How do you close a window by pressing only 1 key?
problems with getch
Help get an aucuale page!
[Tutorial] Simple Draw Commands (Pixel Graphics)
Setting multiple variables
Scrolling Pictures
deleting record from binary file
Bits and Bites (new shop)
COMPSCI.CA SHOP, What do you think?
print in turing?
Avoiding Crashes
a game concept
Showing Dice in Yahtzee
exiting fullscreen
Graphing calculator
Collage or Uni - for comp engineer...
Movement Code
record ideas
More Graphing calc help
Grr... stupid put command things
what school did u learn turing in?
Utopia Battlefields - Join Tony's alliance =D
colour picker
Help graphig a parabula
Help with graphing a Porabla
creating functions
help with 1d game
getting certian parts of files
[tutorial] Procedures + Functions + Processes
[Tutorial]An Intro To C
bad sort?
Picture to Code
Need Help Urgently
Chat Program
[ 3d Engine Demo ]
[ 3d Shooter Demo ]
[tutorial]Chat Program
~~!Moving Background!~~
help with 2 loops teacher says u cant have them at same time
Need help with sprites
[tutorial]read and write - extended
Colour Chooser
CCC 2003 Stage1: J1: Trident
CCC 2003 Stage1: J2: Picture Perfect
===[3d Engine]===
CCC 2003 Stage1: S1J3: Snakes and Ladders
==[3d Particle Engine]==
rotate pics????
Text on Screen
Turing or OOT/OOT or Turing
Include problems
What is the index command?
Stand alone programs
Changing the default icon for executable files.
help, pls sos
Uploading a score to a server AND Changing mouse cursor
Sorting Array
RPG Tutorial
[tutorial] tables
need help please
[tutorial\Example]Commonly Used GUI Commands
matrix program
Update to My Earier version of Pic2Code
Icon Changer
Sprites in TURING 4
controls question
rearranging strings
Assignment suggestions please.
Need some help ... (please reply ASAP)
Please do NOT post "I need help" titles
anyone know of some good ai program ideas
-=Finished Pong=-
matrix program(im not trying to take credit for others work)
Function command
Using System commands in WinOOt.
Julia sets
Matrix Program
continuing a game????
Need help displaying the lowest of 5 numbers to the screen
using mod with real values
Returning variables with processes
Restarting the program
where can i get turing 4
Julia sets - fractals
Sierpinski Triangle
turing in turing
gui calculator
Working with sprites
l00ping, w00t w00t
Whats wrong with my code?
I Need help with angles and parabolas
calculate the amount of federal tax
stupid game to provide minutes of fun :D
Black Jack
Font Change Error
Code for Closing Run Window At End of Program
Bloodshed C++ compiler FREE!
Appreciate ideas and help for final project
Raycasting and random maze generator
Changing the cursor
ai in monopoly
Manipulate Integers
[Tutorial]How to Make an RPG in Turing
Object movement
Help with a fractions program
need help writing a program display numbers with square root
Drop Down Boxes in Turing
how to ue percents(for a cash register)
Final Project
Chaos Game
Expensive shop prices
My first hacker!(added screenshots)
Game For School
alternative to spritz in turing 4.0 ?
reproduced music songs in Turing/oot
collision detection in a fighting game
how to insert pictures
virus programs in turing
quick questions...
Create a program using integers and shapes
true statement
2D shooter game
Need Help
American Computer Science League
How to add up selected choices
list selections
Maze generator
DWITE contest
Yes No command
Rolling Dice Effect
Arrays Not To Sure
does anyone know where i can aquire a Turing Compiler?
Why is Turing so Slow?
List's Help
need help finding a game...
String manipulation
Text Flashlight (also Pic Flashlight)
3 Key Combinations
Any one good with physic? Ballistic trajectory help needed
Help with circles
declaring arrays
number reversal
Permutations and Combinations
GUI CHECKBOXES "correct my code plz"
clearing screens in games,or parts of screens
File Writing Problem
GUI help required...this isnt covered in the tutorial...
Rate your teacher...
What grade are you in?
need help w/ Worms Game with backgrounds and explosion
undefeated (probably undefeatable) 4x4x4 tic tac toe AI
Symbolic Calculator
The Matrix
PaintBrush Program
GUI Questionaire (2nd turing project)
Forum name corrections?
Decimal > Binary
Small Engine
Random Dice
Text Boxes Selection and Scroll Bars
How to input pics?
simple graphics.....i feel stupid
3d Engines
Fix the code "Stop the flashing"!!
New to Turing...kinda
save a picture
Friendly Numbers
I'm bored.
y'all check dis....where u @?
Shoot a gun
turing to other code
Perpixel Collisions (with Particles)
permutations & combinations
Updated Database
how do i set commands for a button?
[Tutorial] Classes
nick change
Final Projects
Computing Insights 2003
Help Needed
formatting numbers?? -> there a way?
movie codecs
Hangman program
C++ Introduction
Too Quiet!
Programming Challenge
Change my status to LAMER!
Custom Created GUI(added text field)
Help: Comp Sci Test
Feature Suggestions
string to number conversion
sumthin non-turing related
Overhead Shooter
Playing two sounds at once
After making a post...
Help with bomberman game
ball bouncing help
What are the links for the games and stuff
Initializing a two/three dimensional array.
Avatar help...
Unlisted Commands
Anyone like wrestling efeds then go to....
gui program...
Character Entering and checking
i don't understand RGB
Human(ish) 3d Model
String Substitution
Viewing Code
Canging the Picture when key is pressed
RGB help
Ray Casting (AGAIN)
PC Remote Control
this website has Great webdesigning
Where da hell did my bits go?!!!!
2003 hockey playoff discussion
Puzzle Game
Having problems downloading pictures of the net
Blades hangman
free php support
[source code] Custom GUI
Frames per seconds, y doesn't it work?
Tile based engine
Surface Normals
Ok, i did some of it (tetris) but im stuck
My Newbish Game
help me limit a loop
frequencies (sound command) I'm LOST!
[source code] Modeling a wave
Inkey in turing
Help correct my hangman code PLEASE!!
Image Fading
Outputting quotation marks
Lens Flare
Particle Effects
Why turing?
Great sites to kill boredom
One shortcut for two buttons.
trivia game
making characters jump
Does anyone know why my music won't play
Reading a file: checking to see if a file exists.
Computer Contest
put statements
Particle Engine 2D
C/C++ Resources
[Tutorial] phpBB web boards
ice cream
Program is not working properly, any1 care to help?
How would you show bombs explodin in bomberman???!?
effects store
blade's new avatar!!
Favourite songs
Fire Extinguisher
How can you have real time?
Ignorance is bliss
Apache 2.X
Turing for Linux
How do you center?
Text fields in turing
I'm trying to make a wrestling text based game...
The problem with my centering is...
REallyu cool site!!
2d arrays
It bounces and bounces and bounces and doh!!! it stopped =Þ
flash,graphics,3d,php, etc....
simple animation, please help soon! :)
Bandwidth Problems
English marks!
Name that song
Sine inverse
Programmer's Dream - working for Blizzard
More Emoticons?
weird opaque coloring
My first game! **SPACE GAME***
[source] 2D Particle Engine
Max string size
First Post in May
Canvas probems
how do have a smooth moving background
Auto Send Form
Bandwidth Problem
User known As Fwuffy
File I/O help
[source] 3d Particle Engine
New Guy
RGB values
Formatting Text
Just finished installing my new website
how do you use JOY STICK on turing???
GUI and Draw Module
Birds Eye View RPG HELP!!!
Turing 4.1
Does anyone have Turing 3
CMS/Portal as the main page?
How do i get started with opengl?
(Very) Low-Poly Sphere(ish) 3D model
Racing Game
delayed letter typing
math rotation formula...
um i'm new to this...and my turing game doesn't work....
mortal combat game...
my first rpg that doesnt work
new avatar
Chaos (distance)
help with numbers game
GUI stuff
Distanse formula
smart collision detection
Java for Windows XP
Grade/School ?
How do we make sprites more fluent
Homing Device
Goto statement?
mouse follower
Asteroids Demo
Coloured Labels
ABOUT Textfields
Help compsci and get some money for your self too!
Final Assignment...!
help with expressions!!
Find a file?
stick death animation
[Tutorial] Name & Title Effects
Collision Detection...Read Tutorial ...confused..
the tetris game demo(or whada hell ever it's called =/)
wtf?? is sumthin wrong wit the board
plz take a look
Relative motion(pretty challenging)
is this tittle good enough?
The Drunken Panda wuz here! '03
The Drunken Panda wuz here!
Hobbies? Whats your thing?
Old CCC question
Dragon Ball Z
Could I get some help on making a GUI?
DBA Season Finale Yesterday, anyone watched it?
Blades new case
how to become a programmer??
ragnarok online
circles + archs
I Need Help on sprites!!
Cataylst's new rank
octopi's avatar
Help with strintok
Who don't love my new colour
Change colours for GUI
Useful Functions and procedures...
dissolve slide fade
Pool Demo... Hopefuly I will finish this one.. (ya right =Þ
A foot ball game
2D Vector Class
[tutorial]Frame per Seconds
Half Life 2
What's your favourite PC Multiplayer Game/MOD?
clearing text boxes
How could you make a GUI like this one....
Help with Arrays
Pic Help
What the heck, where did all my bits go?
How bout a chat room
Big Updates
Update Suggestions for the site...
Math formula solver...
white space in pictures
Turing Game Competition!
Sound effects in mario
Link that leads to a pop-up
I need help
some colorful procedure
Matrix text effect
How do you make a calculator
General Suggestions to Compsci.Ca people
Mouse Question
Anyone know how to make a classic button masher Olympic game
[Source] Planets Test
Anyone know to make the AI for a 100m olympic style game?
sound effects
how to createtextbox in php
I meant this...
Virus Warning
Another Question
Things to do when you log in
Help with Arrangements of Operators
Favourite Song.
buttons and movement combined
Dungeons & Dragons
Bopper Vs. The Wavemaster
Check out my Site
Using pointer to access a varible
YAY my very first php creation :D
Help with simplifying code.
ice cream
anyone good with php here?
Sprite Request
Something's wrong with my code....
I NEED HELP... joking... what's compile time expression?
Downloading QFTB
Halo 2! Half-life 2! Matrix 2!
Band [This topic is rated PG-4pi]
time redirecting
quitting a procedure
Upgrading PHP
Real Matrix Effect
syntax error
Syntax error (u can see the highlighted part in this one)
Report Cards
Make Text disappear
Anyone know how to make a Long Jump game?
Which is the best school in Waterloo for CompSci?
bubble shooting game
3d (kinda...) text rotation
Flexible arrays
return back button
How can i make this animation smooth
Game Help
How would you use a function for a calculator
scroll bars
All Bases to All bases
[source code](FUNNY) Lame Alarm System
Canvas in VB
explosion (particle effects)
[Tutorial] Functions
Blue Mountain
Generating a random number in C++
How do you create a text field?
Pic ID Problem.
[bug catcher challange] Find bugs in my program
[contest] Bug catcher
timer to call procedure
rolling text effect
200 posts
How Long Can You last?
ghost effects
delete non used varibles
[tutorial] For Extreme Newbies
Quick Question... Answer ASAP!!!!!
tex test
[contest]CCC type contest
Official FREE contest C++ compiler
Opening & Veiwing a file
What are the names for the keys?
combining processes OR not
how do i solve this loop
Simple Crosshair Movement- Help Needed
[Awards] Come, take a look at them
quick question
invisible colourback
"Time Crisis"-like game, suggestions/help needed
Need help with my Tank Game
Help please with text
The turing heart moniter
Starburst screensaver
Picture load
Frequency in Turing
Hall Of Shame
Frequency Turing
Coolest Avatar Contest.
How to stop a process?
flash intro
Lets see ur desktops...................
GUI Database help
Getting an ascii character
Bestest self made avatar ever =Þ
Need a good laugh?
label problem
I wrote a big tut
Suggestions please!
HTML Awards
FPS module
[Contest] Cubular
collision detection
same procedures, different names
THe matrix Revolutions: trailer.....
GAME IDEAS- Check Here First if you need some!!!!
[Tutorial] Forms
[Tutorial] HTML Basics - how to code without using a WYSIWYG
[Tutorial] Password Protecting Your Pages
Processor and video card
Selling bits?
I make baby Jesus cry (and i'm an Athiest)
What are your home pages?
How to make my computer into a server?
Video Card Memory?
[source code] The best and the only chat....
Parabola bullet thing
URGENT HELP NEEDED - Masks (100 bits!)
FootBall game
[source] ???
Playing a midi file in the background and having it loop
choppy animation
NEW AVATAR check it out
What are your home pages?
weird not been declared error...
reached 100
Unoriginality Ticks ppl off
[source] Worms Terrain
How can i make objects disapear on event
OS (office package) help
Does anyone know how to make a board game with Turing.
Help out with the community
whoa whoa!!
first java help post
What is Java
earn bits ! ! ! [Contest]
[Tutorial] Frames
My Game is sooooo slooooooow
[tutorial] creating a web page from scratch
loop program
HTML Awards
Need help with a food program in turing
Link folders
Mmmmmm.... Pie
Net.WaitForConnection freezes the program
Turing Pool
preview colours
drawing stuff
wrong with browser
Key Characters
Creating Widgets in Classes
Final Project Help Needed
How do I make these pictures fit the whole screen?
[Tutorial] Hello World - The Java Way
Java IDEs and Editors
Java Tutorials
Textbox bug
[tutorial] JavaScript- A Mix of Codes
Homer's 3D engine (added the source code)
[Poll] come back ??
how do i get my program to recognize input from a mosue?
1001 bits
Need help creating an Algorithm for deleting a record
dan, bout ur email on msn
[Tutorial] Image Maps
3d questions
simple data base....
My final project, thus far.
Is it possible to foce the mouse to move somewhere?
file transfering
Top Scrolling RPG
F2 glitch in OOT
cool dice game
Pictures in a program?
Game Timer
[source] Mouse module
Net Tutorial wanted.
Need help with my bank machine...
First Post
Dice program
OMG !!!
Textfields and Textboxes
Call procedure with GUI
Ideas for game-almost non existant turing skills
[Tutorial] Arrays
Resource Hacker
Who knows who...?!
robotics experience (actual one)
ur mak in compsci
How tall are you?
my bank machine doesn't work...
wow flash
Fraction program(with Class)
Mouse-Click reaction parameters
flash website
[source] Edge Detection
just a suggestion
[Tutorial] Strings and String Manipulation
Input.KeyDown (chars)
what is the bestest song ever???
C++ software
colourback for text
[Tutorial] Flash Animation ...
Homer textured 3D engine(added the source code)
random letters
movie clips and alphas
[Tutorial] Very Basic
linking a program - blah2.out help!
New Compsci Idea
GUI program
whatdotcolor workaround?
[tutorial] restoring array quickly
I am new!!!!!
Window address
Particle Demo
declaring a procedure in a procedure
Summer AI Challenge
Program to read EXE files?
Class Error
Stuck On Hangman
I need help with openGL!!
MSN 6.0 beta
OpenGL built in C++
[Tutorial] Read / Write to Terminal
one thing i dont understand(about c++ projects)
something that i htink looks cool
Hangmen Game Help
Need ideas for intro to game
help with numbers game again!
Pong ball
How'd ya find us?
Connect Four game... need help with arrays
Terrain Demo
Random popups from "messenger"
pong - not collision detection but something like it
help with For statements
How Do You Tell a Process to Quit
CARD GAMES (No Skill Required To Help)
need a way to output a variable value from a module
Texturing With OpenGL
broswer & turing
Problem Solving Strategies
Tic-Tac-toe- need help making it in turing
need help with blackjack program
[tutorial] GUI buttons not depressing
checking for false
Need Help with Trivia Game
[Source] Font Formatting
who has borland c++ builder 5
Need help with Flawless background w/ animated bmp's over
Music.PlayFile - maximum cd tracks?
Need help with my site
What do u use
Importing Pics
O Canada
What is unix?
Pong source code
Lame Program
Deleting elements in an array
Pictures Not Showing In Run Window
bouncing ball??
Music help in a procedure
Triangle Collision Detection
Studying for Exams??
Picture Fade
Character walking effect for side-scroller
making background stay
using strintok
pop up
Forking quit
How do I make a High Score table?
Having collision problems and [why laws of universe r wrong]
[FP] Stick-Fighting Championship
Ideas for other AI challenges
Visual C++
Suggestion on Forum Layout
Help with collision star game
Scoreboard + Parallelput, clueless on how to do it.
Font help
looping randint
help with slot machine
MY Website(Forum)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No more Ads
Better Turing!!
Level Uping
Compsci Summer Camp
[FP] Risk
detecting drives in turing
Wall Of Shame Coments
graphics help
passing array by reference
[FP] Ultimate Challenge
OpenGL Lighting/Shading/Texturing
Sprites in Turing 4.0.4c
Good Website For Learning Languages
the upload thing doesn't work
[FP Preview]Preview to my game
unknown error
.MAP files
collision for lots of circles
more effects
negative bits
Random 3D surface Generator(first one made in turing)
Multiple Window Data Transfer
Anyone know why this is happening?
better language
disabling GUI buttons
Problem, PictureButton isn't working.
game beginnings
LOL, have you guys ever watched "Zatoichi"???!121!
Im confused on how to output data to a txt file.....
Turing and C++
The Calendar Program
Godspeed vs. Radiohead
how to draw lines
Hi All!!
exit the procedure
Colorful Cat
Bouncing Hockey PUCK
cool 3d site
Whack a Mole
How do I end Forks?
Darkened Skies
GW's Jet Game Yaaay Flashiness
Flashiness during a process, more complicated than it sounds
Game problems!!
Accessing ram using address
Mario background won't load...
Colourback problems...
glaux.h file
Pseudo Codes
Restarting a program
stupid error
[Tutorial] the drawcheck procedure!
$1,000,000 Unreal Mod Contest
Deleting an image
How do I display the system date?
[FP] Othello
NBA predictions?
GUI culminating activity
lil help
Transparency in DOSOOT v2.5
What is everyone's avg?
Still trying to figure this out!
Flagness 2
To ban or not to ban my_skin_smooth
Random poll
GUI, Arrays and Textfields
flash example
Making GUI
Selling items = no bits back?
Need help with looping this food program but keeping values
assert command
Space Invaders help
Getting OpenGL to work
Guess my Avatar
Pictures to Backround
Price of Revenge.
10k Articles
Case Statement Help Needed
just realized sumthin
3d box
random colours
Tic-Tac-Toe help cont.. Code so far
just a thought
[FP] Ultimate Mario
text as background
Fade Out
Text Box Question!!!!
Laws Of Computing
Newbie question
Turing compiler
What is everyone's favorite PC game?
Matrix Cubes
Wall of shame coments (split out of wall of shame)
Sine and cosine
Unfolding box
rotations in openGL
Thanks you for all the help...but i need just a bit more
Cube Class
Can someone post the example of OpenGL (from DevC++)
What is php?
Glass Cube(has lighting)
tea time! Sponsored by openGL
How do u make a file into .exe?
sky boxes
Always there is an error
What textbooks does everyone use?
3D Beach Volleyball
msn popups
Help with my almost done GUI Prog
Clear screen button
auto resize window
A really cool Site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why do people post so much spam to get bits
Keeping track of entry numbers
Creating shooting star effect
How do you display a text file?
Comparing char arrays
Collision detection using Sprites
How do u put stuff into a text file!
3ds Loader & Mouse control
randomly moving
rounding numbers in GUI.
256 colors
[source code] bank loan calculator
Adding sound to the program
the script: matrix reloaded
Turing Help File
Text RPG
Who gave me the bits???
What textbooks does everyone use? (don't post if hello)
Opening Turing one into another
bubble sort
Open .t File
Welcome to GD ... let's not ruin it
Hmm, programming "ohms in a resistor and color bands&qu
wow.... school years finally over...
New Programming Forum
My first program. (texture, lighting, 3d font, rotation)
Thanks a lot - I'm callin you out hello
Im new Help me out
MMHS Java Coursepack
Looking for Math Tutor Program!!!!!!!!
Im Sorry U Guys
My personal pong
Where can u get C++
Could You Guys Help Me Choose My New Avatar?
view a sample game
Catalyst and Homer_Simpson are mods?
system specs - ur thoughts
A suggestion..
Problem creating 2 player program
midi doesnt play!!
Importing a tileset
Jumping jack women
What does procedure TextDelay do??
Mouse Drawing Program
My bank machine
Ending a process
How do I save my game as an executable?
[FP] MegaMan Arena
flash ad
Custom GUI
How do u save into a textfile
Why do sprites not work in Turing 4.0.4?
Why Dont Mods Delete Pointless Locked Posts
flash game
Empty function
Asok's Space Invaders II!
Space Invaders II
3D Cel-Shader Demo
Request - Can someone post a example of case selection?
[Source Code] Meteor Shower Screensaver
What are u gonna do this summer ?????
New logo, or am I nuts?
Turing Assistance
RecordBase DBMS framework for Turing
running c++
opening windows progs from turing
Newest Version Of Turing
To The Exponent?
Calling a new procedure within a procedure??
Amailer site CHECK IT OUT :)
RPG Armor/Weapon System
spiral thingy
Cats to add..
Input/Output from file
ACSL question
how about a site...?
[FP] Tetris Attack
thuder bolt
equivalent to cosd
Help with algorithm
Battle Procedure (Very Long)
Frame Type Window?
Got any fav PHP scripts? ( post em here :)..duh... )
vectors in 3d
make a list to call in an if condition
kbhit error
Deleting tabs in Word97
[source] Full 3D Engine
Chinese Checkers
Screen Size??
Do you use algorithms etc.?
Who do u like?
lazy mods?
Guitar Tabs
Artificial Intelligence
File Upload
Importing a Font File
dev c++ and opengl tutorials
16 million colors, how?
How do you get turing to recognize successive button pressed
[Game] Wood Wacker....don't let the name fool you
Quick math question...for 500 bits
[Tutorial] Exception Handling
another quick math question for 100
Whos ur favorite star?
evasive maneuvers thread
I dunno what i did but i did it:S
Math Solutions
[source] Full Raycasting Engine
first c++/opengl attempt: triforce logo
Engine Demo
lol one of the best anti-windows jokes around
-= ITS PHP 5 BETA =-
Random integers and their properties
New to Turing (C++/Assembly Programmer)
Triangle Solver Source Code
B.NET IS (@!K#D!
Transparency... Is it Possible??
Can everyone see this?
Homer's Particle Engine
Angle of a line...
Happy Canada Day!!!
[Tutorial] A Complete Look at: Bit Shifting
Best lyrics
new ontario marking scheme (levels)
Full Screen
post count
POSSIBLE Massey CompSci Reform!!
Sprite.SetPosition Syntax
Directories - Opening, Closing, Creating, Etc.
add submittions
Simple Basic Particle Engine
summer compsci
Turing 4.0, anyone??
Mod Wars!!!
Summer / Near Future projects
I Need GUI!!!
OMG, the world gonna end - D2X patch v1.10 Beta is OUT!?!
pre-processor flags
3d studio max question...
hacking contest
another 3DS Max question(connecting objects)
c++ String HEEEELP!!!
Pic.New doesn't work
flash mods
10 bits question
Qt - crossplatform framework (for GUI specially)
Hacker dan's HDD gets nucked
A.I in turing
joke site
Displaying page (like google...)
C++ Function crash
having a class as a member of one structure...
Content Managment -- TikiWiki
NEW PROJECT - "Request Live"
help with JFrame
help with vector
Randint Not so random?
Random numbers
Limit to Pictures??
phpbb 'login' session name
flight sim
Its finaly here!
The Meat Ball Song
[tutorial] Inheritance & Polymorphism
GRR sucks..
Basic syntax/structure of Java
My Inventory Routine Not Working Properly
Flash site - nice one
Do u actually wanna do Computer programming...
programming experiences
Help me on Game interface
[FP] Space Shooter
Encoding takes too long
Basic php
Grr... Dont even know how to use my own site
Instumental Music
Update your phpBB....
I need java vertual machine
Darkness Head of DBZDIVX?
Reading Various Sections of a File
Music Mixes
dTeam project
[Tutorial] - Preloader
PHP Servers
Love the forum but...
Programming forum :P
[source] Pool
How to change the error message on apache?
Need idea for a music site
Checking An Array For Validity
Enum and Union
I'll see you in a month
what compiler do you use?
road trip to Japan
JavaLive: Java 1.5.0 language features
Naked Empire W000000T!!!!!!!!!
Intro to OOP in Flash
C++ console window
Calculating normals...
Need Some Calrification On Saving
what I think of the world...
CD Music
math thread number 3,141,592,653
Action script!
Limit images displayed.
What do u get to make flash stuff
Background color and changing font.
What happened to ctrl c, and new features
a handy dandy image resizing function
Someone -H-E-L-P--M-E- with tic tac toe games
Incredible website
Sub Structure ? ? ? ! ! !
One of my original games...
My Msg Board
which uni's are good
Project Idea - possible???
text location
Whats next?
Cool site for grpahics and etc
My current game.
Hit/Miss System
u guys wanna try out a real MMORPG?
Math Question...Bits Rewarded
hosts that support php
accessing tripod mysql from another server
Making a Music Player?
Battle Royale
Perlin Noise
making a link change the value of a variable...
having user name password system and hiding the password...
including .css file into html
3d models/raycastering - errrr where to start?
link question
map tiles-drawing several small grass tiles etc
dynamic arrays
Psychological Jujitsu
Unknown database problem
Hows the layout?
Functions And/Or Processes
random real numbers
Certain # of characters on page, than makes new page
Check this site out
Help with java applets
News comments
Best version for beginner???
first flash submittion
3d menu
The Pointer Syntax
Saving Once Again
another homer submittion
simple button
one of homer's animations...
one of my first animations
Jarmaker -- create jar archives with ease
javascript help
Java script useful function
private message system
Power Out!!!
CompSci v2
Posting Multimedia
Keyboard Throwing Competition held in Russia
final C++ projects for school
web graphics
where to get opengl
New Computer
Uploading/Apache/Ftp ???!!!
ip address
Anyone got TS? ** UPDATED 3 (the ip) **
directory scanning function
Some pic i made :D [ Photoshop 7 ]
PreLoading Map
my first php based website :D
Nice Graphic Window
need help with not using frames...
Bumpmapping (Specular and diffuse)
how do u like this picture?
finding the screen properties using php.. (possible? or not)
thumbnail generation
Request Codes
manual center alignment
apache: 404 error message...
[Tutorial] Regular Expressions (Basics)
News about v2
Making a subdomain.
tic tac toe
english to binary
address book
Reading the database backward
CNE sucked
i want blue lead
Changing the DirectoryIndex
when did we select new mods?
Warring Possible Down Time
Staff up dates
Panda recieves a v2 upgrade!
V2 Changes
looking good 8-)
Simple Temperature Program
what java IDE should I use?
I'm back :)
upload quota?
EU did it again...
Need Beta Testing Help
Vivendi not to sell Blizzard
Posting Guidelines
Need PHP Gaming Help
Java-like String object
[Source] Java-like String object
[Tutorial] How to make a basic swing applet
[Tutorial] Sorting in java (Bubble Sort)
[Tutorial] Swing GUI dialog boxes
freebe downloads - compsci wallpapers
posting isp's/fp's
some photoshop stuffz i made
i drew this picture with..
stuff i didn't draw... but funny! (wanring: large)
GD...w/e! HELP!
calculus grade 12 homework doer
anyone interested in photoshop?
Pong RPG Lite
Pong RPG
Pong RPG
CompSci to visit Ontario University Fair
Setting Up A Database and Forms
New fourm idea
Math Proof
syntax for math operations?
if codes
New php site i'm working on =) (no framez!!!)
little problem
Program keeps on crashing...
Googles BDAY?
Newbie Question!
Help - Basic Drawing/Animation
Problem with Code - Help Please
Where can I find Turing on the net??
Yet another logo
Didn't notice it untill now =S
Type-Writing Code?
Happy Moon Festival!!!
Fractal Generator
Best Way To Create User Sign-up (PHPMYADMIN)
anit-linux ad by Microsoft
Need tips on my banner
Mail command
Mandelbrot Set
How to make FLOAT add upto 2 decimal places (56.90)
Turings Natural Delay
IS your phpbb even updated??
Save Inu-Yasha
array and database
Site LAGS!!!!!!
Collision Objects
random characters?
I need your assisstant on my site(join my crew)
Best book for help with C++
incoming hurricane :D
sry tony --- can u tell me how to draw
Site Promotion
Loading .Wav .mp3 etc
JOGL - Java Open Graphics Library
SAST (Students Against Stupid Turing)
.jar files
Got wrk for me? :D
Abstract stuff!
Random sh*t cause everyone else is doing it.
Mcmaster Science Olympiad
Looks pritty cool, check it out
Need help with making a website and setting it up
Animated image with php?
the steps...
Font.Draw and variables...
3D Studio Max 6
Bandwidth Issues?
Worst day ever!
Need Help with Java
more steps for something cool
lame AOL users
X "blue" box
3d studio max question...
another 3DS Max question(connecting objects)
Problem - Is there a different command for or?
How do you like your compsci?
Teacher Incompetence
MSN messanger color hack
Okay, how is it?
M$ to charge for their chatrooms
Who turns there computers off, and why?
Lonely spam :S
Process Var's
Multiple If's
Font and get
splitting up input
where's asok
Flash Help
Flash Examples
Short movie (based on a true story)
Basic gravity equation.
[Tutorial] SWING -- The Basics
Palatte comand
Font Styles Error
I created this image (like the others)
Gridding off the run window
Smae Wrod
String Var and Spaces.
find the root of one number to the other
MSN Emoticon template
Need help writing a program!!!!!
Site layout
Help on getting system timer and Time system
A plant cell?
Pic.Draw / View.Set("Graphics) Problem
Matrix Revolution!
Eye color
Open GL wont work on my monitor
Long sentences using string variables being cut off
My 3DS MAX Sh!t
We have 500 registered users
Binary To Decimal Covertor
Typical Cashiers Problem (Involving Trucks/Weight)
Number Formatting [Digits(Len), Sum, Reverse Sequence)
Return of the King
Help to get a write problem fixed
Shout out to rizzix!
matrix code
tony's back
A Last Hope RPG
Bandwidth Issues?
anit-linux ad by Microsoft
flight sim
[comic] Anti-Turing Pill
Cool buttons (small)
SMTP error!
Image problems
First expirement with Photoshop 7
Warcraft 3 BOX
control of font in input / get process
HL 2 Source Leak
Stand-alone program
Liberal Party Takes Ontario
Help! With Get Statements!
University Question (Very Hard)
Gr.12 bi-weekly questions
New Math contest!!! (10 bits)
MSN maintenance?!
how to get the biggest number and smallest number
phpbb gallery
[Tutorial] Abstract Class, Interface and Nested Class
Weird Pop-up thingie...
Help! With Music Insertion!
Random images?
Cool Effect That Needs A Name - Tutorial
[Tutorial] XML-RPC Web Service
JULIA SETS (Graphic Trick)
Calculator (School Assignment)
[Tutorial] XML-RPC Web Service (Windows)
Avatar of the month
Another cool site
Stopping fork processes in turing 3.11 when clicking GUI
Corrupt Input.tu file
flash game
Reseting text fields
GUI.ProcessEvent reset
3 Years FREE! Internet hosting
Who can tell me how to make a line
BBCode syntax highlighting
[source] ASCII
[source] Double-Linked List
How did you find us?
Code Revising
Hey it is me again.How can you print in the program?
GUI drop down selection box
awsome effect!
Raeding and Writing to a File
Multiplayer games
[source][halloween] Draw.Pumpkin
crazy game physics
help with pool
Error Msg
Cool wallpaper [big image]
Jk2 SERVeR LivE!
replace help
Background picture
evil vs others
Time Travel
Close.Window Problem
elevator to space
burning image files
array total
array in order
Very Hard Programming Code .. ( atleast 2 me :P) need help
any jobs in future?
playing with microwaves
I'm looking for a programmer.
From the makers of iPod -- iTunes for windows
Abusing Bits
Targeting a form to a window
Where to download turing 4.0?
plane game, flashing plane image help
BlackJack Game Help
about table
RPG Character Control
interactive areas "buttons"
monkey soup
How to create a multiplayer chat
Mouse Input
what i go through to get here...
Parallelput help? I'm kinda lost!
Help with text
Bit Operations
1000/10 forum style!
Get Value Certain Length
FFVII Advent Children!!!
Help me with Randomized Lightning Bolts! :p
Halloween Scenes (objects)
Image problems...
Hidden files?
How to sort a file by last modified?
Getting information from a php file
hack program
Babylonian method of Square roots
[Fp] The Springy Adventures of Bouncy Bob (Sidescroller)
[FP]nalog $ Digital Clock
help with modify programming code
A few questions
Analog Digital Clock Source
Do you want an overclocked computer?
d2 patch came out, if neone cares
My Halloween Scene
Linking Tables
Help with FinalProject.
Massey people
Need Help
mp3 in c++
Internet Macros
[Tutorial] Saving To Text Files
upper case lower case
randomizer help
Read/Write help
new image problems...
[Tutorial] Message Boxes
A question
help with the font
I was wondering how to make my background black for a game
Home made trojan for anyone interested...
help to draw a swing
appear the word in the corner?
Turing Forums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dot Racing Game
get the values??
GUI.CreateButton in procedure
i need help with action script ( simple)
longest word in a sentence
Find the mode
first VB proggy =)
Run a Turing source file in a new window
[source code] Random Numbers List
Importing JPGs
oh i learn fast tony >=D
Algorithms for turing - mainly a map generator
help me file?
civilization style game
need help with old CCC question (2001 J4S2)
Lottery Game
a isosceles triangle
Gray, but good ;D
[source code] Antialiasing - Blur Filter
turning an integer to a string
i don't know what's turing saying
strings in vb
[source code] motion blur
What does the ending mean in Evanglion?
Matrix: Revolutions
School Assignments...
Trojan to become
how to make a cartoon turn his head????????
A Dance Dance Revolution Game?
book ends
make a guy run across the screen
a site that looks like this one
strint <-> intsr help
Help with Equation of a Circle y=sqrt(r**2 + x**2)
BloodShed Dev-C++ Graphics....
Java 3d API by sun
about winoot and turing
If statement, needs a boolean type
Chances of stopping
Loop Execution Program
Improving your chat prog
Artimes's Turing Files
Mouse Clicking Program
GUI button problems
DirectX vs OpenGl
Image Preloader
Bitmap file
Bitmap file
Bitmap file library
Bitmap file library
Bitmap file library
Bitmap file library
Bitmap file library
Javascript alert customization unofficial wallpaper
Math Functions on turing....
Nim game???
where can i get a free trial?
the dropping snow
a procedure
Putting Numbers in order...
cannot allocate item
studying the basics on the program...need some help!
Shut down ur messenger service!
stack overflow
Graphic Designer (Spriter) Wanted...
Black jack problem
What desktop resolution do you use?
Cross-browser Compatibility
designing report card
Color Codes
Higher Lower Game (perfect for nebees)
Simple Stop Light Animation
RGB color picker
Flow Chart help
Ultima Online
Here is something I did for my media arts class ( gr 11 )
goto start?
Help on a few turing tricks
Formating Text Boxes...
how do i make the arrow move?
copy things to clipboard
How do u make an arrow move around nd write ur name?
mean of random numbers???
DWITE: november 2003
Help Please...
Cheap loading screen help
Updating a text box
"for" statements
Can anyone help me with this functions question!
How do i get the circle to move?
Another Question
VB and files
I Need Graphing Program
attachment mod
I need an ISUy idea!
Error stopping a process also code help
Error stopping a process also code help
ping pong
Error stopping a process also code help
ping pong
Starting Screen in Middle Of Monitor?
Turing - Building a house
Ever played Conquest: Frontier Wars?
Tidbits and Tricks for programming
Does anyone has this program?
Most stable webserver written (By me)
Need Help
getch & hasch
LKF about My CompSci teacher OTD (get permission to post)
Advanced string manipulation: Help needed
adaptable wall detection
Need help with Movement
string comparisons
ive been working on this ques for hours...
peers requesting work
Question needs to be solved
Redoing the Turing Tutorials Setup Contest?
help with listing names under Alphabetical order
Need help with cards and war
Just a warning of possible stupid questions
Image Swaps not working correctly... Need help please
action script
[Tutorial] Records
my pls
Anyone have a good working Pong game?
Rotating 2D Array
Arrays and classes...
can i have all kind of sort please
how can you open c:drive in turing?
All Hail the New Guy
nis asked me to make him a title page... so i did
Simple, but nice
[Tutorial] recursion
1337 speak
The Shizzolator
new trojan is out
New guy
un-crackable encyrption? possible?
PHP & Forum help
Inverse Sine Function
Problems with my home project
this is the shop page
Help, oh god, help.
Basic yes cool
ISU waht gaem should i do
Help in count!!!
basic Text Effects
Opens Different drives
Text effect
Text effects in Javascript/html
Need for Speed Underground
Rainbow effect
IRC Client in Turing 3.11
Searching stuff.
Do you like the weekly quiz idea?
Poker Game
Rock Paper Scissors Game (Graphics + Sounds + AI)
What is this forum?
Background Music
A game by Nis
First Person Shooter (not rpg er anything)
Another game by nis
ActivePerl -- getting output of external programs
factorial powers program problems
and then there was Conan O'Brian!
[Tutorial] whatdotcolor
Pacman!! (unifinished, alpha 0.1)
What grade are you in?
*Good program for creating flowcharts...
Loop inside a function
the new dodge_tomahawk
Best Flash Game
Who Hates SNOW?
Turing worms... Worth a shot?
Audio CD
I cant get 2 player game on one keyboard
[Tutorial] Terminology
Breakout Game
Mouse CLiCK
What does you computer look like?
Something wierd...
[rant] turing's help files.....way too many typos!!
basic tutorial on simple projectle movement(a bit advanced)
Simple Calculator
Need help with parabola-drawing
An Asteroids Clone
need help with huffman encoding
plz give comments, advice for my final project, an RTS game!
about positive divisors.
War games
GUI Buttons
Need help with fighting game (smoothing animation)
equation calculator
Need help keeping high scores
Need help with Fighting game (Distance and computer movement
Tournament Help
Site Dissappears
Site Dissappears
Site Dissappears
HTML Problem???
The VGAs Sucked
[FP] little shooter thing source code, I made for new Turers
The most amazing particle engine EVER made! (FINAL VERSION!)
case sector is out of range
I need the latest update for OOT 3.1
standalone program ---> source code
a method/class that finds commas
Interest Calc - Homework Question
Using variables as text in Font.Draw
Problem with graphics movement...
Staff Updates and a Sneak Peek
Two buttons at once
pong ball
Lan hook ups in turing?
Created a Sphere with Draw.Arc
multi colour gradient module
Okay... Uploading Music Files...
physics particle engine...
oakley rip off ( lol )
ISU Music...
Problem with GUI
f(x) == f(10x)
Anyone know of an upgrade to Turing 4.04?
my particle engine
particle system
Flash in turing
how to make a scroller game in turing...[FP] scroller demo
[tutorial] compiling source code into .exe file
Black Jack
Could someone tell me what to fix for this pong?
Pong AI...
Reverse Game
Number to letters
draw die
"Goof Proof"
Canadian Flag
Bouncing Ball
counting points in a trivia game
OOT help
bites.....uh, on compsci
draw a sphere
Sharing Legitimate Video Files without P2P
A Button Made by Me
The Computer Science Life
Colour Indexter! Hope You Like
[flash MX contest] The Greatest Story Never Told
Geek Test
Black Jack Added source !!!
Touring Pong Paddle Bouncing Problem
Turing Pong Paddle Problem
How do you make this line into a circle?
My first java program...
sweet sweet monitor radiation
Why is CompSci so slow?
Checkerboard program code needed
procedure problem
Read this post.
Fade effect?
How do i clear last line
coin flip program for school project
tic tac toe help
Pong Scoring Problem
Shooter game
VB or C++
Adding images
Turing to C++
I need help on scrolling
Help with drawbox.... (i think thats the problem)
A Basic Guess a number
[Tutorial] Graphical RPG
weird effect
Is there a way to connect to your home pc from away pc
Those cool operating systems
ASCII to binary
Down Time
Database Help
Net Dealy...
Compiling trouble
my first .gif file
beat this nis
Turing Troubles...
GUI. MENU Select
Strategy Games
Gui Telnet ( easily check email in turing)
why can not show vars?
Opening Ports in a Firewall
Fatal Acception
Problems with program
Best O/S In Your Opinion
DWITE december !!!
document scanner, finds the frequency of letters
Word Search
So, I've got this problem...
counting vowels in user-inputted sentence (how??)
GUI . Menu Enable
My ISP, need whatdotcolor help...
xor? what does it do, how can u use it in encription?
I could use some help on scrolling
PowerPoint Makes You Dumb...
What the...
Mouse commands with a procedure
change name of array by concatenation
how to use xor in turing
HTML code for playing avi files
growing shrinking circle
Running Files in program
3D and .Raw help
Intro Screen moving to new server.
Listing help
help me buy an x-mas present for dan
Try 2 Hack!
Some quick help...
Merry Christmas
Kewl effect
music help
Help on Pong Program
map editor, snake, and a game with a minimap! crashing IE (maybe netscape too!)
Pong game
help with the index!!
Another help in recognition!
[Tutorial] Reseting GUI.ProcessEvent
Turing Paint Function Help
Oval collision help
question about commands.......
Help with arrays
Animated GIF's
Include command problems
integral calculator
integral calculator
XOR encyrption in Turing...
Freeware VB ...
he was a dragon-man,or maybe he was just a dragonman/trogdor
its just me and nis in here isnt it ?
custom objects
and theres more to come
I only did this cause you challenged me
Acessing files in C++...
bedmas sorting
equation thingy
Reading doc files!
[Tutorial] How to use Animated Pictures in Turing
importing pics
a good brochure making program?
ok.. wel heres whats to come from me
playing with turing graphics
Happy New Year
knighthood for... web development?
stupid winsock...
Multidimensional Arrays in Turing?
This site looks alot like :
Cd player
Help me buy a graphic card...
Everything in italic!
good price
Input Key Down
Overlapping pics and adding mp3 files
Whats the best gaming Console from 1995-2004
Fonts and music
does anyone have any source code
Using Font.New and the delay effect
Convert Hexadecimal # to Decimal - Useless but whatever!;)
flipping pictures horizontally
I need help with ideas for items in an Turing RPG
Horizontal scrollbars
Text overlapping picture !!!
A.I. for small game..
[source] How to make bombs drop while player still play game
Turing Message Encyptor
manipulating the variable
Declaring Images in Arrays
Sine Approximation
ISP whatdotcolor problem again...
finding websites...on the web
Starry night program
help with a paint program!
Hi, Im Building a GUI turing Calculator, I need Help.
Operands of comparison
Sorry, Again, I need help, Im Such A newb at turing!
Tic Tac Toe
Explain this code to me please!!!!
Scrollbar GUI
need help on character rotation in (nearly) 3D shooter
Lame Fence
Simple Ideas
Help with using Gui!!
HELP~! With HOuse Assignment
Help, How do you make counters that act upon mouse clicks?
Book of Typo's
Dispose buttons help
Best Online Game
Web Hosting ???
who wants to be a millionaire
Diablo 2 Players UNITE!
Stupid question: Counters and Accumulators
How can I put in a vertical scrollbar into my program?
What's a good site where I can build a website?
What does, Compile Time Expression Expected mean?
turing help - outputting numbers
how do you make a window close?
Bouncing a ball off a semi-circle ??
16 million colour
2 getch lines at once
Mouse error in tic tac toe
USING sprites in turing
Should the money system be change?
Need the value of special keys
Dwite january 16th This Friday
Problem with text files
Draggable fill boxes with random placement
tic tac toe (2)
Need Help with drag command!
Need Help with drag command!
copy exe
Need help with highscores
Crosshair over mouse...
3d Text positioning
images in hsa console?
password and username program problem
question bout ERROR
Turing help plz
Help with using a canvas!
How Do u make Counters that adhere to Graphics?
arranging numbers in ascending order
Help?? How to make Turing search for a given word??
Size of out put screen.
Paint Program:Staying on the canvas.
VB vs Turing...
My program won't close
My program won't close
My program won't close
BASIC GUI.Button program
Potato Head
Character Graphics/Pixel Graphics Turing Commands
meh ... use this until dodge unlocks the other one
Shorty Software Pac Man BETA 2.0 IMRPOVED ! ! !
couple siggs i made
Swish 2.01
[source] viewing a starry night
[source] 3D (kind of) rotation source
adding loading percentages
Running programs on websites!
Regarding School Admin Priveledges
oh man.. High Scores eh?
can someone help me make this program...
Help me with pictures
my primitive hangman game, with 5 words :)
saving and laoding to files help
Run Window
getch help
Input keydown functions
Turing Isometric RPG
picXor ???
Improved Brownian With 10 * & Collision & Offscreen
press any key
simple Progress bar
help me make this bounce
sorting an array
bomberman help
Program to Determine Perfect Numbers
So you're looking for help? check here first
The Wall
how can i do this ?
Randomizing Procedures help
Hey All
buttons and clicks
that volleyball game that dude wanted...
GUI looping
What do i do now?
Making Battle Ship
Error with GUI.GetEventWidgetID when dealing with Canvas
Timer on a Mouse click, like for a shooter
Spam Posts
GUI - small nitpicky problem
Can anyone please send me a code for pong (that works)?
Whont to get some free bits? look here.
Is anyone taking the Waterloo Computer Contest?
CITC's Pong (2 player, complex)
Mazer - Look Here
using arrays for blackjack???
Timer won't work for some reason
animation + proc problem
Does someone know how to make paddles for pong that work?
Swish2 - can sumone please answer some basic questions 4 me?
Game modifications
If You've played Halo, then you have to see this...
Swish2 - Some basic questions REPLY ASAP!
Looping and calculating a final cost...
simontanious processes
Need help in making a pong game
.VCD format
An array that stores each word of a sentence as its own var.
Oh God Not the babies!
Why does CompSci keep on freezing
ball going through the paddle
Story Time!
pic ids
hey guys, wondering if you can help me make domino game
HELP!!!!! Need help with making a certain turing program
Swish2 - can sumone please answer some basic questions 4 me?
Swish2 - can sumone please answer some basic questions 4 me?
Swish2 - Some basic questions REPLY ASAP!
Using a parabola
Hey Mazer - look at this!
removes 4 letter words
any suggestions on a cafeteria menu?
HELP!!! Random numbers and an array
Derek's Philosophy
School project: Hangman
Can someone hook me with a tutorial for VC++
The Compsci Quiz
Insulting Nickname Generator
String arrays in String return methods
Locate File
Checking if a LED is being used
BTS ( Binary Tree Structure )
Screen saver style
Button problems
nimated Door
Selection sort
palendrom string
need help with ball streak
HELP on Input Process! PLEASE READ!
help 2 start hangman.
3 Questions about a game I'm making, Please Help
Bank program
going back to the main page of game...
Font.Draw Commands. Need Help ASAP!!
Multiple GUI Windows NEED HELP ASAP
Valid and Invalid Input...
big-oh notation
error trap problem
creating window using graphics
Need help with my program and with drawing...Please
2D Graphic Tutorials
Controlling main window using "Window." commands.
[FP]Chat Client Advanced++, Not text based. Sexy looking! 8)
New to CompSci
Hockey fans any one
If youre looking for good flash...
button problem 2
Another question for my Millionaire game
I Need Help Using Pic.Rotate With Mouse
music on each page
need help with word ordering game
help me with this please
This annoys me.
Looping/Valid/Invalid Input...
[Tutorial]How to close window at end of your program
dragging words
Trippy mapple leaf Program, Reversed Axises
help me in animation please
Cool Ways To Clear Your Screen: (REVAMPED!) +2 More August13
Cool Star Array (Graphic Visualization)
need help with database
reclusive include problem
Gun's ARE Bad
Bits to first 5 Relevant posts
TRIPLE FIVE-aka Darren
fork statement
Bounce Jim...a bit long but effectively entertaining
Making Pings in java
Naruto? Any One?
replacing alphabets.
Reasons to Send nice emails to Tom West
Help with sounds! Urgent! help ASAP!
help me with this black jack game
ti-83(or 89 not sure) graphing calculators
Circle to Circle Collision Detection and Velocity
i will now break the ice here.
help plz
cd player haha version 0.2 lol
The Bathroom Theory
help ASAP! don't know how to use the click and drag line?
What is the best form of 2D graphic design??
Getting the "Buttons" to work.
ASAP! My buttons (not GUI buttons) won't work.
delay in java
Slot Machine Graphics
Fading Pictures In & Out
My friends VB game
I don't get it!
8ball program!
Help on Metal Gear Solid style game
Help Asap Please, dunno what this does [tictactoe]
price calculation help!
Pong help
Button hiding in complex windows
Fully Graphical Slot Machine
Border and Ball...*Extreme Newb Question*
BATTLESHIP - Computer Ship Placement Help
HELP!!! Text Display within specific co-ordinates. HELP!!!
Crack down
Happy Smiling Face(fully graphical)
help with GL and make up to 1000 bits!
3D flash intro
Tic Tac Toe
Unit Converter for Metric AND Imperial AND Computer DATA
3d intro
Does any1 know how to change icon for turings .exe files
Help with growing arrays
making a .EXE
Problems with sounds
I need help with a timer
using randint, Help asap, isp due tomoro!!
Saving / Loading Files
Turing 4.0.5 Update
Basic car movement game thing.
Help with MAKING pictures!!!!!!
Turing Help-baseball game
some text testing
Clearing Things Up
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire... Major Help!
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire... Major Help!
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire... Major Help!
The Return Of Pic~2~Code!!!!!
Randomizing 5 different blocks
problems with submitting my program
Sounds playing problem
technicality in weekly quiz
Anybody now how to randomize 5 blocks?????
Need help moving imported pics
Bouncing Balls *Physics*
error trap help me please
Trig for a POOL game (realistic angels)
Trig for a POOL game (realistic angels)
POOL tutorial including Realistic Angels
POOL tutorial including Realistic Angels
POOL tutorial including Realistic Angels
POOL tutorial including Realistic Angels
POOL tutorial including Realistic Angels
POOL tutorial including Realistic Angels
in search of turing tutor to teach the commands
what does index do in arrays?
restart programs
Help with making a smoke effect
-=POOL tutorial including Realistic Angles=-
Help making Spray Can effect for paint program
help on the getch command just need some info
Text placed where user clicks
The Person above me
Help with collision detection
Turing 4.0.5
Linkin Park
Help Needed for a cashier program
My first animation... I think..
Simple Frogger Game
Turing Debugger
Anyone like Anti-Flag? Going to...
Photoshop CS
Running seperate turing files in program
Updated Grass with house!
How fast can you type
dots in circular boundary
Having Trouble Creating the game Mastermind
Favourite Bands
stupid flashing background...
The Person above me
Help with JPEG pictures
Counter adding by 1...
Turing 3. 1. 1A
Your first cool program...
Remote Control Car
Come on in.. my first animation...
How does turing handle/interpret text files?
Particle, Problem Implimenting Gravity/Wind
dismal (new DOS type program for windows)
Moving Ball, Flicker Reduction
Pong Menu
how can i sort two sets of data into a 2D array
how to view constants available in turing language
-=[Tutorial]=- Basic Pool game & Realistic Collision Ang
Dos command run through menu
procedure help
Telephone Directory ( TurboC )
DUMBASSES, Im back again (remix)
[Source Code] Intelligence game
How To Do Buttons??
Button help
If statement
requiring information on complex exponential function
to mods
help with a word searching program [look at my code plz]
test my first game
Ord finder
Bash the pengunis!
Lucky Money Casino
Need a little help guys, Basic Javascript
Isometric Maze Generator
Tank Motion
[source] almost done "Who wants to be a milionaire"
Getting Pacman to change direction.. please help asap
Another pointless program... well.. Using Arcs
getting an object to go toward center of window
Calculations off...Running Total
sidescroller background help
[turorial] Making an cool installer for of ALL your files
Its disgusting
Particle Engine W/ gravity & wind:
The Rules
to all ppl who want an avatar
Battleship Game
Help, with my GUI Text Scroller
Is it possible to color exdent/indent GUIframes?
loop in a loop
Parallel Port
Problem With Sys.Exec
Problem with Sys.Exec
Buttons...yet again
garage fee program...feel free to use
garage fee program...feel free to use
garage fee attachment is here...:D
garage fee attachment is here...:D
odd even counting :D
Spencer's Games! (Number game, Tic Tac Toe and Pong)
Coordinate Finder
Re: Shop
Mario Music On Drugs
Final Projects Contest?
Can you make a procedure with procedures in it?
Is ANYONE gonna post here?
changing colour of text in java
neone good with programming language matlab?
Using whatdotcolor with mouse (this ones for u dodge)
A Great cursor clock, with current time
BlitzBASIC 3D & Free Game
My Bits
E-mail at compsci
My Flash Paint Program.
2D RagDoll
Catch the Box Game
Catch the Box Game 2.0 (the new and improved version)
Trash Turing!
hey Mazer!!
[source] My typewriter program...
Comp Sci practical exam tomorrow, what kinds of things...
LED : Help
A few pointers on a program I'm currently writing in Turing
Amazing Wallpaper(Big Image)
[source]3 Different Music things for 3 dif places in a game
The best 3d ragdoll Known to man
Psychic Program! Reads your mind...
2d array, how do I........
Please Help the newbe's
M3 15 T3H 1337 H4X0RZ, 4R3 M0R3 1337 TH4N M3?
sidescroller colldetect help
dice help
how do i store words into arrays? (from text file)
My Own Button Object
the rules
explosion help
[FP] Animation Story - Fred the Tap Dancer
risk dice problem
New Bit Rules
Merge and Scale Images
Tutorial: Basic POOL and realistic collision
Tutorial: Basic POOL and realistic collision
Tutorial: Basic POOL and realistic collision
Tutorial: Basic POOL and realistic collision
Where to start?
create many directories
Decimal to Binary in Turing
Phone Book useful book of numbers
[FP] Payroll
2-dimensional arrays
Quiz Upgrade
Need more space for your upload?
sample 3ds imported
Dictionary of Dan
How fast can you type
Particle Effect - Fire
The Diary of an Angst-filled Drama Queen
[Tutorial] Beginners - Creating Buttons
Contest: Best Picture Using 2D Pixel Graphics
Hexadecimal to Decimal
how do I save records to disk??
2D pixel art contest promotion spam post t hing
[source] Hangman Game without using keyboard
[source] Hangman Game without using keyboard
[source] Hangman Game without using keyboard
[source] Hangman Game without using keyboard
my old ogl engine
[source] Hangman Game without using keyboard
Lens Filter
closing the unused windows
[Tutorial] Using Your keyboard in Turing(Arrow Keys)
Dowload Pauser
I propose compsci get a new category!
[Lighwave 7.5] Part 1 - Modeling a House - Base Structure
[Requested tutorial]
[tutorial] movement (getch,keydown,mouse)
[source] Hangman Game without using keyboard
Hangman Game without using keyboard
Hangman Game without using keyboard
how to change my name?
OC Remixes
Comp Sci Exam tomororow [Written] Please advise
need serious HELP for ISU game (dance dance revolution)
Hangman Game
Help Mail Server!
Stupid Question
Computer Forum!!
Compscis other URL
Compsci Bug Trouble, Post BUGS here
masking passwords
help needed on sort routines
Site Design
donate bits to aliveiswell
drawing ovals with arrays
When is the next DWITE , i lost my calander
slow loading ads
Lame Virus Type Thing
Exams, Exams , and even more Exams
Snap To Grid and Draw...
The Most Amazing Video ever and olny 64KB
[source] My Hangman game... new version
[source] My Hangman Game version 1.1v... (button updates)
Java program
Dice rolling...
where did asok go?
Sound Card Problems (Going insane)
Lens Filter V 2.0
Problems to Solve
Meteors (similar to Asteroids??)
How do I get a picture in my signature
Positioning Text
Learning Collisions .. very hard please help
Favourite webcomics
[FP] Shooting Gallery
Program Installer written in Turing.
to massey people
That thing on the left when you post
Counter Strike
Poll on the main page ?
Surprise for the 1000 member ?
What is the Best Menu System for a Paint Program?
Using array for bmp?
How to Ask Questions Properly
Smoke effect
How to put numbers in order?
um... crappy horseracing game [Button Update]
Sorting records
[source] Super7 Quick Pick Machine Simulator v1.0
Jonos Namilizer
Shop Exchange?
Draw Commands
Stats for pop programming languages ;D
Local Variables That Give a Value to an Array and the Size
A pretty hillarious program I made if I don't say so myself.
GIF animator here we come! :D
Watch your emails , here is what to look for
Help with Tony's Oval Collision.
[FP] Guessing Game
Spybot - search & destroy evil browser hijacking
This is the famous .....
New most users online
getting past the Windows XP login
Does Anyone kno wany good books or websites?
oh no compsci exam tomorrow
cTeam Productions
Compsci Nickname Effects
My number comparison program
Who plays gunbound??
First Fight Scene ... In progress
Star Wars fan film awards
Dice rolling betting game with graphics
Input and output at same time
Baisc String Functions ...
New bees newbee program!
New bees newbee program!
New bees newbee program!
[Conspiracy] Blitz Bits Inflation??
RPG Maker 2003
[suggestion] Compsci Lottory!
My second turing program!!!!
In which cases would you use this button code?
Bitmap to Turing
These hidden programs that seems to make my computer slow.
Jonos Coordinates Paint
[FP] Cinema
Server Ticks
Compsci Wars
What Do You Think Of Mike Rowe ?
roulette, ball number correlation.
.INI Files? Recalling Variables from external File.
[Tutorial] - basics ~ loading/unloading frms +multifrm apps
getting a certain part of the text file
topic count
[FP]Spencer's Games - Edit - Source Code too.
Air Hockey (Pong Advanced)
Paul's Punny Place
New Flash Project.
Im Keeping the cTeam Rank , Hacker Dan
Valentines Day
Cervantes' Sig!
Gettings values to stay on a chart
[source] PackFile
I need help
Quick Reply
Attempt at 3D ...
No Pascal contests?
funny / cool pics :D
Quick question.
very useful program --> cain and abel
Deleting posts
SCO DOS atacks start today
opening a port on router
Hidden Trojan Download ????
Delta's Death Ball Series (batting cage)
Eid Mubarak!!
Longest Flash RPG Ever
collision detection
Secret Messages
[Tutorial]How to make your own commands, (like drawbox, etc)
Don't you find it weird in Windows when...
Changing letters help ASAP!!!
How to reverse word? help ASAP
screenshot of the 1000 user
american idol
Starcraft in C++ Beta 0.7843d
need some help here people
Cash Register Help
Black People Love Us
Who Took my bits
University Computer
Well since none of these tutorials seem to work....
Objects Moving with Different Delays
Printing to a file problem ... embarssing
Help with random number program
[sourse] Simple Calculator, with mouse and graphics
This is how I'm gonna beat ...
Clearing Lines?
funny / cool pics :D
How do you do that image thing?
[source] Hangman Game version 1.1v... (button updates)
AMC12 Part 1
The Making of. ....
finishing my cheap explosion
How to get annoy friends.
[source] Hangman Game, new version 1.1v... (button updates)
[source] Hangman Game, new version 1.1v... (button updates)
shutting down the computer
whatdotcolor for collision detection
Hangman Game 1.1v (updated button)
Hangman Game 1.1v (updated button)
Make an animation
Way back when
Outstanding User Award [ Delta is the Winner ]
Text Based Ceelo
Text Based RPG(wacky kind)
Text Based BlackJack(modified version of regular ones)
[Tutorial] JOptionPane: easy input, output with dialog boxes
Problem. Need a fix.
Rock, Scissor, Paper Game
Bmp Loader DEmo
Due Date
Doubly Link List
Reverse Effect!?!
Camel Lights
[Tutorial] Simple Motion Tweening
Request a Tutorial
[Tutorial] Creating a Simple Button
Here is a cool effect...
What do you want a tutorial on?
Help me please to sort this out
need help with sending data over the net
Numerous Expressions of Bill
[Tutorial] ActionScript - Variables
[Tutorial] ActionScript - Arrays
Idea to promote site features....
change string to int
New forum - BlitzBasic
how to find and change duplicates in array?
Toothpaste Game
12.5 in wheels for FIRST Robotics
[Tutorial] Parameters & Return Values
[Tutorial] Strings
Bounce My Balls
Avatar problem?
PHP manual
Adobe Illustrator Tutorial links
New forum - BlitzBasic
My first, not the greatest.
Request a Tutorial
making diamonds
[tutorial] Basic Collision Detection
The Beginning of my game....
Turing Swiss Army Knife
[Tutorial] Arrays
Very Cool Effect
Opening Files and folders (like through My Compuiter)
Queen's U - E=MC^2 program.
Loading .txt Files
My Games Characters
The Stang
correction plz
computer disabler
Private, Static, Dim, Public....When do I use each one
Names of Files
Compsci.Ca Mascot
File Type Finder
[Tutorial] Rotation and Movement
Help with file input/output
First shot at 3D MAX ;D
[Lightwave 3D] For The Love of Chess
Go see the ButterFly Effect
HELP! multiple choice..
User 999
Starcraft Tournament Result
The most amazing 3D Effect you'll ever see made in Turing!
(TURING) Urgent, need help on multiple choices..
Snake program
[Virus] Do Not Try at School
another game by me. just a target one
Getting the final bugs out of my program
What do you like to do?
Compile .t Files
color help in turing
Compsci Being Screwy
[Example] SwapDepth (Swapping Layers)
[Example]Advanced Rollover
Outstanding Awards (Making fun of people version)
[Music] En Francais! This is great.
Getting the last kink out of my program about running arrays
Java Newsflash
Voom, or virtual ON
making pictures move like race cars~
Shorthairs Personal Cube
Snowman done in Rhino
ready to java......
calin out to da masters:worked wif java for 2 hrs.Need Help!
Anyone interested in joining a flash dev team?
Help with few assiments.
Java 1.5 Beta Surfaces
Will This Winter Ever End?
Errors on your search engine.
Buttons for Dummies!
Screensize and drawing position
For Counter Strike Lovers
Post Replys to All The Programs I Made In 1, here no spam
[Conspiracy] Jonos Sig
Maverick's Spam Thread
a "System.out.println" question...
Convert Integer to String?
Mozilla Firebird = FireFox!
[source] Paul's New and Improved lotto 6/49
How many here from Vancouver?
Spam to Post Ratio
Chatting on mIRC
Saving text files
Problem with cut-off words, Turing 4.0.5 pissing me off
Interactive Ball
String or Int?
A little Side note
need some more help
Where to download naruto, not using kazaa or kazaa lite
makeing a movieng box
Smily's Flag (and Gold) Hunt
PLZ HElp Randomly Generating a Word From an Array
a few questions on some things
change save to disk directory
2D Arrays: Connecting Grass Tiles
how do i put an image in my program?
Da Snake.. problem with the flexible array....
NTFS Data Recovery?
help with if statement.
How do I get input and transfer it into a string variable??
make a calendar?
'Psychic" Program
Counting vowels and the percentage. Help ASAP!
input from the user
Startegy Game... Idea Stage (command & conquer)
Right justisfy?! Help ASAP
Extremely Basic House Prog [Incomplete]
[FP]Grade 10 House(Incomplete)
Another pong game
Score Board
avg vs. norton
Trouble with outputting a text from a file
perfect numbers...
[Artwork] Submit your Artwork here
Help with string array,
Clan Logo
maximum number of divisors - need help
Where Can I get Macromedia Dreamweaver
Good computer?
Conan In Canada
HELP !!!Changing numbers to the order they come in alphabet!
Drive the Tank
changing text colours/background colours in console programs
re - initializing a variable
Microsoft goes open source.
input from file
how do i import pictures
hang man..
code errors
Importing Imagesin Different Dirs... (Era of War)
how do i parse in a double?
turing equivalent
Paint Program
clipboard and gui
How do you make sure the user enters a number only??
What is GUI?
Help with random number guess game
How do i get an Avatar
advcmp.h - Advanced Comparisons of lists and vectors
Pop Up Windows
Double operators
PanMan Semi-Final Version<<<Its In The FP Contest
Confusing Problem With View.UpdateArea (Era of War)
Always state your compiler
[Tutorial] LOOPs and FOR loops
POLL: User Interface (Era of War)
Does anyone have tips on some basic AI?
Emotion Showcase
Put With Line Spaces
[Tutorial] Get the user to send you an email, open website
Delay times
Cool Sig
loop program *urgent*
Flaming Bandwagons
Answers to 99% of all questions!!!! Look in here!
Game of the day (Let's avoid boredom!)
Good Computer Site
Random Number Guess Game
Fantasy Golf.
My Weird Program
my crappy 3d engine
[FP]VB RPG-Not finished
duck hunt
simple isometric game
dots tutorial
uploading bmp. images into turing
the start of an isometric game
Many Balls bouncing
{Conspiracy} Conspiracies
basic pong game
I challenge you to a flame war SHORTHAIR!
Compilers & Interpreters
Donation error
[tutorial] spaceship movement: asteroids style
DarkBasic Intro
VB Team
Blitz Basic Intro
Simpson's Originality
[Game] [Blitz] Pong
[Tutorial][Blitz] Random Numbers
[Tutorial][Blitz] How To Build A Game
[Tutorial] [Blitz] Graphics Engine
[Tutorial] [Blitz] Smooth Animation
Support My Blitz Forum
Font Tags .
Fonts Tags
Boolean Errors?
Test my cheap game
boucing ball help with the code
GUI Sliders
fixed background
ending processes
Java and Graphics... update screen...
2003 S4 Substring (coded in java)
[Game] [Blitz] Cervantes Pong
Read topic
Converting or to our help.
Who Here has played Chrono Trigger?
Please I need Turing Software For School Use.
Scrolling without GUIs!
.torrent files ....
triangle equation practice for math
What To Expect From Blitz 3D
[Tutorial] [Blitz] Making Cameras
[Tutorial] [Blitz] Variables
Checking for a pattern or specific character in a string...
[Animation] [Blitz] Dolphin
For people new to programming
Bored Picture
Eiffel - a humble introduction
ending processes
Displaying Applets on the Web
The <applet> tag
Number converter
lotto 649
Response to G.I._Jane
Cool Animation
real number to string converison
cos and sin
CCC at Massey?
Creating executible files
Pascal, Cayley, Fermat
random integers
Weekly quiz?
Help with Sidescroller Game (Jumping specifically)
[Game] [Blitz] 3D Target Shooter
case command help *urgent*
Repeat the loop
Color Chart For Turing (Picture and CODE) 255 COLORS
Program To Randomly show a bunch of binary...Xtremely Basic
Hex Image
[Tutorial] [Blitz] For loops
Ideas for new program
to those in possession of all the naruto manga on their comp
[Tutorial] [Blitz]Textured Spinning Cube
Who can find their names on Google?
Prime Number Finder
[Tutorial][Blitz] Arrays
help with shooter game
GUI checkbox labels
need help in making a diagonal line move back and forth.
Answer to J5/S3 Floor Plan (2003) CCC??????
[Help] [Blitz] When to switch to 3D?
accessing problems to compsci
a nice effect
shooting mechanism in hockey game?
cool pic :D
physics and applying it to programming
Weird Little Problem
Test of Manhood
A guys Really Good Stick Fight
[Help] [Blitz] Functions
Lottory Program!
New to C++
EoE - Help Thread
Compscis Server is in Sweden ???
dodge locked the person above me
[Library] Turing-like drawing functions
nifty analog clock
[Obj-C] Helpful Links
Avatar of the Month Award
How many people...
Background Gun
I am having trouble with this car movement and collision
Short_1's suggestion
Prime Number Program
A simpler way to do animation?
texture generator
Competition for students: Imagine Cup
Student Competition: Imagine Cup
help with bow-tie program
HELP! Displaying Fractions
50 First Dates
Screen Recorder
need help in windshield wiper program
Paul's little contest of the week
Play problems once compiled
Kevin The Shorts Cool Visuals Program -Old School-
MSN RCP Shutdown Error
Crazy old link game that Tony posted, awsome!
can someone tell me the use of += and -= operators (SOLVED)
Right now I am listening to...
Computer Won't Start
how to make this function??
The Official 'Hello World' Thread (New members say hi here!)
what'z Java
Question on the science of language (c++)
so how did you guys do on this years CCC?
Forming and Sending Decent Sized Packets
3 questions...
does anyone have any solutions to this years contest?
Please help with String
Blocking Spammers
Don't Understand the SnowFall Program!! heLP! plz?
fire works
[Help] [Blitz] my first game attempt
star field
Multiple newbie problems with files and printers
windshield wipers
TIMER..... I was bored
Help finding the median number in a program
Can someone host...
Can someone help out with writing a graphing algorithum
Who's school gonna be in the York Region Programming Contest
Fading Buttons
Help with Collision detection.
If statements
Blitz BASIC Game Contest
Pictures in Motion
little game of chance
tripy ball program
Do you need a host for your avatar??? I WILL HOST PICTURES !
starting my final project...
In need of ideas!
Make a BG Image not repeat it's self!
pixel font editor
speech recognition
fullscreen mode
I do not know how to input my picture underneath my snowfall
How is
Help with music player. Simple problem
SpenSoft Music Player
Who actually...
idea for new section?
moving files
My first program.Try it out.
Holtsoft's gay Ready to Program
Text file program
Game that needs some finishing touches
Going away
Desktop Pictures
multiple windows
the written word
3d Tutorials?
need an opinion/advice
Cool Small Alarm Clock
Need to chnage to functions
CCC 2004 Answers to J5
my website theme
[Contest][Blitz] Cervantes' Slime Volleyball!!
working on my personal website...
Mouse cache
A fantastic new introduction to programming
[source] Bezier Curve
[Contest][Blitz] jonos 3D Pong
Canadian Politics
Most helpful compscier [Round 1] (ding ding)
Death Prediction Program.
Best Flash Websites
Uber Sucky Spaceship Prog
[Eiffel] Array and Dictionary Tutorial
calling static methods
saving buttons
decoding Point2D.Double
[Poll] CCC scores
LinOOT -- OOT for Linux needed.
Sorting array into an index array?
what's canvas?
help with drawing techniques
Are you really a Geek? EDIT: The "Answer" is up
[Tutorial] Reading/Writing Random Access Files
Darkness does flash
Dual Monitors
help with nibbles-like program
How do you
Help with arrays!! ASAP!
Homer's java 3D Engine!(updated: ADDED REAL LIGHTING!!!)
Movie Intro
Cookies for download hits?
big turing program with gui i dont understand andneed help
Bits system
Who has a site and...
and i thought it was easy enough???
Man aint it great?!
case construct, a problem
Hardware Controll
Programming from Hell
help with new project
Most helpful compscier [round 2] ding ding
[join my online gamedev team]+I need help with net commands!
My school project
moon help
importing files
how to set a permenet cookie?
Julia Sets... REALY SWEET Graphic Effect
[Lesson] Introductory to AI
Realy Cool Smile Animation
Examples....... Handy
fps detection
Your Biggest Program??? Question To Everyone.
More Cool Old Dos Made Turing Programs
[tutorial] sine, cosine and tangent
Dancin scooby doo
Tour of Duty
Phone Book
number adding
numbers , adding
Bits, again, not "farming"
battle forum
dTeam Project Releases
Sprites For Turing 4.x!
Using Sprites in turing 4.0.x
Black & White Photo
help with chrono sprite animation
Asus Radoon 9600 XT VS ATI Radonn 9600 XT
Flash Water ripple effect
Favourite P2P Clients
For loop problem
Jet Chase After Burn
Need professional help...
job opportunity
Final Exam : Payroll
Important Request
Mozilla Pipelining
[FP] PacMan by: Shorty Software <Get It Here (Updated)
The Death of Intelligent Spam
where can i download the 4.0.5 update
How to make forms llike this one.
Desktop Picture Awards
[Help] [Blitz] Plotting Points
spinning arc s
How To Send Signals Using Frequency
My nicname
i need help 4 my assignment
Slide 'O' Death (animation)
vowel program help
Random Jokes thread
collision detection in tetris
encryption program
Deleting a registry key
Plotting 3D points onto a 2D screen
some old files
First turing be nice
3Ds Max 6 ... n00b question ... very n00b
Cool Rotating Thingy...
The 3 word story game
[Aplication][Blitz] Model Viewer
[ Bug ] Is it me or...?
Need help with my program...
Menu problems
Google Fight
How can i use the keyboard in flash
Program help
Google's spider is messed..?
Rate your teacher
Rate your teacher
drawing oval problem
my connect 4
team battle:
Malicious Programmers
help with Net module
[Tutorial] Using Shell commands in turing
ECOO London -wide Contest March 10th
File Browsing Module
Help with a database program
Sprite Help
if structures with characters
[Blitz] Title Page - Cervantes vs. Jonos !!
In Need Of Help ... badly
Music help
[Quick Tip] Dealing with monetary values
AI help please
sorting procedures
Turing program
Turing code
program keeps crashing
[Source] Snow
text picture genereator
how do you make a scrollbar
I dont understand
. music codes . .
Desktop Picture Awards - DaFoz or Shorthair
Mouse Position
layer help
Importing units such as DanSprites
What is the best OS?
[source] Metaballs
Kevin's DL manager new version march 17
Picture Effect
Non-Default Turing Windows?
The True meaning of canadian pride!!!!!!!!!
The poll on the main page
Question about post count
Be proud to be Canadian! :D
Source codeanyone??
Hey, anyone having problems...
What have you lost?
[source] paintish proggy
Unique hits
36666 posts!!!
Strange error...
guess what everyone
GFX-PRO Wallpaper 2 BLUE
c++ please help
database program
limits in games
Some Cool Programs I Found
Shooter (Arcade Type) Begining Stages
[source] fractal tree
Input.KeyDown problem
Gone for the break
Sidescroller Game thing - Look here Inuyasha fans! :D
[source] The Typing Tetris Excercise thingy
Using the mouse
Need Help With An Animation
Particle engine in java
spiral thingy
Games and Programming Languages
Game suggestion pls
random number help
so i was trying out the trig functions by making pong
namespace std and <iostream.h> vs <iostream>
chess proggy
Something about whatdotcolor
my crappy Cd player
**template class**
PLaying a CD
Problem with Window
Just a little animation i made
Awesome graphs
transfering files from desktop to laptop
IS this possible?
[C++] String Composing Tip
Yay! Compsci is doin pretty good....
[C++] Why no one should ever write "void print()"
*is new* Need help with FPS. need way to make enemy die DKIP
Problems with my keybord
[Tutorial] The Include Command (Use more than 1 .t file)
[ MySQL ] What data type for decimals?
Taking screenshots with PHP
Help with Read/Write files
Video game music
Beginning of File Transfer program
running cmd and using cmd commands
[Game] Dodge the Ball
Slight Tic-Tac-Toe problem
A little puzzle for ya
Site Design
Flash Mx vs. Studio MX
site looks crappy on mozila!!!
Please help me remove flicker from my game.
Do you know where i could download a turing program likethis
Spank The Monkey
scrolling HTML pages with flash
[Game] copter
Keyboard or mouse
shooting problem
Secure PHP coding!
Taking Turns in A Dice Game Question
MONEY INVOLVED: Need assistant (P A I D J OB)
Sound Edditing
Collistion Detection
Very Good role playing puzzle
Mozilla Compatibilty
Importing Pictures
Help with Net commands
next 3 days..
I really hate cops...
Java Vs. C++ Vs. VB6
Relational operator overloading
Proc help needed
C++ Compiler
I'm lazy, do this for me, seriously.
Launch A Program
What are u using
RPG Cliches
Compsci v3
Clac won't work
Cycle() and print() function
Draw a circle
How to use VB Microsoft Development Environment
Compsci's mirror
[Puzzles] Puzzle Launcher Added - Kevin Folz
yay movie trivia
What games do you play?
RAndomizing Numbers
Nooblers List - Things to do in projects next year
Need help creating Frequency analysis.
Warning, Hotmail virus
[Tutorial] If Statements
Hey remeber popular mechanics for kids?
Splicing Flash Movies
Compsci's newest user, as of now
two questions...
[testing] Win98
3d help (texturing)
Borromean Rings
"Rap" Battle
Loops in Java
Rock paper scissors...
naD rekcaH
my first program
GUI questions
Centrino vs. P4
how to delete data from a txt file?
Need help in replacing a words inside a string
Speech topic ideas
Text Twist Version 2 (Acually Here)!!! YAY!
removing gaps
roman numeral to arabic calculator
Hard proplem for C++!!!
Turing and xml....
Number game: 1,3,4,6--> make 24
request for wtd
Game Tic Tac Toe 2 players
Ball Bouncing Screensaver
Best of Turing Submissions
Looking for help on Best of Source Codes
Style (hover)
Save data to a txt file without deleting existing content??
My little script
[SOURCE] GUI Keypad for number entry into a program
[C++] Iterating Over Arrays
Cervantes' "Evasive Maneuvers" :P updated
Triplane - Amazing Game
Fun with multi-threading
Parametric Effect
100 Bits for any Blitz program over 50 lines
PicMerge not working properly
Get country by ip
3D Game Ideas
Survey/Multiple choice
Where's Waldo?? UPDATED! Randomized And Much Better
[ Site ]
Turing updates
read n run another turing file from oneprogram???
[SOURCE] Virtual Keyboard + Demo(UPDATED AND FIXED)
500 Bit Comic Flash Contest
[Tutorial] Modules
zylum's "Evasive Maneuvers"
Problem with Text fields
CoolGames|MostUsersOnline|FirstUploadedFile| PersonAboveMe
the truth about the iraq war
Recording Streaming Video
A free book / turorial
Google looks different.
3D Perlin Noise
Updated to 4.0.5 and lost my code
Question about dragging a picture:
Building computers
Is there anywehre taht u can....
GRRR! Vars?
Why wont this work right??
good rpgs
[Tutorial] Net Command
A Loop program
Connect 4 and the internet
New Forum
Carl Sagan
Screensaver with time across the screen
Red Light Green Light (Starcraft Map) Remake... TURING STYLE
Please help
Advance Flash
cls flashing... Little help?
Graphics by me
Ragnarok Online
Some help with drawbox (newb)
Dodge The Larva (Starcraft Map) Turing Style. UPDATED!April1
Is there a way to play around with the text?
what do i need
Card Games
random numbers
[Game] Etch-A-sketch - UPDATED!
SCREENSAVER IDEAS???????????????????
Next line in either java or turing
Any kind of software like this?
Newbie need help
put statements clearing line in turing4
good web host
Help with Java Applets
The Death of TechTv?
Windows Media Problems
Need help with 2D array problem
The Coolest Program EVER!!!
Match that font, and win.
Penny Toss Game Simulator
Doble [code] tag bug fixed.
Will you get a GMail acount over a hotmail one?
What's up with the dog?
3D Objects, Krab Style
turing gui help
Sorting to an Array
Code not acting the way i thought i would.
wow, I'm in for a long wait, lol
what do you think?
graphing calculator
[Source] My manga reader
[ Error ] The Java Runtime Environment....
Help me..
Need Help in a plane game.
Missile Defense
Which One Is BEST???
opening new window and some other problem
sin wave surface in 3D
[help][blitz] Text files?
Formula for checking points in a cirumference?
Was bored and trying to make grid
grid in photoshop
Robotics Competition
ok in dreamweaver == bad in browser
poll about jonos
Should Drugs and Prostitution Be Legal?
clicking in link inside iframe
Multi-Dimensional Arrays question. unsure how to set srcCode
RGB strikes again. Problems.
im back
Div help
Compsci time update
In Need Of Help With Pong.
need a little bit of help [DDR]
Building Dance Dance Revolution!
Dance Dance Revolution
blocking popups?
Is there a strintok/intstrok function in java?
Swap word function
Missile Defense FINAL!
Animation and Game Related Help
Lotto 6/49
colision with walls
Do you know PI?
and heres another one
New Turing User... Help w/ images
How can i make a Turing game playable in a internet browser?
Since some people thought my last encryptor was too basic...
does turing 4 has the "show var" like turing 3 doe
Best School Website
bouncing ball
simple paddleball source code
[C++] Function Objects
Help w/ Chat program
This is getting VERY annoying!
need some easy ideas for final
css -> links, and firefox and bordercolor
need help finding a plugin for Firefox...
Can anyone make a pinball type ball for my game?
how do i make a program that converts binary digits?
hey all.... can someone help me find this programm....
Hi, a little help
The Official 'Whats Your Favourite Font' Thread
Compsci goddess!
Centipede game
Tactical Rpg
Any one know what might be the problem?
how do you add a flash movie to your footer???
Low Polygon Gun ...
procedures in procedures/functions/process
To Kill a Mockingbird Music
How to do turing
mouse using graphics
hide mouse
Ian McConville's porfolio - amazing
help needed!
snake game
Network Program
X-MEN... yeah
Trivia Security
Creating Mario-Like Game, Need Help
Anyone here entering into the OBEA contest???
aim script.
Sorting a 2D Array? Please Help Me?????
Shareaza problems
Manga reader finished
Assisted/Non-Assisted Suicide
Moving a file........
[SOURCE]--System Shutdown
Randome Quote and user info sig (dynamic)
Redirect output to printer! HOW???
Earth-shaking Spam Developments
Woot! Satire!
how to make 3D button without using GUI
referer risk : WORLD DOMINATION!!!
need help
Dictionary Program
The longest thread ever. Let's make history.
i'll improve on these
colouring a single word
Video playing help!!! Please reply!!!
Fixing a button!
i am the back
Monday Easter fun.... with FIREWORKS!
screen saver
Fixing another button! Help ASAP!!
Array Subscript Out of Range Error!
MD newer version (not final)
Favorite Wallpapers
HTML Writer
Removing duplicates from an array
Hex to Dec and Bin to Dec with functions
Mouse control
program to find vowels and get rid of them
can someone fic this program plz
Closing Windows
Is there an easy way to make these if statements be one?
Colour sensitive
All Your World, Are Belong To Us!
inheritence & overloaded operators
cdrom interaction and custom alerts
Nvidia GeForce 6800
The official Deniz Spam
:Crazy Pong:
Creating a Magic Square??????
Demo3: GUI,Planet,Config,Scripts
Herve's Bar & Grill ( [the only spam topic]
checking numbers
Just started the Shit
GUI Paint!!!! Must Try!!!!! 2nd Best Ever Made In Turing!!!!
starfield/space screensaver
VBScript Worm
Starcraft Map Remake: Jail Break (kinda) Turing STYLE!!!
CPU Usage
Master Number System Coverter [help]
My Flag
Snake Game project
New Version of Turing??? 4.0, 4.1?
Turing Help
Help me with my rpg prg. stats don't show up for thief.
true/false test program help
american flag
RAM question...
Turing exe, can u make them smaller in size?
Net.WaitForConnection problem
Dang it! Stupid Worms!
optimize.exe ?
View source code (phps)
Spam and Rogers
Binary/ASCII Counter with GUI
Flash MX Javascript -- Open Multiple Windows
BONUS Anime Quiz!
fp ideas
why doesnt this binary converter work?
Reality T.V. Shows Can Bite My Hairy Ass.
anybody know how to play hearts/spades/bridge??? with signature
What's wrong for asking help??
half a battle engine with ATB
Does this shiz sound medieval?
Spcefic this time
3d Animation
First ever program
Fishy Fishy Fishtank - Bubbles fixed.
Clearing Text Fields
Math.Distance Example
web hosting
Keypad+encoder source code
help:american flag
D&D Style Game
help with palindrome question
Need help with drawfill function
C++ Project
Pile of Crap (or all the turing code i have ever written)
Short Way of Writing Code
Go my compsci minions!
Moving .bmp files in a game
Linear Search Help[needed]
How do you check for object collisions?
boring engineering project
cool effect
[Tutorial] Sprites
if state ments are making me mad!!
tilting box
York University Science Olymiad
D-Link Router
Mail server.
Paul's Yahoo Chess Turney [Second Round begins]
[b]PHP[/b] tutorial
Walls For a Snake program
Help Making a BlackJack Game
zylum's yahoo hearts tourny
soup up internet
What is with this strange error in turing?
Need help with a question
Lens Filter V 3.0
hey need help wit code
Some music I made for turing:
stack demo
Direction Change via Mousewhere [snow]
RPG Walls..Collison Detection?
Making a RPg and need help with the monsters.
matrix-ish program
WOOT!!!! 2004 HITS!!!! in the year 2004!!!
double click
Flash MX and Free hand
ISP Game Code - Help Please
Question about CPU and Video cards....common... help please!
Crosshair....without showing the cursor
Help with collision
Connect Four
[Blitz][Submission] Particle Engine
[Tutorial] Using .GIF Images In Turing! YES its posible!!!!
Compsci downtime
In my pong game, why does my left paddle work but not right?
I am having trouble writting a hockey game program
Tutorial to make Flash Site
Copying a File
Google is down?
Hockey program trouble
Loading bitmaps in OGL
Cogeco Upload
Cool Trippy Effect
making a hollow asterisks box
[Tutorial] Printing In Turing Using a Network or USB Printer
Dancing Man
Base Converter
Printing In Turing Using a Network or USB Printer
Pacman music
Help with RGB
BlindMelon's Fatality
Billy's Snow
Useless courses in Ontario
Shorthair Is setting a world Record
Pot Usage
How to set up a server
Hockey Game
Help. "Input String Too Large For String Variable"
Very confusing problem with program, can someone take a look
What dot colour question, or problem more like
Animation At Regular Intervals-Characters and Scrolling Map
[Source]SnowFlake Program (Mouse)
Is there a way to draw clothes easier?
how to make AI for connect four
using Font.New at the schools computer
Amailer is the 12
Stupid Crappy Program using DanSprite.
Disabling Procedure
javascript statistics code from geocites
Why does my program suddenly get laggy?
Turing Cryptography
2 D arrays
Help "How to make button and put letter in the box?&
need picture help
Help with quiz
Chemistry? WHYYYY?!?!?!?!
My newest creation
Screen Saver
Craps help
Collision Detection
general advice
Ghost Drivers
Opening Programs
Whats so good about the name...
Need help to convert this into "colourable"
My first post, please comment
text over the graphics
Photoshop Tutorials - Sites! (post here)
resizing first dimension of flexible array
Clicking a button with the mouse?
Compsci hits new record of max users online :)
Homework problem.
Need help on Background music
Flash files in Turing?
GunBound with an ATB
if statements in for loops
Help with snake game and corrections
Project Need Help!!! Due May 6- Char arrays and sorting
Multiple music at once?
3D Terrain(lighting included)
3d maze gen
Terrain 3D(with lighting)
A pirate joke i heard from someone else
I don't know why this isn't working
Filenames and the Index Function
using setscreen with vars for screen size
Not Quite Programming, but kinda definitely Urgent.
Help with my chain program
Sprites in 4.04
Requesting help with my menu with moving graphic program
erasing picture
Question on images
second ever program - blackjack
making a scrollbar
Multi-Sprite Loader
Explain code please =)
Fav type of music
Wireless Networking Errors
Truncating a real number
How to create collisions~?
How to distinguish between right and left mouse clicks.
[source] Alert Window
Change mouse image
Importing Graphics in Mac version of Turing
Too Much / Too Little?
Need help with moving mouse graphic
boolean error
Look what I dug up!
In Unreal Tourny, ppl used to call it a "Killing Spree&
playing gun shot sounds repeately
Reading .BMP files
Flash Presentation
PLZ help 4 school project! making pong. PLZ help
Downloading turing 4.0.5?
This is my program that works real well check it out!
GUI.Broken (again)
problems using rendered frames from Maya
SPRITES?!?!?!?!?!?!? WAT R THEY?
How would I simulate the function "degtorad" in tu
Texture Pool
Registering / Logging in
Darkness's Situation
Useful text to speech program
3D Pool Demo
saving help needed
mouse-click on image
cant get rid of this virus!!!
Banana Throw: Outside Clipping Region
My Paint Program
How do u add a border to a raceway...please read...
Compsci Chat
OHHH CANADA complete with flag raise
Drawing Lines (on a cartesian plane-type-thing)?
Trying to make worm/gravity game
Oldskool Cutscence - Scrolling Text On Picture Background
How to use loops with other loops?
need stop blinking help
christmas tree problem
General Protection Fault? Forking to a Process
music editing
How to get the direction (in degrees) between two points?
question about multi windows
O i wish it were turing!
Parabola Rotation ***right file now
music editing
hi, a lil help in worm real time game
a simple craps game that everyone should like
a way to draw fat lines in a program(only a class)
Shape Drawing Program
i need help to finish this blackjack game
i need help
radio buttons
a start to a some kind of pacman
a shape class so you dont have to keep typing in the shape
this is my turtle class,you can do alot with it try it out
High scores
Mouse Drawing Program : Reading and Writing files
Final Project [Alpha]
Trapped On An Island
I need help with text animation. Please
A million dollar question
Random Series of numbers, with no numbers repeating!
3-D triangle
mouseover loop problem
Some Funny Pics Store
Restarting game
Object Rotation
2D Map Is Not Fully Being Drawn
Programming for that really old Nintendo...
Multi MSN
easy graphics in java question
Rectangle Rotation
photoalbum(fla included)
How to load an exe file in flash?
How can I buy Book Of Typos?
help with intranet
embedding an applet in an html website
School project.. please help
Tech Tv Merger Causes 285 Layoffs
Computer Engineering
Laser Wars
Pong Game!
playing sound when any button is pressed
new to c++
Go back to
Fractal Generator
Another Problem
loops and getching at same time
Fast Wordlist searching using a trie
Recommend a book for newb
Demo5: Springs!
Is Windows a virus?
How to seperate strings that are over 255 characters?
Final Project
The Dictionary of Dan
Please Help!!!
Colour Tester
Smile Update
True and False Program
Physics Final Project ...
More Funny Pics
[Anouncement] New Emotions For Compsci!!!!
simple database help
need ideas
ATM intro
turing .exe
Phone number using -
[FP]Racing Game with AI (Finally i am done)
[FP]game of life
waterloo represent
GUI and offscreen only
Guess What My Avatar is!
Darkness gets a facelift
Follow Procedure
woot 2k posts for me
Screenshot Contest
Text Fields - No enter
Intro Ideas
Some newbie help here please
Tank W--... Turing Wars V2.1
Music Bomb
Fibonnaci sequence...
final pro
Track and Field
Only For C++ GODs
About Keyboard Use...
Can you see whats wrong?
Full Metal Alchemist is no longer cool
How do i get rid of da cursor?
Turing at school (image help)
OK after intro.....
A realll quicky with files
Need help in number sequencing...
Triangle program
checking input
Lightning Tutorial
router's heat problem
music help
Help on modifying the Paddleball code.
Snake Game
Question of Procedure
Censor Bug
making a picture move around the cursor
dont get it...
Chat/Remote Machine Control/Random Other Uses proggy
fractal-a leaf
Shorter Way?
GUI Troubleshooting
Different approach to 3d (I think)
Pacman w/level editor
shooting game
my bus proj...
click a button, sound made
Need help with setting up web server!
Connect Four AI
A letter to Mr. Bush
Help w/ collisions in my breakout/arkanoid game.
Intro Page Challenge: 200 Bits... + credits and extras
Hydro Carbon naming program
Transposing Music
ok i have rand int problems here :D
COOL EFFECT!!! with Text Draw
Nothing great
Ok.. back again and its not as disturbing
need codes for disapearing the man
need codes for disapearing the man from screen
HI!!! (And more) - EDITED (Plz READ)
Currency Formatting Problem....
use of include statement with variable filename
online chat program
[FP] LOGO Interpreter
shape tweening bitmaps(scaling) problem
Design the New Pic~2~Code.
[SOURCE] Colour palette/chooser
Why do people who are not canadian think..
[Tutorial] File Manipulation
URL Filter
Evasive Maneuvers?
System Command..
AI recursion
internet optimizer
attempt at brushed-metal look.
roses are red
Reward for project!
Templest's Theory of Society vs. Intelligence.
Can turing rename files?
blackjack/menu program
Need help making enemy disappear
Make money man!
Hello - Need Help Deciding On What Game
CompSci advertising
Destructo Disc Movie (stupidest thing submitted?)
I can't do a boundary for my circle race track.
A really simple yet cool MATRIX........
Tic Tac Toe Help
Java Error
Java Error
Java Error
Java Error
Ant game - Colony RPG
MySQL Syntax/Terms
Turing Assignment Help
picture variables
read/write help
mac kills my inner child
Drawing Program
Saving Elements of a Program
Who's going to U of Waterloo?
need help in disapearing the rock from screen
Menu Creator Sample (Module soon hopefully)
Flash help
Top Ten Amount Of BITS :) im 7th, and also newbe god :) YAY!
DOS Turing Update
Need help with missiles in spaceshooter
Help with my monopoly game
How do you draw a picture on top of a backgr...
Who has the game Boggle?
Who Wants to be a Millionaire.....if-elsif statements!!!!!
here is my latest gif
bouncing ball off of walls
HELP HELP Geography game
Coding Style
[tutorial] Installing Linux
Help with input of a pictures
ScreenMovement in my game
Moving Levels.
Problem with Fonts
I need help, someone please help me.....
Tetris-dropping shapes
WAt this error??
Error -> Pic was never allocated
Cosine inverse?
space bar
[ Split ] From Hello World Thred :D
Nothing, but something
Dauntless Series Banners and Buttons
Bowling game help
Euchre Game & Buttons
Incomplete [FP] - Super Smash Tanks (or... Gunbound?)
Using Net. function for more than Turing Chat
Random display
DanSprite problem...
Window Help needed
declaring pictures
Make Background go forever (please help :S)
[Need Help] Checking For Multiple Instances..
Im making a game, but am just plain stuck
Battleship AI help
How do I telling turing that the character has been selected
Can somebody explain this formula for me?
Font Effect
Passing information Classes
refreshing mysql php page
Could you take a look at this
Is it normal - Using Classes
changing button colours....
some one please help me in my game
toshiba satellite 5200
Window.GetActive and Window.SetActive
Post your BATTLECRY here!
For loops in applets
some button questions
posted all me pic with game
June 2004 Desktops ...
Turing 4.0.5 Crash
Disabling some keys on keyboard
Quick Question!
black jack helpppp
Hockey Game Help
Weird Program Shortcut Glitch
Calling procedures from inside procedures
Having Loading picture trouble, not the usual problem
Holy Jesus
you can't pay me enough to work tech support
Restart Code
Resizing and repositioning buttons
help wit random placement of astroids
Shooting the radius of a circle
checkbox help
To Program a Rubrik's Cube
perfect window *any resolution
Porting Turing -> C or C++?
How to use whatdotcolor in my program? and should i?
picture reveal cool effect!!! i was bored
Tetris (again)- giving a value to a 2d array
CS pic
A Need For Speed : My Program Has to be like 10* faster!!
tetris help
Picture Rotation and Merging
counting letters
how do I animate a man running?
Trig?Dividing Screen? or Slope? How to Shoot a Hockey Puck
Card Program, Card Generator
All the Colours of Turing
Bouncing Ball Program!
Moving ARROW program
Blackjack help
Movie Delay Effect
File Upload
Computer Store with turing
can someone fix my problem
Needing some help about record
weird files.
How old are you and where do you live?
i really really need some ideas plz
reading files
transferring to different functions
CustomGUI.tu, Creates Custom GUI buttons!! Ez Interrface!!
Trigonometry Help, Hockey Game, Shooting
Millionaire (beta) help
Game help - images and collision
Graphics Cards
Mario-Style Game with customizable levels
Windows 95 custom shutdown
[FP] Plane shooter
A revolving car...
I need to download turing
Selling Dedicated Server
Does log exist in Turing?
attempt at Mac Capsule buttons.
tic tac toe game
Slime volley ball game code
I keep getting this error...
Working Time Module
Life, the game (with cells)
Need some help with Text Scrolling...
Fill The Hill 2004
stop a certain fork?
i need turing!!!
how to enter a pin number
No statement completion...?
How to generate random numbers without repetition?
how do i put the counting score on a quiz...
score counting, hrlp plz
Spinning box
[FP] Vexed 2.0
mario help
sorting alrithem (spelling)
Help making 2 player programs
always on top
Help Gui. Calculator
My Kill Kenny Game - NEW VERSION NOW -
Delay before Music
randomizing array....
can you delete a part of a string?
[FP] asteroids
Request: Need Someone to host file-15KB on server with PERL!
convert switch case to if else
TIM files
Snake - game - arrays - pretty fun
Applying tweens to text
opening files
Simple Graphics Program
problem opening files
comic by EX
[Tutorial]Circular Collision Data
Help with shooting game
Ball move in orbit
another pencil sketch by EX
some comment
[Tutorial] Fading Text Effects
tell me what I'm doing wrong.
User Login
My procedures are not working.
desktop problem
Hockey Problem...still
doller decimal ?
My First Turing Game: space rocket
3d Ball - cool graphics
I say we start a stats program like slashdot...
[FP] Snakem 2
Game or Graphics Program for a Newbie
Running Music Files in Default Player
circular whatdotcolour testing
Dominoes Game for Turing Wanted!
movie scrept effect with data file
help my procedures do not work
how to bring the black blinking thing next to the numbers?
roses are actually red this time..
blackjack problem with insertion sort and array
Mario/Moving Background Help
I need sprites
hi....i need some help w/ my battleship game
I'm getting good at the aqua's. :)
my breakout game...
Windows Media Player and TURING - WEIRD
Help in making a triangle...
blackjack help needed
Weird Effect with Drawfillpolygon
Black Mage Game (RPG) Plz comment
my last year drawing
Vector Calculator
Help with shooting astroids (closed)
About the graphics; In Applets
A few simple questions
Where can i get any version of Turing from?
My first flash program
My Matrix Procject
[Tutorial] Math.Distance
something interesting I found...
array in an array?
Saving as .exe
help with copying and pasting video
Windows made from Window.Open
array manipulation??? help....
arrays of a type
Background color
need help with loop
Finding Your Coordinates
I need help on minesweeper game
M$ and Bell canada
Help me put button for my game look at it then u will know
java integer output
CS skins problem
Help me put button for my game look at it then u will know
Post links to your favourite websites here! (no more topics)
double button
Windows XP Switch user problem.
Chess Game v1.0 no AI
a different way to do graphics other than canvas
shooting game
[Tutorial]High Score List
Submarine Missile Command Crisis Periscope: Code Red!
how to generate 4 numbers without repetition
Getch input
reversing string
displaying guessed letters
Help Reading from a file..
Contest: Gues that OS!
tic tac toe AI
[Tutorial]Font.Drawing strings,variables w/wo image
Process/Image Problems
Help Needed!
Trig help
How do i do a mouse over?
Can the mouse cursor be invisible?
Space Ship
Space Ship
Space Ship
Someone had to say it... "Chronicles of Riddick" =
breaking an array up? 0o
SIN exam
re: Posting Error
Help to Return Game to Menu
Problem with 2 Processes (1 for, 1 get) - Please help
how do i exit the program?
Arrays. Again.
picture fuzing
Missile Help in Missile Command
Inserting a pic
Graphics problem
can the icon of the exe generated by turing be changed?
question about compiling
missile program i made last year
Shortening this code? or easier to write it?
Millionaire help...... again (exiting, and lifelines)
how do i stop a procedure?
moving imported images
if error occures...
clearing the screen?
Please help me people!!!!!
Dan's Absence
Euchre & the Net
Real and int
Really nooby question but whatever
A little sound problem
Boundaries For Game Using Sprites
external apps and system data
Future Highlanders (S-JAM students)
considering them good~but not excellent
snake game --> last updated July 11
stupid View.Set ("graphics")
Paul's FP (sure, why not?)
loading a pic
help with my basketball program
Making a redirect page...
great! right before the exam!
internet help!
End on color
help with whatdotcolour
Turing and other programs
How to play midi files for my game
"Paul's Games"
Simple 'get' command problem
Help with For loop that gets stuck in my game
Turings input.keydown
Mousecommand help
Distance Finder - Find your way around Canada
second program - licence plate database
please help with a simple thing ...
array -> string
Restarting a Procedure...
Elevator program
I'm Stunned.
Dev C++ HELP
How do you close a form?
Cool Puzzle Game
Help me~!! How to move my character??????
[FP] Super Breakout
The Ultimate 'Essential' Program List
Screenshot Contest
optimizing pc's performance
My final project for Compsci class
help - highscore
who has applied to OSAP?
OpenCanvas tutorial, anyone?
help with life bar
Problems with jumping in my platform game.
my computer is fucked
Problem.....for Drop the ball.
Car Game (Handheld) Cool New Game I Made! UPDATED! June 13th
-Help- Returning Game to Main Menu (Code Included)
The atheist foundation of Australia's list of ways to get...
So Dead Right Now
PONG BABY :includes super advanced A.I.
GUI File save interface
How do you make a heart move across the screen?
help with collision detection
Kirby tactics
Poker Help
Weird computer lag
Selling Gmail Accounts
lil questions b4 the exam
how do you draw this?
View.Set fullscreen?
Tetris Final
uninstalling 180search
VL2 Update
Editting Bitmaps
Windows XP Pro start up
Quality but Cheap Web Hosting
Connect 4!!!!!
press shift 5 times
Catch Fever
Firefox 0.9
php image generation(URGENT!!!)
Stupid Nub Question
My Website
what happens when a e-mail is blocked
How to Shoot...
[FP] Quest Master Shooting Game Dealy Thingy
how to recieve more than one key at the same time?
Module tips
Magnifying Glass
Connecting to a server/database.
Connect 4
I fall further for O'Caml...
Paint Prog
[FP] Jeopardy 2004 - Have you got what it takes to Win Big?
Summer = Boring !
DanSprite Addon...
Need Help coding a Clock program = Gmail Invite.
Evolution of Programming Languages
Photoshop Made banners
screen sizes
Paul Bian please read.
What would you do with 700 GB of space?
Sys.Nargs and Sys.FetchArgs
Form copy.
drunk walking home in snow simulator
Snake Game
image function?
[FP] Tile Map Creator 2004 from semester 2
Using the Net module...
hard drive imaging
Get free gMail Accounts!
checking arrows
Snake ---> By~ TENDULKAR
Free gmail accounts
i need a sketch of this
Duck Hunt
Generate List for your MP3s ! + moreee
very basic login script
Why can't I delete my bullets?
Turing Contest 255chr max - changed to 20 line max
Turing arguments
Status Indicator <yes i coded this!
i bring you: strange thing in the movie "troy"
G A Y Marriage
Snakes and
trouble with pic.scale
change picture in input
Accessing a Specific Memory Address
My latest sig.
new site tell me what you think (Updated)
HTML help please
The War in Iraq
Label font color
Post up your programming forums
Why am I getting an array error here?
[FP]QFTB2 RPG Engine (super alpha) and Kiddy Grade Demo RPG
racing game
image conversion
MSN Minesweeper
help with internet setting
look what i made
Site Title Banner
matrix effect
Kekeke u suck with AWP
What are the bits and donate for??
Start of my RPG
My Vb game tell me what you think
PacMan to beat all PacBoys that have come before
Coin Collecting Game...How many can u collect?
Java Program
Stylistic suggestions for posting on other languages
[Ruby-tut] Hello, Ruby!
[Ruby-tut] Decisions, decisions...
[Python-tut] Conversions of Ruby-tut code V3
Linux pie.
Win95 and workgroups
Amailer, Quick question...
Amailer, Quick question...
Problems, Problems and more Problems
can someone write up a basic tutorial on dynamic programming
3D Engine (rizzix)
What's a good C++ IDE for Linux?
File Hosting...
Its time For the BLITZ team
results for [FP] '03/04
questions on graphics, etc.
"Body Crumbles" - Dry Cell
Go watch now!1!!
[Ruby-tut] Method to my madness
Laptop Hardware
Computer Insights Anyone?
S.O.S HELP:WINDOWS 2000 Quick Launch Bar
Swift 3d v3
I gots a Gmail invite... Come get it! (NO SPAM ALLOWED)
Rounding Decimal Numbers?
Lightwave Bones
******** HL CD-KEY ************
[Ruby-tut] Doing something... again and again and...
drawing pictures in c++
[Ruby-tut] Objects... objects everywhere!
In need of a couple of links/affiliates or w/e
Direct X vs. OpenGl
Little Error
Beware: Terrorist Fireworks!
[help][blitz]collision detection-color?
[Eiffel-tut] Bonjour, Eiffel!
Latest Compsci Team
Complete Nub question here
Announcing the my new programs filesite!
Amailer, Regarding your site...
What's wrong with my code? (Java)
Wicked Info Application
Update Turing GUI
Space Shooter
Linux IM
Nub here - can't make this compiler work properly -
what language is the song "brother" from FMA?
JFrame help
S-Engine Release, New Turing GUI - Version 3.0 Updated
CompSci Counterstrike Clan!
speaker problem
turn on computer automatically?
First Progies Using RGB! But cool none the less...
Maze Generator 2004! Cool Stuff!
Stupid Holtsoft..
How do i stop C++ from automaically opening a window
Vertex cordinates
Event keyhandler
The Maze Game 2004! More Challenging And Fun Then U Think!!!
Um, a banner for a biology handout
Java made Groovy
Introduction to Actionscript
First Animations! (.gif) (Forum Banner)
Converting an Integer to a String?
Fahrenheit 9/11...
updated version of my FIRST GAME!!!
my first game ever UPDATED!!!
Anybody know how to fix this?
need blackjack adding
WC3 jokes
Ragnarok Online
Listing help
Boredom in Ink
GMAil's way of reading a mail..
Variable Names - A noobish question
Image Merger
Saving mouse coordinates
PHP/MySql assistance needed
I need help on making this code smaller
shout boxes
Help me out here guys, analyse this conversation
PHP 5 final release
Expressing a dollar amount as different coins.
Slowing Down a Program
My New Family PC
Virus Scan
Button -> Menu
holy fricking shit...
Dark Realm RPG: Graphical Multiplayer
[Ruby-tut] Practical example: File I/O (and odds and ends)
I need your postal codes
Resetting Time.Elapsed
Changing user names
making turing find words
Truing runing on Linux
My site's on google. :)
method in a method
INVADERS '04 (space invaders type game)
This will give your math teacher barin damage for sure
zhen zi dance
Think you could be a ninja? Test your might!
Americas Army the Game
Inputting for a Loop.
Greatest Thing Ever
fma questions
What it will look like...
Need coding help
Clearing the mouse queue?
[O'Caml-tut] G'day O'Caml
Need help
Sorting in Turing and Returning Arrays from Function
A new way to view London: From a toilet
Interest in computers... genetics 'n stuff?
Zone Alarm 5 help...
Free advertising... :D
"The Coconut"
A type of frame rate control
[O'Caml-tut] Imperative Syntax
VB Mindset?
MSN d/p
Harry Potter Potions Puzzle
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error
how to load flash files in HTML.... yea i a noob...
Video splitting
My New Website's intro page
hot108 banners!!!!
Diabetes Typing Tetris/ trivia thingy
I just came back from inner mongolia (spelling?)
Instead of Stickmen?
Hotmail not Loading
bouncing balls
Stick Fight Animation Contest?
Flash Stick Fight Animation Contest!
Radian Circles
Bingo Game
If you need help with multiplayer NET stuff, post here
What is the Blendtrix? (besides combining Blender/Matrix)
Anyone know where to get a microflash for a website?
need help with draw function
IQ Test
Winamp plugins?
Attention! Anyone buying a laptop!
kick ass wallpapers
Dream Car
A Beginner
Math Question
Questions about "Include" command
Turing Soccer with AI
wee! I'm riding a bike! I'm really riding a bike!
lain is so weird...
Most Depressing Lyrics
"Do you want to leave a message?"
which OS are you?
Help with a piece of PHP coding
hl2 vs doom3
Simple Quick Stick Guy Animation
Easy way to get bits...(bug?)
Not around
Turing Web Server (Alpha)
I'm better in flash then you are :P
Just some stupid animations...
Stupid emoticons
Best Final Fantasy Game
Nifty web framework in action
Kick ass pickup lines.
Win XP Home clean-install
Use Resource Hacker on Turing Files
Help with PHP
[tutorial] .NET Commands (and multi-user interfaces)
The answer the question thread. Quiz Updates
Ready To Program!
[C++] Why use the STL? A quick example
Every os sucks?
megaman help
Fairly simple multi-user client-server setup in Ruby
Suspicious Program - Please help
File Browser
Just do it (please move to spam)
Help with adding lighting effects to images.
Putting the User's Input in Alphabetical Order
"I'm Johnny, I hack stuff." -- Google Hacks!
New deviantart???
Simple, easy-added chatroom...
I'm off to cuba
Simple Multiplayer Games for your website...
New laptop
vote for which laptop i should get (details on page 2)
rts (real time strategy) test
A few new turing commands (using proc etc.)
DragonSpires - Graphical RPG
visual turing
W00t, I'm 16...
[O'Caml-tip] This is seriously cool
2004 CCC S5 solution with memoization troubles
SuSE Tips & Tricks!
gif support in gd 2.0.28
test - opinions needed
Triangle Rotation?
Help downloading Turing
mandelbrot fractal algorithm?
BufferedReader problem.
Tribes 2
Best First Person Shooter
First Attempt in the Art section
On mouse over display info
Here is some Flash art
Zipping folders with php
Help with location
More on .RAW
Tool of Various Uses
Programming for readability and maintainability
Illegal Character
What's your favorite programming language(s)?
Name this song (don't know if it's Mozart, Beethoven or w/e)
The Other Official "Hello World" Thread.
Templest , what have you done
Are YOU ready for Waterloo CS?
question about turning ur main into programs
Color Sliders
CompSci seems to be pinging out...
Where to get a good monitor?
Could someone compile this for me?
[SPLIT] From Bored Picture (about OSes..)
Decent Eiffel intros
How many people visit the main page?
Some bugs ans suggestions.
Anyone seen this?
New Approach to particle engine.
Different ways of saying "Newbie."
Playing with the pen tool. ;)
DragonSpires - My online multiplayer graphical rpg!!
COMPLETE NOOB...i need help plz
again with the aqua... :P
Half-Life 2
Programming challenges
Photoshop not letting me use certain filters. :-/ Help.
Image flipping
this real?
[Eiffel/O'Caml-tut] Translations from Java and C++
Gmail invites...
Excuses, excuses...
A brief look at the language that begot Python: ABC
Simple While program
Windows XP Service Pack 2.
Compsci Convention
High Speed Internet For EVERY1! Even out at the cotage!
Linux Install - WTF?
Hostage (kinda late)
Gmail Invites
Limit table height.
Apple I-Pods are pretty cheap
Website woes.
Some Ruby Help
Blogging and profit
I have 6 more invites to give out, get'em while they're hot
Anime fans required.
Cheap DDR howto?
Collision Detection
Graphics Board Sale!
PicMerge Version 1.0
New Game: Ctrl + V
what is that mean by supproting server?
php bulletin board...
elevator help
wanna download free trial macromedia fireworks mx 2004?
Risk Game (2210 version)
I will not be around for a bit (+ free gmail acounts)
howto become a hacker
New Design for My Website
New Design for My Website
PHP Server
Whats your OS * 50 Bits *
First Day of school in Russia
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
How can i kill My Fork
My site
I am new to the world of programming
I am a noob at programming and need some questions answered
Confirm Window.tu
DragonSpires, the online RPG
can i donate bits for moderator becuz he helped me...
Some of my friends noob graffix
My Graphics
[Factoid] Postless Users?
Displaying x and y
Nice free webhosting
DSS test tonight
Gettext help
Behind The Nicknames
Pic.ScreenSave error
Google Code Jam
DVD Rippers
1st year computer science??
easy colition detection with grid?
FTP Server
Saving a 2D arry to a file.
School starts for me tomorrow...
CISCO Computer Course
My Hip Hop and Rap Site
Appreciation of Help
From C++ to C
wow, self teaching C++ is hard...
Lanschool User Guide
DragonSpires, the online RPG
Time Delay - strings
Question thats been buggin me
PNG image files in turing?
UFO RTS game
Starting Turing
Turing 4.0.1 Setup.exe
Where to buy Normal cologne???
Constellation Effect
Serail ATA
Java: School v.s. Home?
Transferring hsa.console to eclipse
First OpenGL Program Involving Resourses, Textures, & Te
Funcy Flashy Thingy
Dansprites or turing's sprites?
Making .RAW Files
Anyone who wants to make money go here...
Wordsearch Contest =)
Help: Windows not starting up
Attention all Windows 98 Users
My Modding the Xbox Thread
Just spent $100 at Jinx
how to sort an array
Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Usability Survey
borland vs visual c++
Hotmail and Gmail... wtf?
Looking for links for website
Boolean Operations
parametric (sort of)
exit window
Stupid cellphone making people.
Spread Firefox!
How do I make columns in a table align?
how do i...
Maverick says: stfu?
Reading from a file help???
Sites with good tips/tutorials for drawing?
JavaScript text box question..
JavaScript text box question..
Fillbox Blinking When Drawn
Email at School
Question about Sun Java's IDE
where can i get turing?
my hip hop site ;) [last topic got locked]
L0rd of teh Ringz0r
Old links don't work.
Mic/Sounds problem
ads on compsci
Registry Entry
avatar not working
Point in triangle algorithm
quick question writing to a file
Read and writing to a binary file
Woah, my return
WhatDotColour/Draw.Dot Trouble
new tutorial
Current Time?
Creating watermark on uploaded images --- PLS help
Guitar -> Greensleeves
a noobs programming question
Cashier Program Help
Apache virtual hosts
Error while making .exe
Turing's limited abilities
Tutorial on binary files
Final Project Zelda game Proposal help.
Passing values to ArrayList
AMD64 Linux Distro
dauntless is t3h suX
Structures/Unions in Java?
How can you draw a box in Turing?
Circle/For Loop help
Splitting Huge Full Album MP3 Into Seperate Tracks(?)
how can i draw horizontal circles?
Remember naD rekcaH?
How fast can you play?
Where do i start?
Easy colour pallet
stick man game
stick man game
Laptop bootup problem
Star Trek Blackjack
[Tutorial] 3 Step Guide To Random Integers
Help: i need help to figure out arrays
Pictures as buttons
Text graph-x and viewing it properly accross all platforms.
Noooo... pikachu!
IBM DeveloperWorks article on JRuby
[O'Caml Tutorial] From the Bottom Up 1: Numbers
Replacing sections of strings.
include and unit questions?
assigning array char of boolean values?
More of the Poignant Guide completed
MySQL Error while installing!
troubles with DanSprites
Vincent Massey
Server status
String \ characters.
Sorting Problem
Turing 4.0.0
re:turing command
Cool blackjack game
alien vs predator
Just curious... enums?
A problem with Recursions
Please don't let this be real
Something related to loops i think
Computer Science Programs
Domain Name Registrarion
Making an Immage darker and scarrier
Macho Microsoft
My ball game
Restart the program?
File I/O ... Reading and Writing to a file
Kill the cats?
The Daily WTF
Letter Program
Whose messing with teh (NOT MONKEY! ) forum?
Developing Debug Class
Saving variables
Converting HTML files to PDF format.
Totally noob turtle class question...
Top X reasons to use language Y
please help
outputing the highest and the lowest numbers.. help! asap!
Move the ball
my rpg
Capitals and lowercase letters in the get statement
Unresolved external?
Problem with functions
Maya Personal Learning Edition Vs. Full and Other Moddelers
Pacman + Easy to use Editor
[Tip] Solve your first error first
This Land...which land? That land!
[Tip] Style: using indenting and spaces
Is there a Shareware version of Turing?
New at java need help!!
Help with Time Calculator
help with sum and average calculator
Compiling a Java Game
Blitz Compiler
[Tutorial] Finding the Minimum and Maximum in an Array
help with draw random stars
how do you square a number?
listnen to this song
Dispay text files
a special function listing all the factors of an integer
PCL 2(chat)
X'mas card in java ( demo )
chat application with source code
dos utility
postfix / infix notation
Snake Arena
Apache Help
[Tutorial] Premature Optimization... Don't!
[Tip] Compiling 1.4.x code with Java 1.5.0
MSN Messanger 7
Server logic.
Factorial Calculator
Phpbb Forum file attachments
help with flash
[Tutorial] Extracting data from a string
Artificial intelligence
[rant] Wtf .. photobucket ...
Welcome To Gr. 12 - JAVA @ L.S.S.S.
Kodak vs. Sun Microsystems
Mind Factory
[Tutorial] Putting data into a string
please help me with federal income tax problem
arithmetic tutor
Good java sites
Dan should read this.
drawing lines
error traping
Animation Introduction
Password Protection of Internet Connection
Gmail Notifier..
crazy circles
A blast from the past
Problems with MSN colours
Azureus and Zone Alarm
Limit of a series
Java Net Code.
Half-Life 2
the battle
Hiding the file PHP file extension
File checking
[ HUGE ] Big scale pictures.
Nub Question (ActiveX Control)
Quick question (Dos logging)
need help making small maple leaf move around on screen!
[Ruby-tip] Enums... sort of
[Sample] Basic Random Numbers
Deficient, abundant, and perfect
Half-Life2 Keygen. (Fake)
what would life be like without computers?
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Java Phone Book (winnar)
Flash Mx 2004
My Computer :|
Mutlidimensional Array question
adding music/soundefects from harddrive?
The Matrix ... really
[Help] [Basic]TI 83 Plus
bouncing stars
Waterloo U unlimited
[Ada-tut] What is Ada95, and how do I get a compiler?
The benefits of actionscript ^_^
Eclipse auto indent?
[Ada-tut] Basic program structure and using the compiler
[Ada-tut] Simple IO
Clouds Tutorial
Attaching Dreamweaver MX toolbars to their rightful place.
[contest] 10 bit math questions
Java Buttons Help
A Different take on Fight Club.
[Ada-tut] Declaring variables and simple math
[Ada-tut] Functions and procedures
Just BASIC 1.0 released
MSN Difficulties
question about fma
MySQL Admin help!
[Ada-tut] Control Structures: If ... Else
Turing runs on Linux!
american flag sort
[Ada-tut] Control Structures: Case
[Ada-tut] Control Structures: Loops
where to put code?
loopin GUI problem
Another Reason Why I Hate M$
URGENT: Turing Paint Program >Stuck on color x/y cords.
black jack help
External Ada95 material
Can You Say Ripoff?
Working Out
Martin's band of the Day
help!, im tryingtomakepassword
help with picture filename (combining words) (nevermind)
The Official Dr. Bruce Willis Quotes List
Sound troubles with Music.PlayFile
Another Java button question
need helping opening programs
I need help in making my sorting algorithim idea work
Hack into A Tech TV Computer Challenge
i need help! i would like to encrypt pass
moving and importing pics
2 questions
Perfect number contest. (i guess)
[Tutorial] Optimizing an iterative search for primes
[Tutorial] Dealing with spaces in Sys.Exec
Transferring value from one fucntion to a variable?
help! i have two files, one module, the other main, module..
Questions about the 'sound' command
Some ideas
Software Piracy
Google Desktop?
Solar System Simulation
Stock Market Game
Space Conquest (Turn Based Strategy)
Yet Another Blackjack
My Beta Pac-Man
Microchip under your skin?
Desktop (Screenshots)
shading in java
problems having 2 import files
i need help! i need to put data into arrays in a loop
How do you run something at the same time?
Help with GUI title screen
Yet another programming language
How do you play music in Java(RTP!)
How do you draw triangles?
is there a cls command in java like in turing??
whatdotcolor help please
little hlep guys....
transportation help
kick ass game
Invisible GUI
Program gone crazy....
whos doing DWITE?
Conversion from binary to decimal ???Help?????
Proper Format
Farenheit 9/11
McMaster Olympics
Hard Drives
The coolest thing
hacking passwords
My Monitor
H omosexual.
PHP MYSQL linking
Positioning Text on A Screen
Answer wont display right
I feel stupid! How do I quit a running program?
NetBeans Reading Files
This is a text game i made cus i was bored!!!
What NOT to do as a CS student
GMail Drive Shell Extension v1.0.
Does anyone mountain bike on here?
importing numbers from text files question...
How to import music
School project help
JAVA programing error (fatal crash everytime)
JAVA programing error (fatal crash everytime)
program issue
school project
Pretty slick flash picture
riddles and brain teasers
Palindrome program help anyone!!!!
text based RPG needs some pointers
Multiple buttons errors
Ubuntu Linux
multiple buttons tags
What job do you plan on having?
Joystick Help
New Chat Program (with errors). Opening Files = Crash.
Python help
help with polygons
Drawing Mathematical Equations
First Thingette : Colors
Farenheit 9/11
Start of a D&D type game....
Is clearscreen possible in Java? (Borland Jbuilder)
bugged guessing game
Buttons/Counter Question
Math Function Draw-er
GUI Chat Program
help on reading and writing to a file in turing
selecting only a part of a bitmap
Naoki Stop Bringing up old Topics
Why the _hell_ am I losing bits!?
Mountain bike movie made by me.
Movie Clip duplication/deletion
[Tutorial] (Actionscript) - Basics
one question.. [ inheritance ]
Forcing a Tutorial - Mouse
small car tips
First Post and New Program!!
How to view Thumbs.db files?
Old topics... 'nuff said?
Turing Net commands + turing game = ?
game of life
Need Help Opening Programs [PART 2]
DLL's that Turing requires? And/or new installshield? (Wine)
Ugh..It's not working!! - Animations
The Person Below Me
OpenGL errors..
First Program Hope Its Good!!
Menu items.
Setting a Picture as the Background
Freekign Awsome New Halo 2 Commercial
middle letter?
How do I stop my game from pausing when I shoot?
Zelda Game
car racing game with moving background
[C] Basic String Handling in C
[C] Why you should learn C
U@UWaterloo Day
New Computer
Slot Macine help
Animation glitch?
D: C, C++, Java, Ada, and Eiffel got together and had a kid
How do take pics from a paint program to tourng??
Idea for project
Where to go next?
Translations from Turing
How Do you remove a SWF password
[tutorial] error proofing
Jumping Ball
Is the site going down?
Exception handling in Turing?
[D] Major Points Of Note For C++ Programmers
Characer Movement - Climbing up a ramp?
does this board have md5 built in??
whats all involved in building an forum??
Travelling in an arc
"The Grudge"
x^2/a^2 + y^2/b^2 = 1
[contest] Halloween!
Turing run window
[Tutorial] Conversions: Number <=> String
Martin, help with HTML
Flash- flash tutorial
[D] Operator Overloading for C++ Programmers
External device to controll power to 1 device?
Joystick modification.
Understanding Statements and Expressions
To Solve NQueen's
Generating random Draw.Object's in a specified area?
Direction by degree
Newbing It Out (Methods)
a program that has 7 games in it ...check it out
changing font?
Bitching about the curriculum
Find Mean 3 Numbers IRC channel
Name Variables Intelligently
[Ruby-tut] It's Object-Oriented!
simple AI - urgent
Bush or Kerry
Bush or Kerry
Read/Write program help
transportation help
ufo mobile
trippy by twinkle toes
Enemies in Game
just recustion
macromedia in firefox?
Simple Yet Cool Loading Screen (No not a stupid little bar)
Turing Reference (F10 Guide)
Random numbers
WINKEY Shorcuts help..
compiled program icons
WINKEY Shorcuts help..
Cold Fusion
Help with internet re:turing
The coming soon forum
60000 posts
space invaders
Nice little addition to the old turing 3d engine
ANyone heard of Anark
font help
(Graphics g)
finding ip addresses.
NEED HELP PLZ! java integer - real program
[Python-tut] Python Basics
I NEED HELP....and fast(pong game)
graphics in a turing game
Win32 Application Error
collison detecton with sprites
Old School TV Blur
How Do you remove a SWF password
No pointers...hmm...
PLEASE HELP ME RIGHT AWAY! a small but important question
What is this symbol
Java 5.0 and the Scanner class
jar to win32 exe?
Open windows
Simple Pacman AI
Animation problem
Question regrading arrays, functions and file i/o
Get input from user...
Prime # Outputter
need help with pong
Pong Game..score dont add up...any suggestions?
C, C++ and Assembly tutorials
Turing --> CMD
Alan Turing
Some Trippy Stuff :D
Where can I upload my avatar to?
wtd, ruby questions
Why it's a good thing that Bush won the election.
First Program I've made, guessing game, go easy
Jaxlib - opensource java lib
err? looping formula error?
cool thing by twinkletoes-
if u dont like it too bad (by twinkle toes)
mods, will someone edit my subject??
rpg with arrays
Chat program suggestions
Problem with looping. I need it to output a list of parts.
how do i test a speed for ADSL??
Computer doesnt beep.
Determining what power supply to use
temperature conversions
wtd, what do u use for programming??
Does anyone use mIRC??
AI for pac man
Anyone taking a comp course in college / uni in Toronto?
new program
Kyoto Protocol. CBC interview
Help plz
the fastest to slowest internet connections
Where can i get glaux.dll
API (Application Programming Interface)
4.0.1(p) -> 4.0.4
My hangman only draws in one part of the program <_<
I hate women's equality organizations.
Circular Collision
Hourly snapshots
Need Help with increasing size of font
Array program problems
World of Warcraft
Turing + Registry
Help For A Final Project?
Quit button, now I need a Restart button......
need help
vb and the system tray
Okay, here is a complex situation
Firefox 1.0 comes out tomorrow!
Shuffly Ruffly
Photoshop and Wacom tablets
Should there be a hardware forum?
hangman... it has a story line, and music from zelda 64!
Perl6 Grammars and Regular Expressions
My first calculator program...
delete a person (important) please help(THIS NOW WORKS)
Venus Transit
My logon prog
My logon program.
i'm back
[C++] Things you shouldn't be doing (and what you should)
colouring a picture
Get rid of buttons after entering a procedure... help
Modulos i
alpha blending
Space Clash
Yay James Bond animation
another hardware question
displaying objects in arrays
School Project.... PLEASE help
Tutorial request...
active textfield question
How can I have the FOR LOOP output what loop it is on..?....
Halo 2!
Switches in Turing
Program Suggestions... please & thanks!
Help with including a file
:: Piano Music ::
A snowMan made BY ME!!!!!!!!
Get a Job at Google
[C] - Simple problem I assume - displaying one output
Adding/Removing Array Values
Help on dynamic arrays
Turing + Computer
right click
Breaking up an Immage
How do I make a multiple-choice test using buttons?
Help with inserts?
Spackle Program
Help needed with P2P filesharing project
Exciting News! - Gmail goes POP3
need help please
text file help please (i stil need help)saving arrays of #'s
Is their an easier way of making an rpg game?
Is There An Easier Way To Use Turings GUI? (TEXTFIELDS)
How to think like a computer scientist
How do I make a Radio button quiz?
[Tip] For Turing <---> Java Conversions
calling info from text files
i am really stuck here (help)anybody?
Take the Nature Challange!
Turing preprocessor.
printing out a row of stars
Happy Diwali, Saal Mubaarak.
Drew and animated car, has to drive foreward, flip and back
[Ruby-tut] Easily creating strings
This will be the fastest deleted post
Sugguesttion for V3
Sorry Everybody :(
time_nanosleep() doesn't exist?
Just look at the thread, don't ask questions.
Better than Half-Life 2
National Spam Day
[Regex-tut] What are regular expressions?
Xbox Live
[Regex-tut] A gentle introduction
[Regex-tut] Alternatives, Groups, and Sets... oh my!
[Regex-tut] Multiples
I need some help on turing...
[Regex-tut] Cleaning it up
[Regex-tut] Groups Redux: Capturing Groups Intro
[Regex-tut] Capturing Groups: Inside the Regex
[Regex-tut] Nested Capturing Groups
[Regex-tut] Non-Capturing Groups
[Regex-tut] Sets: Ranges and Negatives
[Regex-tut] Non-Greedy Matches
row of stars from opposite side of screen
mouse clicking
C# vs. Java
takepic Function Specifications
re: permutations in C language,,not C++, a subset of the C++
Cheaply Animated Stick Man
help with making folders
Finding the Moon's position in orbit
omgomgomgomg! hl2
Moby Dock
For The Mathematics
First program(crazy stick man)
my very first vb program
favourite bands
Going from "put"s and "get"s to textfiel
Niffty Snake game(work in progress)istillneedtomakesnakegrow
Making your own firefox extension
MS-DOS copy update (1)
Really cool effect... play around with it...
scorched earth alpha preview...
3D Maze 1.2 ... again!!!!
Some fancy looking dots.
adding to a 2d array
ufo help
Flexible Arrays
[Regex-tut] Finding Variables in Turing
[Regex-tut] Case insensitivity and local modifiers
Dance, Voldo, Dance
What to do at 4 in the morning...
What to do at 4 in the morning...
Ma Pimpin truck
hardest ball game ever
Help with randint+moving
[Tutorial] Flexible Arrays - Become a Guru!
Finding the mode and median if the given numbers
Spiffy turing music from different moviesyesispentalotoftime
[Haskell-tut]Haskell Basics
another text effect
using an array to get an average
getting an average
battles in an rpg
Changing Font and Font size for entire program
Changing the Font Size
Simple Pong
Hope this is the right room...
range of letters help? plz
scrambling words
4-Dimensional Projection
formatting computer
[Haskell-tut] Lists
etch a sketch
Creating a file sorter
:: Word Fading ::
halloween thingy
2004 SpikeTV Video Game Awards
Vb Help.
new computer takes to long to load
My siggy
Splitting an Ethernet Connection
shitty/decent graphics card
Working on my game... fairly new to Turing... music help >
need help for scrambling and unscrambling the words for game
quick and easy question
Question about browsers
quick and easy question
Mario Ball
How do you move Polygons?
How to post
How do i run .patch files on windows?
Wav files not deleting
Testing my new l33t PHP skills.
Ruby... from Turing
Need Cash Register and Test Averageing Program Help
Duck Hunt
What my new Chat App Hopefully Looks like (Imagination).
VB Programmer with free time needed
inputting vowels, #s, etc in one string & output seperat
Putting an Immage on top of an immage
stopping repeated use of the return key
First program...dont make fun
Interesting Bug...
Unix Humor
christmas scene (very basic)
Avoiding Keydown Reset
Weekends at Waterloo
Help With GUI Login
Open programs
megaman style game
Running knippox Linux on RAID 0 ...
different type of pentium 3's
Input.KeyDown Troubles
where 2 get java
Blots (bingo and slots meet)
Learn how to use File IO - easy!
3D in turing??
Photoshop: DIffernt outline aorund text
reversing words
help with cards.dll
buttons in java
My First Job
Class program
Having trouble with 'unit'
Server a la beard0
PHPBB help!
new to java Need help!
Problem With Links in E-mails
Win32 GUI problem!!!!
rounding in java
Manual draft, chapters 1 - 14 with Foreword
my cool animation with an eyepoke
my cool animation with an eyepoke
Need Help with strings
Regex, breaking apart a string.
My program does not work properly
bush's latest change
bush's latest change
if statements help
Conversion Help Needed
western hangman game
:: Race Game ::
BF programming challenge
Mouse.Where help
animating objects without smearing
Funny Canadian satire website.
Help with co-ords...
Need help with my slime volley ball
Need a little help with checkers....
Just wondering...
Micro and Mini
hasch equivalent
Can someone tell......
paintbrush in paint program
Compile and Include?
Pure Slime Volleyball
Help reverse number
Micro and Mini
My radiobutton quiz- With problems that need fixing!
advertising anything
Creating AI for Euchre Game
Calculator (with sin,cos,tan)
amd 64
any place to downoad turing?
animate cover
moving a proc
flickerfree animation
Negative # reverse
animating with background
File Sharing Programs
how do you simulate keyboard presses?
Paint Revisited.
Quck Question for procedures!!! sould take just a sec
resetting a setscreen
:: Binary Translator :: Both Ways ::
help RE: Binary searches
can anyone help me with two dimensional arrays?
Angle Bounces and Redirections!!!
don't make fun! im new!
Possible "Flash" type movie in turing?
***Puzzled Farmer***
JUST now learning functions
How to post a created Turing program on internet using HTML
Quick question on co-ordinates
Snow help
Collision Issues [ Already Read the Turtorial ]
Carrying out dual keystrokes?
Turing Project Help
Does any one know....
How to get Slots to work
Simple Cash Registor Program
Delays!!!! need help bad
Magical Trevor!
Yo guys, i have some gmail invitations.
Hey I am Simon
Stickman Update Feb.23
Jennings has fallen.
Moving object with loops problem
File Manipulation - Code
need help plz
hey i need help plz part 2
[Perl5-tut] Perl5 Primer
Yo guys, i have some gmail invitations.
A cool Eyeball poking program
Cool Screen Saver
*Trying* to re-create a game in turing
tik animation
Card game shapes!!! moving procedures!!!
Cool Screen Saver
turing to C++
Freya: A game programming environment
Random Generation of cards (total in deck 40)
Backed up buffer...
How to rip flash from sites(with an example site)
Duplicating procedures & redrawing it x amount of times
Really need help with this hard assignment (to me)
calculator error
File name problem
Creating Executable JAR file (from java class file)
Bar graph type thing
Compsci's Back
My online game...Problem with pic.draw
Updated 3D Engine
Appending rows to the end of a JTable
negative bits?
negative bits?
i am in highschool, needing help from professionals.please..
brings back soooooooooo many memories.
how do you make a picture fade?
Changing fonts
help with net commands
Crazy dot!
yay doing english isu at 3 in the morning!!!
What video game's world would you like to live in?
Interesting effect
Fun With Bubbles
final project...
Randomizing Strings
How to make a Gate code in I used XOR....
importing pictures
Bill Gates' hair!
Norton Anti-Crap!
Whats with all the over-sized ANIMATED avatars?!?!
declaring a grid
How do you randomize questions on a quizk
How do you randomize questions on a quizk
help! Randomizing strings =\
help! Randomizing strings =\
Out of id numbers?
Please Help with "Guess the Word" game!!!
The Lockout
Randomizing/If Statement Help
Pacman Racer
Ending Proccesses using Turing
Ban Gay Literature!
Making a black jack game and need help
Bits are dandy, post count is rediculous.
More help with 3D Cube
How to get .gif s to work
Selection Construct
Sorting alphabetically
What's wrong with my code?
Finding how many lines are in a text file?
how do you make thoses awsome particle effects?
Pacman Racer 1.2...(The BEST Game Ever)!!!
Clusty or Google?
Equation of a line (y=Mx+b)
the best root beer
here all my stuf again dam
i need help moving it
Paint Program
Do Key functions work in 3.1.1 Turing?
Update on my pinball
Setting Boundaries for Key inputs
BlitzMax out for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux to follow soon
shooting from a picture
Text Alignment
I need help alternating code from 4.1 to 3.2, anyone help
Mathematics versus Computer Science
Pacman Racer 1.4...(CRYSTAL CLEAR)
jump with gravity
Help with RPG please! Tiling ~_~
Turing Download
Who banned masturbate?
mario game help needed
How to insert a timer (seconds)
[C++] Don't use arrays in C++!
Bryce 4-Graphic heart
Snake v1.10a Beta
I think Dan is taking things way to seriously.
People with Pens
Who wants my bits?
Moving to Linux
Merry Xmas!
Waring's Prime Number Conjecture
suggestion due to recent events
Peace out.
X-men Tactics
Random Number Sorting Issues
Front page hacked?
cant call procedure
Project Help,turing
Spam ---> Off Topic??
Any Ideas For A Drag Racing Game?
Graphics problem
my school project, come in and help me out
Help regarding my paint program!
What the hell are sticky keys!!! and how do i turn them off!
Locked Topics
M$ = Devil ... Linux = Cool Penguin!
Gmail error
finding highest and lowest marks out of the inputed marks
turing word processor
[FP] 3 Digital clock using Turbo C++
Ipod or Creative ZenMicro
[winoot 3.1.1a] Help importaing pictures
Radeon 9800pro in Slackware 10 using fglrx
help improve 3d rendering speeds.
[Tutorial] Java Vectors
random procedures
'How do i Import Pictures In Turing??????????/
I'm back
Colour selector/identifier
Missle Pong
KEYs down
Leaving cuz I seem to cause too much trouble
[ Solved ] Problems displaying background color (CSS)
Task Manager
.tur --> .exe
.tur --> .exe
Turing-ket Ball v 1.0
[Haskell-tut] A Gentler Introduction, with pictures! (New!)
How to draw a line controlled by user..
Compsci Blackout
Ok. I'm stupid but I still need "EXPERTS" help.
small suggestion
Ending A Process
Cool Keyboard
A Freaky sOuNdInG Animation
Applying to University
I got a new dvd writer drive...
spyware... help!!!
Megaman Map Storage
Good free hosting.
how do i convert a int variable into string variable
the demise of suprnova
Router is anoying...
is it possible?
Good PHP book for under $50?
Including a file??
how do you save the game??
3dmax 6 modeling
Video IN! damn thing ....
Test your skills (2005)
Safecracking from a computer science perspective
Whatdotcolor on OOT 3.1.1
Help Maximizing
Need Help With Code!!
Digital Keyboards
Follow along as Pac-Man is built
Visual Studio Express
Illegal pic identifier
Drawing in 3D space!!
Assistance in modifying code....
Dwite II
:: Litte MatriX Type thingey ::
No. We can't tell you where to download Turing.
BOXGAME Similar to Snake v1.10a Beta
rizzix 3d engine??
Anyone want to see dan get blown up with a bomb?
Which programming language should I learn? (Updated)
help with function
Thinking in C++
[b]Some help please!??![/b]
Modding Games
Swing GUI Problem
Check for collisions in new snake game
Hello everyone...A pickle of biblical proportions
Saving high score
where to download Java?
Moving with Java
Modficiation of Program
Modficiation of Program
Code modification....
Code modification....
Code modification....
Code modification....
snake game - the body (part 2)
Cannot allocate item error (pleas help me!!!!)
BOXGAME Similar to Snake v1.10a Beta
help with new game
transfering text from one document to another
input number lets u input that amount of numbers help
Font.Draw Problems!
HL2 Demo Released.
Poker Game
Windows XP Low Virtual Memory
Ripping from Audio CD's
Help with divide by zero error in 3d engine.
Need Help Making PacMan Not Eat Walls (collision detection)
Help with sorting array!
How do I program an exit?
Message System
:: Funky Optical Illusion ::
help with scrolling off the winidow
question on indenting codes
help with compiling a file
need help in making snow with "*"
fstream problem
Gates makes a fool of himself
Need help with Music.Play and Music.Sound
Ending a Process?
Happy Christmas
turing game
TypeCasting and Promotion?
Hey guys whats up? I really need some help
Anyone going to CUTC?
World's Shortest P2P app
my final project needs help, i cant get driectory listing
help :)
Problems with Hard Drive Installation
Blocksies Game for Summative
Halo Shooter
[Haskell-tut] Follow-up: Combining Functions
Shooting problems
Pic. allocated problem.
Pic.Save in Java Applets?
Help in Snake thing...
simple shoot
Overflow of Integer expression? what does this mean?
ok this is wat i have got(help me please)
Convert Help
Quit #100, okay now what does this mean?
Password program help
how do you change your nickname?
Animation Help
A small oval game
animation help
images disappear when snow falls...
Error Code 0x81000370 (MSN)
3ds max
Printer problems
encryption help
Redefining 'Build your own computer'
any tips on smog effects?
keyboard &mouse dont work
urgent! trying to get a drectory listing to traverse subdirs
Calendar program
Get firefox.
It's coming...
Looking Back at 2004
WANT A CHALLANGE?(pleaze help)[i](look at this question)[/i]
Help again...
Voodoo death pics!
Snow Falls
I'm new and was wondering if it is it okay if I....
help again...
a simple question
Making Peices start on a board game
Help with makng PACMAN!
cards trapping
turing and engineering assignment
Updated snake help...
Why Can't I Upload Archive
I really need this help please
Determining if a webpage has changed
[ Problem 2 ] Can't seems to get the right position
stopping from clicking over a spot
Reading Text from a file
Keeping Codes Simple.....
Help with music file
What does Dim stand for?
Random Strings?
Othello help
Schoolproj./ screwed NEED help?
trouble with smooth animation
Card Game (21) Dosent work... need help
Ubuntu [Day 3]
changing names
changing names
need help for ISP to do "If (a lot of buttons) then..&q
Help with Snake Game
need if section help for ISP
Help with Assignment!
"Spinning Blade Thing"
Looks good...
Java project help (java sorting)
I am back.
compsci poetry
News Bar
BLOCKSIES GAME!!! please check it out!!!
animation flicker help
I'm employed
:: Little Mind Game ::
Need help with mouselistener and MouseMotionListener
trouble with smooth animation
Accidentally Uncovered "Pixel Graphic" Display...
Selection using keys
need help to simplify
Drawing Pad!!!! (this is just an executable)
Random Directions Problem
Calendar Program
Help with star fly by program
Help with exiting.
One eye moster drawing...
where's linux?
Asterisk bouncing!!!
help with mbcs (multi byte character set)
2D and 3D Grachics program's
Do you need classes?
variables have no value
Pong X-Treme
Beginner tutorial
dice that do not roll
Copying one hard drive to another
does any one know a good video joiner?
Physics Engine
need help for no values
Turing source program request
flicker problem
turing coding
Loop Exit Help...
space background
"include" command help?
Help with Self-teaching methods
Other great computer science sites??
The Amazing Obfuscated C
Windows Longhorn
ghost collision detection
Why Should I Program Object Oriented
Air Hockey
question about set locale
Good C++ starter books
Blink 182 - Dammit
Pong Program : Input.Keydown, and Computer Controlled Player
AMD Turion... total pwnage
JOptionPane Help
PhoneBook Record
Help needed for my game hangman!!!
Uh-oh... booting problem
Batch Files
:: Dev-C++ ::
Is there a way I can change the button's colour?
I have large problem with Flash right now
Maximum upload limit.
multi button
Partitioning a hard drive.
Loops and Drawing for a menu, using keys and jpegs,need help
weird error with "Pic" Command
weird error with "Pic" Command
video recognition
anyone play socom for ps2?
[Graphics] Scratch
How To make a music player like windows media player
mouse to make an object disapper?-HELP
Playing music in java...
Trigular Motion
Removing an Element from a Flexible Array within a For Loop
"get" more than one word
Help with variable setting ... can they do this?
[Snippit] FPS Limiter
I saw some files (TURING)
I am doing mastermind Game; okay?
How Do You Delete A Folder?
Returning to input
Converting music formats
A movie me and my group made
Won't Calculate Score Correctly
is it possible
Pic.Draw help
Worm Class!!!
Enough of the Calendars already!
xbox ftp with my pc plzzz help
C or Java?
how to make a random math question generator?
Something really funny is going on...
4 in a row check
drawing in java applets
Flash MX Easter Egg
Music.Play and different versions of turing
Bomnbs Screw Up (Bomberman Game)
Putting a fraction into lowest terms
location detection for a side scroller
Help with...Lifelines in who wants to
The Real Creator of Compsci
how do i incorporate a timer
plz help, new 2 site and turing
What are pixel graphics?
Connect 4 check
shooter game -- checking colisions
Whats your school?
GUI text fields problems
3d space game (incomplete)
Code Optimizations
crashes after runnig 12 times
crashes after runnig 12 times
Searching and editing
RPG Final Beta
Text Effects
PRoblems with pacman collision detection
Using a button that calls a procedure with parameters
it only runs 12 times and then crashes
Re: GUI.TextField and GUI.ButtonFull
Making a .exe file
Can u see any errors???? plz post!!!
i was wondering if i can creat a password window...
Is there a way to.....
Problem with player turns
Checking if pieces are near each other
Shoot GEORGE BUSH!!!! (almost finished)
variable meaning??
3D models.
:: Examples Of What VB Can Do ::
A matter of life or death...
Shoot GEORGE BUSH!!!! (finished, pictures load properly)
[Ruby] missing mswin32-ruby16.dll
help with reading from a file
Counter strike clan
Pointless but kool
Graphic LEDs to display Binary?
RPG Map Maker (useful for FP's)
Animating two objects at same time
my final project, come lookie..
game for ISP crashes for no reason
Can this be simplified?
Can this be simplified?
CALCULATOR, DAMN this is hard
Process Help
Tic Tac Toe Program
PLEASE HELP FAASSSTT>>Project Due Tomorrow!!!
Understanding parameter pass..
Zylum's Worms - Java Style
IDE with code-completion
Java IDE with code completion
Testing my game
Connect 4
Multiple client chat
Internet lag - Tag
Help with Monopoly
update on my pinball again
[server] instead of apache?
ISP whatdotcolor problem DESPERATE HELP NEEDED
Falling From Sky
ASCII to Binary?
Mortal Kombat (fighting game)
database question
Martin Banned?
Problems with Window Close (QUICK ISP DUE 2MORROW!)
Checking if checkbox is unchecked
In need of coding checking
need help with changing a double to a string
How can I make this 2 player?
random numbers
Easy way to saving HIGH SCORE!!! (source code, chek it out)
If you want to know how to save high score, here it is!!!
Save High Score!!! (simple and has full explanation)
The pwnage never stops
More Bomberman Help
i need some help =S!!
Windows problems (not microsoft windows)
Changing Colours
Colour Changing 2
Athlon or Pentium
Connect 4 FINAL DONE!!!
Hmm breaking strings
Database Problems
PHP / MySQL Noob need's some help with News!
Java Text File Saving
No more 12, not more 14. 15 :D
Who here is sick,geting sick, or just got better?
mouse clicking
Random Words
help wit turing project
Collision Detection help Now with more complications!!!
First Module
dan messeges aaron
Tiles + Collision need help
Arrays are NOT my strong point... Array help needed.
Hey i need help with Random stuff!
checkers board layout
rpg game help
Piano Playing Program - I really need some help tonight
Piano Playing Program - I really need some help tonight
Entering Character Names > Moving to Next Menu
Help with Piano Program - I really need help tonight
Help with Piano Program - I really need help tonight
New Siggy
integration problem...
Jaxc needs one more thing to help
Crazy Eyes! >.<
Blast Off!
Blast Off!
Closing EXE Files
Closing EXE Files
Free Domains
Special Characters and Clear Screen
Help required with programming in Java
Overwriting File Info
Help with changing text colours
Help with File conversion-------NEVER MIND!!
seriously i need help bad
I am...
My first time
Ok i need help, i seriously cannot figure this out
Vipers Paint
need a help on setting up borland c++
Space Conquest Link
Piano Keyboard
Impure Mathematics
monopoly help >.>
posting just the file not the code
Amazing Free Hosting NO ADS
Amazing Hosting
1 More thing!
rpg game demo
Go Fish
[FP] RPG Map Maker
Attempt to use Parallelput returns weird error about drivers
DTrace Source released.
Martin's Programming Guide
Open source turing clone
For Matt S tiktest
My Prog. Intro
HelBreath Server
How to move an object properly
Daily Comics
Read/Write to mysql database, and a little phpmyadmin
Crazy Flag!
How to make a good Jeopardy game?
Youngest/oldest person on
Desktop Companion
Importing web/other programs
Dan.. 19.. booze..
chimeras—a hybrid creature that's part human, part animal
LOTR Animation w/t stick People
football game help
Mac Turing Code!?!?
Teacher needed..
Casino Game
Key gen for JBorland
Avatar problem
Thinking of making..
animation without loops
s-video and audio out probs
laptop for college
.exe to source code
Making a game into a .zip file that pictures can load from
Making Files into .exe
DnD Generated (Ill update frequently)
Simple number comparison for a beginner
what are the character values for enter and space?
Turing exe + resource hacker = stealth
Canadian Flag Program
Turing for begginners
help with double tapping
Text over Graphics
Computer Problem
software is crappy..... looking for new program
checkboxes question
I was pretty bored ... so i made this Maze.
wat is backwards compatible
Turing for Dummies #1 --> How to do texts
Simple game
Binary Trees
Actionscriptage - Read from files
Text Effects
turing to binary
bar under ur user name
Process Vs. Procedure
Some Animation thing
deleting OS
procedure problems
more procedure problems
Centre Text?!
A little guessing game
Pokemon causes cancer...
Another milestone!
Im Starting a POV-RAY 3D OpenGL Loader...
a = 3 values out of 5 values
my new hero
4 mod 6 = 4? 4 mod 8 = 4?
how to createfile in Turing?
Problem with Font.Draw, simple problem.
NetBeans Packages
Is there anyway to see the code inside the Turing EXE file
Win XP
Webpage Renders Weird
LANschool question
Antithesis (HL2 Mod, Working Title)
submission wont work (maximum quota)
Horse Racing
Help with shot trajectory
How much are you worth?
Winxp Parallel Port
Gun Killing
It's hard to believe....
ALU examples
The Shape Program
What to do with Luigi?
Zomg Episode III
Help regarding several numbers
Binary Converter
I want two windows, is that possible?
GUI Problem
online game
Binary Clock
Shape Program
GMAIL Invites
weird problem with if statement
my game of life
my Yahtzee
best anti-virus
Firefox main developer now with google
Computer poetry
My account
Animated Wolverine
PHP in a nutshell
How do I open a text doc?
Internet connection problems
the weirdest dam thing
.NET Assistance needed
Extremely glitchy line proggy
Obfuscated Coding Contest
something wrong with turing??
Regular expression problem...
Transferring data over IP
What is GCC..
Read From Text File
Forking Help!!!
Sebastian Svahn
How To Post
exiting loop
procedure with an array
Boolean Algebra
Moving in an Arc?!
CD labels
Dublicate Images
Underground search for 'God particle'
University to offer e-mail spam course
open GL =/
Basic windows graphics.
this is tripped out
Question about input
AI help
connect 5
Superbowl XXXIX
Coincidence... (proof of Illuminati interference)
Mode of chracters
Pic.New decoding
nEwB in Ubuntu.. please help
Accessing Files on a HD
Eye of the Tiger
Please DON'T post "omfg sooo trippy cool flashes!"
Math help
Turing Paint 1.0
help on candaian flag
[Snippit] Paint - the hard stuff
how do i find the sum of all numbers ?
Quality Graphics
Display Picture vulnerability discovered in MSN Messenger 6
Zombie Mass-Acre's (Its a game!)
Anyone want Gmail?
Delete Windows...?
nortron -another tron game
How do i put pics where i want them?
Turing Exe + Resource Hacker = Stealth!
Hey Martin..
Sugguestion on what to do with annoying people in res!
Missing Plugins
School Computer...
Generating Multiple Random Numbers
[bsh] Minesweeper
Simple problem : getting a median
Multi user chat program (max 4)
Lots and lots of errors...
New S-Engine Release -- Now Hosted on
how make a box using text mode,mine doesn't work please help
FrozenCore *New Working Link*
NDP accuses Wal-Mart of "economic terrorism"
NDP accuses Wal-Mart of "economic terrorism"
21 years of freedom
Optional Parameters for my Procedure?
.exe files
Best language for making games
Mark Jen was fired for blogging,
Turing Updates
New Compsci Course (at my school)
Simple Java compiler
playing mp3
Red Eye
Pointers to structures
Help for making fire
Question in a question
RPG (just the beginning)
A small text question...
Physics Simulations
text fields
removing the bar thingy
CCC 05
change the icon
free gmail invites
chr graphics vs. pixel graphics
restart application
Neuros Mp3 Player
loop question
really weird thing with file io
Merge sort
strange affect
How to open turing in turing!
alignment in turing?
Turing music
MSN Search or Google
Pixel Graphics Help Needed
optimize sort
This is a challenge
Array question
File Input/output help needed
Snake Game Threads Problem
A few questions on binary addition
Looping with GUIs
Rogers Yahoo Internet Browser
Behold! The magic of self-referring movie clips
3d engine
American Stupidity
FireFox download speeds
ands and ors in ifs
1-D and 2-D bouncing letter
Exiting A Loop
Math Problem
startin in VC++
Motion Formulas
Microsoft to teach l33t ?
Line direction
42nd Mersenne Prime has likely been found!
Workstations (Pictures)
getch Help!
File I/O to String
Laptops Kill Your Little Swimmers
Compare and Contrast #1
Compare and Contrast #1
Compare and Contrast #1
Binary Addition Program
Why You Should Avoid Processes
betaPAINTER ++ (Yes... its another paint program)
How to adjust the println?
Space invader
Binary multiplication...
Two more programs...
Adding within :?:
Binary Subtraction
Binary Subtraction
Binary Subtraction
Binary Subtraction
Binary Subtraction
Binary Subtraction
Record/Bullet fire
Text Position Help!!
max path length for odbc databases
String Limit
Paris Hilton Hacked
removing vocal
Old Man Carving
making two values in text box equal each other
Pointers Galore - Binary Trees and Linked Lists
Default values for function?
hey i tried to do this but it still won't work
Slowing Movement with custom-made Joystick
turing file into a .exe
Procedures Problem
Ideas for a final Project - (Look Here First)
SQUARE CHASE - 2 player game
Genetic algorithms
photoshop elemets 2 help
Get real number from textfield input
importing a picture with transparency...
clear GUI items from screen
textfields within a procedure
Odd post times.
My Copter Game
setting cursor
double forums?
Homemade Mariokart
phpbb2 mod
Get Font
Integer to string conversion?
Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2003
Realstr help!
What about Russia?
Scientific notation
help with music
How do you put something?
In Java; how would you do comment lines?
Mouse Roller?
Flexible Array Help
troubles with making exe into t
Easy Linux Development: GNUStep
cant make a sprite move
1337 7ra|\|51a73r
Dr.Viper =trouble
Download Turing 4 FREE!!!!!!!
Simple animated text for intros!
New window?
What are bits used for (PS sorry didn't know where to post)
What are bits used for (PS sorry didn't know where to post)
Array help
where to find java
How to Eliminate the Dual Boot?
Sequences and Series
Each instance of a class?
Felxible array-polygon
test ur mouse
1st Person Shooter
whats with the forum page
base 10 to base 2
Need Help with Shooter
An array of an array
textarea size
waterloo CCC problem
Paris Hilton Numbers and Pics
shape tweening motion guide
is French really useful??
Programming Contest!
new science concepts
multiplcation table
Fraction class
Number pad to int
cards help
creating variables in a program
mIRC Scripting Forums?
[Tutorial] Processes -- Introduction and setpriority
Fixing the paint bucket in paint program
Syntax Quickref: Turing <--> Haskell
Syntax Quickref: Turing <--> O'Caml
Here is my attempt at pool
moving in an arc
getting rid of variables
Geometers Sketchpad
Removing an item in an array
goodbye my honey, for trigun fans
Weird slot
[Tutorial] Processes Part 2 – Normalizing Execution
I need a game
The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
[CCC 2005] Senior S1 : Snow Calls
[CCC 2005] Senior S2 : Mouse Move
[CCC 2005] Senior S5: Pinball Ranking
Fourm index X3
how to use locate properly?
Using FTP in turing
connect many comps, on many nets
Drawing a shape
Better version of DanSprite?
paint bucket... desparate help
Errr im practising and got stuck
String Manipulation
Tic Tac Toe! (Different then what you think)
Tic Tac Toe! (Different then what you think)
Tic Tac Toe! (Different then what you think)
decimal question
Colour detector..easy!
What are bits for?
Scrolling Text
3D Graphics with Haskell
Music File
Paint Bucket
strint with Arrays?
binary typer
[Tutorial] Simple arc movement
[Tutorial] Arrays of arrays and more arrays
I need questions!
MX help (i know its in the wrong section) sorry
Music Help
Inherting Classes
Mr.Makenzie i need help on array- horse odds and betting
Background Help
Question game
my firefox links turned into java script, help!!!
my firefox links turned into java script, help!!!
Variables/Values Help
[CCC 2005] Senior S3: Quantum Operations
Subtitle files
need help with playing the game again...
Design Patterns
Drawing a shape in VB 6
how to generate different odds of winning?
MMC Flash Memory Card
wats ur score on the CCC?
Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2 - Hot or not?
Tekken 5 : The End?
2D arrays
Help with my Internet Explorer!
Saving Record
Screen shots
Ball Collision Game
Quadratic Trinomials
parameter pass
coin problem
ideas for a project?
Intstr/strint and other
Loops for the Very Beginners!
Integer overflow in real8 div.
does compsci have a mod for flash??
[Tutorial] 2-D mapping I (eg. Tetris)
Pic.New / Pic.Draw help
[demo] process demonstration -- catch that ball
Box Map Maker
[Tutoral] different types of symbols
Table of Squares
Clone Invaders
How do you do flexible arrays in VB?
help me with turing!!!
Topic for a turing contest!
Saving to Binary
help me with turing!!!
Nothing else matters-Metallica
Post all of your sigs
2 dimensional array
atomic structure
If anyone needs free php & mysql hosting...
Whatdotcolour Help!
how can i go to pmall via sub?
Procedure help
[Haskell-tut] Custom Data Types
easier arc
* before identifier
SocketException Error
y doesnt this have an output??
RGB.AddColor Help!!
If Help!
Help with Ruby (Final Word)
Playing music while displaying an animation
Old VB's
Difference between Rand.Int and randint?
[Tutorial] Streams: fundamentals
[Tutorial] Networking: Sockets and ServerSockets
star wars rap lyric wanted
print page number in ms word
drawing rectangle help!
y helo thar tony
For templest :)
Need ideas for a capture the flag game.
Grid collision
Generating Random Numbers!
Syntax Quickref: Turing <--> Eiffel
Using a database?
Checkers help
How to add Registry values in VB?
Happy St. Patty's day!
Difference between .t and .tu
Comparer interfaces and efficient binary search?
Kubuntu screenshots
[Tutorial] Swing by example
Sprites - Is There Another Way?
Need a programmer for big help
Go - For those who want to learn
Importing text files help?
rounding real numbers
Non coding problem
Exiting this loop...
What to do in highschool and university.
another "i'm thinking of buying a comp" topic!
Snake Wall Collision
Snake Wall Collision
table of contents
Snake Growing
Coding Help
Screen Dimension Decrease
Text-Based-Dungeon "The House"
Uncle Worm, Leveling Up
Erasing paddle using View.Update
C++ debugger
Dual Screens
Calculate angle between two points
Scoring System
Playing Cards Arrays
Input.KeyDown numpad
Making Food
get is not displaying
help: inputting fixed # of characters for integers
Picture not showing
Tag Game
My avatar
how to make code execute
Help on programing a program that formats strings!
Shuffle card deck
Here is a nice PacMan game !
Keystroke recording
First Run Works, Second Doesn't...hmmm
Keystroke recording
Anime wallpaper
Stop Motion Animation Program
Starting VB. Looking 4 a tutorial site or somethin
Actionscript 2 tutorial?
SSI.php help needed
Reseting A Variable
Smoothly resizing a Run Window?
Credit cards and the uselessness of signatures
Squaring and Square Roots
Sorting numbers with strings
help new to programming
Inside Pixar
Plug : FrozenCore Arcade & Hosting
Cannot caluate the total
House Project
FPS's and your health
Clear screen
Character Movement Restrictions
colouring squares
need help with assigment
Come Watch team1596 In Missisaugua ontario? Robotics COmp.
reinstalation of windows 98
help ruby ahhh ugh help
hacking program - 1.1!!!!
html 4 wont work
need help with adding a sound clip
Typewriter Sounds
Working in the GHC Interactive Environment
hello world
Some questions about making a list
Need Turing!!!!!!!!
need fixing
New Forums?
The final version of betaPAINTER ++
Fun stuff: transparent screens
is Java a free? if so were can i get?
Happy Easter!
How to input variables from another form?
Stopping "get" and continue program?
changing resolution on ubuntu linux
Help with conversion program
structs :shock:
Getting Ruby
Getting Ruby
Java- Recursion
Is wi-fi teh suxxor?
Now you can do a physics project that ISN'T insanely boring!
Turing Black Jack help
Plz help me! I DO need Java Ready to Program
Inputting commands from file?
Quickly and Easily Storing Data
solitaire help
How to use the Right-to-Left option? (For another language)
easy nice looking energy ball in 5 minutes
Syntax Quickref: Turing <--> BeanShell
OMG Ma bios r teh sux!!1!
Black Jack
Uncle Worm
simple program help(real int problem)
The Greatest Online Mind-bender
Chess Board
if answer not = integer then?
String Manipulation
economics 101
Can you create a hacking program???
Possible Loss of Precision
stop fork? music
C++ Compiler/Help
How to recognize the date?
Lists With Columns
[code] tags and the sort?
win XP user accounts
Transparent Images
Polygon per-pixel control
Simple Collisions Using Images
Education by Example: Linked List
Black Jack
Help on Constructors
Simple Drawings
I think GD posts deserve bits
Canadian Flag
House Project
CD-ROM Drive Not Reading...
Formating a partition
Missile Defence
Programming in Ebonics!
Mario - Not Complete
Using const and references
help on a program that opens google and makes a search
Whats up? (A news update)
Difference Between Mod and Rem
RPGs with characters?
writing a scripting language
What is Ruby?
Want to Learn C++
Software Package Installers
CCC 2005 Stage II
Peregrine falcon webcam
What am i doing wrong here?
How do i read a file?
Some tips for Turing graphic artists
New: Google Gulp!
New Look
HELP!!! With the high score thingy...
File manipulation in C++
Throwing in the towel
Change Icons
Keyloggers in turing..?
help me please..about to make a point move randomly...
Stupid Prgram
compile application
Rolling Dice & Probability -- plz HELP!!
A Guide to Ruby IDE's
maze game help
MIT's Metaphor
Help with setting up boundaries
Need help removing a Trojan
whats smoothest way for movement?
.tu files
ball falling due to gravity
Using the internet?
Sin City
Weirdest thing I've ever made...
Haskell Example: Sieve of Eratosthenes
Java Website Development Frameworks!
Image manipulation snippet
Dead pope!
Menus: How to switch back to a processes undeclared??
error detection javascript/html
variables into different private statements
C++ to C (conversion help)
Turing Updates
The power of inject
Colorado Cracks Down on Left Lane Dawdling
Turing/c++ help
Online food
Turing Crashing
How come Boundaries Wiht Draw.Pic is different then drawoval
Help with Directories!
Multiple Users
Google Launches Satelite Search
Arrays In A Cashier Program
Arrays In A Cashier Program
Python questions?
[Python-tut] Classes: constructors, access, inheritance
Multiple notes!
Google Launches Satelite Search
modify a record in a tree
Question about VB and internet
Writing to a File - Cannot Access File
Congrats to Waterloo ACM team
Binary converter
Pictures on the program
[Python-tut] Functions: arguments, objects, decorators
I'm most interested in...
Integer variable in Font.Draw
Flickerating Font.Draw
Athlon model numbers
Merging Arrays
RPG Help
new forum for any1 who's interested
Change Auto Log-In
My iPod Shuffle Review
how to?
Introduction to Objects tutorial
Small words to capitals.
Swing help needed...
Software to slow video?
Program Help
Linking 3 programs into one --help
3 in 1 game continued help
York Science Olympiad
The Free Games Thread
[Python-tut] Control Flow: if/else, loops, exceptions
Gui Question
Procedure ending
I Need Game Makers
OMG People and there hack's
compile a program
Making a business rpg. Need ideas
Black Jack Game-Updated
Wood Food Processor! DESPRIT!!
Need help with first game
Clearing spaces in a string
Firefox Extension: FirefoxIE !! YUCK!! Disgusting!
can i make a photo file rotate!?
turings default font?
[C++] Multiple Inheritance and the STL
Three word story
Combo Prog
How do u keep a picture from bluring
Random Music Player
Ball Moving Towards Mouse
menu screen 3-in-1 program
More Swing Help needed...
registration forms
A Wizards Tale .... work in progress
How to create a help file?
Windows apps on Linux
Out put to data file
A Glimpse at Prolog
Assistance plz...troubling program..but so easy!
[Game Discussion] Good games that sucked.
combo box help needed
trouble installing ubuntu linux
Proxy Servers
Links for those interested in Computer Contests
variable type change
actual and formal equations
Need help with string manipulation
Anyone like poker? Free $25 from, no CC.
Need help with a music checking procedure
Need help with creating odds
And I was worried about the Hitchhiker's guide before...
program help plz
Networking question
Quick Way to Calculate Pi
Free VB6 alternative
if statements
if statement (i got no answers from tutuorial section...
HUGE turing lag. PLZ help
questions bout spacegame
Process List
Loop help
Tony's birthday...yesterday
Apple Announces Tiger Release Date
3D Mathematics
My Slot Machine Program
Space Combat - Updated Again
Graphics Size determined by variable
Do you smoke?
Portable Tile Generation System
How about some Cloned Meat!
if statement question
Turing Functions.
Help me with a mouse to graphic problem
The Dice Game
Directory Help
Images in Concave Mirrors - Demo
NOT a 'do my homework post' - Just a 'any suggestions?'
Audio editing programs
Playing with Prime Numbers [Help!]
Creating Turing EXE files to be hidden in processes
Finding the square root without the sqrt command
Slot Machine help
MySQL /etc/my.cnf tweaking
Fibonacci help
Help Wanted
Space Combat
SinCosTan (-1)
Help with whatdotcolor
Get Paid as you search online --- NO SCAM
Prime Palindromes
GarageBand Tunes *UPDATED*
[Game] ~Star Catcher~
My Computer asplode!
i need a bit of help
deleting 2d arrays?
Check my code -- I cant get it to run smoothly
current directory
Help with Colors
Zodiac program!
Having problems comparing values
how to make a counter?
Heck! I knew it... Dan can time travel!
Assigning Values
Look what I found...
I need help. - the new paypal. free $25 for pre-registration
using the mouse to draw shapes
E=Mc2 Program
Sprite Help
get statements screwing up my program
GUI - Relationships
vba create full path
Adding numbers binded as one interger
Image Map
help me with AI for Pacman
Help With Windows
microsoft publisher
Graphing Program
Building a computer this week
Attention all networking Guru's
help with pictures
Rand Ball proggy help plz
Networking Comps
Virus in one line?
iTunes and .ogg?
Collision code
Slot Picture Help
drawing on panels
How to make a money change program?
Slot Machine(Update)
Mario Game
pac-man help
how can i make a login page for my webpage..? pls hlp
Arrays in a marks program
Mailing list
blending font into the background
can someone fix this easy program for me
Favourite Audio Player
Need Ideas for Creating an Animation
'snake' help
First look @ turing need help!
laughing at lightning
Google Mini
Why does it say this?
Exit help
Ninjas or Pirates?
cadoes anybody know how to make a java music player?
help with 'tracking'
Function Failing to Give a Result
finding the distance
Move a drawfillarc
Any Sites for...
How to create interactive buttons?
How to recognize being "Idle"?
music for happy birthday
Closing the default windows
HTML Tags --> XML Document --> Flash movie (help)
Collision in Air Hockey Game
Program Problem
Got responsibilities on the Star Wars Episode 3 premier?
First Program......go easy on me.
Fun Mouse Game
Video Editing Software?
Flash, gif, video in turing?
multiple actions in an "if" statement?
Capture the flag
arctand function
Drawing a line
Help in animation
[Tutorial] Turing Graphics Extensions
images flikering =view.update ,cls
Microsoft to launch Windows XP 64 Bit Edition on Monday
Paddle Ball V2.0
Space Game
New Game Started
finding the mode of a 'double' array
Using a timer to save to high score when Exit
Need help using Loop as Accumulator and variable storage
PhotoShop In Turing
drawfill arc
All this worthless .NET sutff (,,etc)
Keeping Some Numbers, But Not Others
Good IDE for C++ w/ "Visual"
If you could do anything with your life...
The .NET Show
c++ detect usb?
colour guide program
the start of a fun point collecting game::updated::
Code hiding
Blockout Game Help
Blockout Game Help
Help with Craps Games
Latitude and Longitude
Multidimensional Arrays
For Loop Trouble . . .
MySQL and Java
Markbook program
generating page to redirect help
C#: Objects and Encapsulation - Hard to Comprehend
keyboard problems
Creating a .bmp and importing it
XBox 360 Images Leaked
Need help with password
Need help : Converting strings into int values
New Power Mac G5's Released
Array Subscript Is Out Of Range?
Stupid haunted house program
graphic show
Dice Games (Status: Away Working On ISU's)
Commanding To Draw In a Certain Place
Chat Program
Snake Game
Overloading Operator<<
iostream error
Jorbalax's Tools/Etc
Link sigs on the forum.....
Time Conversion
system("pause") help
Find someone to help change the game
Find someone to help change the game
Need Some Help with Menu for my game
MS Finger Print Reader
need help```~
Illegal picture ID Problem
where can i get c++
sorry but...
Excluding numbers
Card game
How do you.... (I'm a newbie)
collision detection problem help!
Color Codes!
pls help recognizing
Procedure/Process Info.
line moves in a circle formation
making a counter for an array
JButton Updates
OSX Tiger...
How to prevent the program from being closed?
Name Game Program
buttons dont work
Help with shooting
Car racing game --- mapping system help
Convert a MultiLine textbox Into strings for each line
a couple questions
Final year end project!
text field
game - function or procedure?
Game problem....
Game of Craps please read this
Fractal Tree
Ubuntu comrades: a question
Font Command Help
unreal tournament 2004
First Unassisted Program
need a program sugesstion
Running two procedures at once
help with for statements
2D array problem.
unable to see words and gravity does not work on ball
O'Caml Flexibility: Why You Should Check It Out
Drawing with Frame without using repaint()
Free Mp3 editors
Random integer help
Bomb Game
ball control using mouse help
Guessing Game
Microsoft to make cars that can't crash
Star Wars Gangsta Rap
Turing in Linux
matrix ending
Pic slowly drawn and slowly fade help
Animation Problem
small graphics program
Java programmer takes on Mono
Roulette Game
JDK Installing Link
I want to input a number and program makes # of input lines
random me please!
V3 Security Test (a "hacking" challenge)
OpenLaszlo - Web Development Platform
Jahia - An Impressive Content Management System
How to Loop?
Music Player----help
String to Enum
Changing pictures using a scroll bar
unsaved project....omg
Turing App
Classes and Voids
Creating save games
Evolution of a Haskell Programer
input at eof
create background in an appliction
Procedures won't take me back to main menu
Where to buy your xbox?
O'Caml for OO Programmers
Breakout game, need advice
Prity easy, but cant figure it out!
My helicopter game
Basic SinCosTan program
Mod (remainder)
GUI textbox output - removal of other text
Searchable Databases
Computer programmer...Software Engineer...whats the diff???
how does math distance work
I need help for my animation
How do u insert scroll bars???
buttons and screensaver
mouse function
Making a visually appealing menu
Ideas Needed!
help with buttons
process problem
DVD drive is messed up!
text with variables
absolute beginner
Exit a Program
Need help with whatdotcolor in my game
make a section of a program run when a variable = 10
net chat
Pong Game
collision (whatdorcolor?)...
CD Rom Limits
Arrays question
Colour Problems
Drag racer v.25
Key Listener Event
Norton AntiVirus
Lite Bright Program
Turing Bug
How can I import images into my program using JFrame?
how to get a string
Placing pictures one after another (RPG Character)
Name that distro!
Warning, new virus afloat on Msn Messenger
Changing the font size of text
Sentence Count
screen size help
Tic Tac Toe Help, Emergency
Videos in Turing
Another Movie me and my group made
Challenge yourself
String from DB into a variable
[Tip] Parsing POSIX/GNU style command-line args
Radio program
Radio program
Word Scrambler
Printing in turing
Need space filler for Tic Tac Toe, as well as win displayer
text line removal
strint help please
Scaling Font Text
plz help :D
Interactive Story
Control Problems via Input.KeyDown ()
question: is there an easier way of doing this sorta thing?
Cursor Problem
Input.KeyDown help...
Another Pong Game!!!!
RGB.SetColor help
RunTime Error: Inopened or dosed stream passed to 'setactive
XBox 360
Flickering Screen
Cheap (and old) graphics cards.
help with paint
help with paint
help with paint
A little help
error trap : "THE QUOTATION"
The Turing Walkthrough - Beginning to End
Chess, HAS AI NOW (3D)
Getting pass school restrictions
Black Jack In Turing
How can you "exit on command"
Crumbling Picture *optimized like I never believed possible*
123 to 7! Robotics Competition! PWND! Awsom robots in action
Tic Tac Toe Help (magic squares theory)
split screen
Chaging around mehtods
Sound Card in DOS?
Logging Trouble
Organizing this...
using buttons
Free Pascal 2.0 is Released
Can Turing control the mouse?
computer ai
Linux pronunciation
turing traffic lights need help
PS3 specs now available
Brain Boggling
Clearing Memory When Quitting
Combining Buttons With Procedures that Take Inputs
"The Code"
'mailto' links
O'Caml syntactic oddities explained
Graphics and Windows
Non-destructive partitioning
DEvc++ problem
returning multiple values
Breakout game (need help with some colour related functions)
Images on Buttons
POLL, Next Gen Consoles
trying to run this in the backround
space game
I've decided to be a little less of a jerk (credits)
The joys of cygwin
Help With Shooting
Ban School IP Address
Browser/Turing sort of thingy... Help?
Native List/Array Syntax Support
Procedures in Procedures, and "going back" buttons
Urgent HELP!!!!!!
skipping white spaces help
Star Wars: Episode III
VB Note Editor
M$ IE 7
Where should Ruby programmers look next?
need ideas for project
FrozenCore v2
ECOO Finals
Linked List
How to open a flash movie file in VB?
I just strated learning turing and I would like someone
Need Collision help
(RPG) Adding Items to the Inventory - Arrays
netscape 8
please help me, anybody???
Need help with chat client
Help Needed With Number Guess :D
Shake Window
Switching forms
[Source] Shaking Window
Space Invaders
Need help with tabletennis program
looking to buy a new hard drive
checking sig
Modding a File
My sig
help with site.
*Please Help*
[Tutorial] The Window. Module
Reading/Writing Flexible Arrays
Anime north anyone?
checking sig
Ice world
Firefox frame problems...
can whatdotcolor work in the grid?
Music playing thru GUI
Index Question
Picture Loaded in Condition Statement?
[C++] Properly Throwing and Catching Exceptions
For loop question
[Haskell-tut] Haskell for C Programmers
audio editing software
procedure inside procedure
New to VB and need some help.
Multiline ToolTipTexts
User input-text field destroys graphics
Allocation Error
reading multiple text files
[source] Maze Program in 100 Lines
Is it possible to use an ARRAY OF CLASSES?
Google Warning
My Past Work
Need mouse help
gDesklets and Rhythmbox?
C++ or Java
Time counting down simultaneously
Point Scale
Is there another way to fork sounds?
House prog
Tire Service Program, Need help with coding
Help with Array program
class porj. im having trouble with
Animating a character in a game
EliteTorrents goes down
How to close a window based on condition statement
Gui button conversion help... (code complete though)
Proper Posting Format Procedure
[Help] Exact Value - Trig Question
part screen cls
Help real quick, I gotta go in 4 mins eep
Mouse click... procedure run
Animated GIFs
Sending Graphics over net
Intellivision Games on Turing? - Astrosmash!
Is there a way to repeatedly draw a pic using 1 or 2 lines?
How my game?
Windows - Icons ordered reverse alphabetically
Dev c++ beta 5
Help! Slope problem
Critical Concepts
HOW U DO THIS ???????????????
Software drivers
Need a new mouse
I need help with Turing game(particulary with animations)
Concept: Composing image-pack to file and back
The desktops: (late) May 2005
Sports fan animation
Sports fan animation
Sports fan animation
Sports Animation
Scoring System
Sports Animation
War and Turbo 21
cls with dual screens
Tic Tac Toe
Flexible Arrays for snake/an "evil" process
need to make this soccer animation more smooth.
help with soccer animation
How Do U Make A Box Go Up and Down
Need help with pixel graphics animation
DVD burning
Regular Expression to match alternating characters
closing a screen after exit
Can someone plz help me
how do i make firework animation
Does anyone know zylum
Mario Vs. Donkey Kong
Problems loading text from an external .txt file online
Can not fix problem
Unknown window appears when program executed
File IO
animation using process
Downloading Via Turing?
how do you make 2 objects move at the same time
done in Paint xD
help on my summative
USACO problem
car physics
Buttons .... Procedures....more problems
What am i doin wrong:(
Can't Indent file
Can't Figure out wat im doin wrong
Paint Program
Having trouble putting things together
IT Company Name
"SaveFile is not in the export list of gui"
HELP AIGHT!??!?! IM LOST :(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PMGF!!
RPG character movement
Collection of Progs
making only the close button disapear
Math.Distance/Moving on an Arc Problem
Using arrow keys?How?
Game problem help quickly please!
Linux - Change console resolution
turing battleship
Exporting a variable?
pinball high score file
Uncle Worm--Final Product--BETA
A Challenge (With Window commands)
complex data importation
Everyother Uni.
For those who don't have admin right to install FireFox!
Ending getch
Require some help with GUI Menu bars
OS Written in O'Caml
Full Screen?
GUI.CreateTextField help
I need help programming DDR
need Help as much as possible (arrays, random int)
Getting Graphic With O'Caml
Arrays And Counter -
info in procedures
Super Snake Final Product Help
Highlighting Text
My matrix program
The Best Snake Game
check out this site
For Submitting a Proggy!!! In Turing
Breakout-styled game problems
drawing colours
ckeck out my cool game
ckeck out my cool game
ckeck out my cool game
ckeck out my cool game
missle game 2
RPG Maps
how can i choose a circle and then colour with this code?
Very Important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
help me to put up multi windows in turning
Combo Boxes
Snake Game
Add Sound to Animation
HELP...How do i make this code work?
Need some more breakout help...
Another Challege With View.Set this time.
Procedures and Array help
Rorschach-esque Image Creator
Moduals and executables.
Finding the file directory and loading form other places
Process end
Placing variables in Font.Draw command
Multiple Module imports
question on vb so compilicated... need help!
"Cinderella Man"?
Trivia game summative help
New Blackjack
need help on a game
Fraction Program Using A Data File
Spawning asteroids
Swinging Mouse
Playing .mp3 music
Freeing Allocated Objects for a Class
Tabletennis program again, I need help with the angles
GUIs Don't Have to be Hard, Part 1: Gooey O'Caml
Visuals In C++
dialog box
Help with click-n-shoot program.
Cervantes' Snake
Help me get this shooting program working!
Skipping cin
help with going back to main menu
Tetris Stacking Shapes
Understanding Velocity.
Shuffle Algorithm
Need help with randomizing variables
how to make an iteractive form
more than one item in a menu
Calculate time
Fix this program - if exit trouble
C++ and O'Caml Ray Tracers Compared In Detail
[FP] X-Treme Pong - Vote in the Poll!
Luigi (mario with green instead of red)
making a luigi character help (will give bytes away for it)
game that wont jump??
Shuffle Puzzle
Apple switching to Intel chips
Windows troubleshooting database
[Tutorial] - Data file vs Hard Code
help with an intro screen
MS DOS looking turing!!
Help - Button Events - exiting out of while loops... HELP !
Text Twist Gamee... Help plzz
viewing a website in tree format
Help with destroying astroids
flexible arrays in java
Word Search.
Sharing entire C drive over network.
Random Turing Bug
PS2 Screenshots on
Comparing types with an equal sign?
Blackjack program
Rearranging numbers
Dragon Boating
<td> Question
help with pictures
Case of ~VS~ If statments
air hockey 2005 HELP!!!!!
Help With Breakout Killin Bricks
I'm having problem with my loop statements
animation help!!! *desparate*
Looking for a game program
[The desktops] June 2005
User input in Font.Draw
ready to use menu
Does anybody have a turing link??
moving a character help
Air Hockey
Not 100% turing Question
Copy File
Doing multiple things at once.
Hangman Help!!!
I really need help with arrays!
Array subscript out of range...
chess WITH AI
Bubble Trouble
Blender and Java 3D
Making a new game(Final Project) Opinions needed
Rand.Int (colours)
Need help with turing game
How do i make clicking of mouse shoot?
False, but only on every other iteration...
You Vote (The Best Snake Game)
Opening Router Ports
changing the function of this menu
Cool Drawing Program
Need Help with Putting Pause in Game...
Google Summer of Code
[FP] X-Treme Pong - Vote in the Poll!
Handy: Automatic Shutdown At Custom Time *ADDED WinXP!
what kind of easy game can I make?
Processes problem! Desparate!!!
If you ever run into a GPF errors trying to load jpegs...
Breakout! beta
Free iPods! Anyone do this stuff?
(more) RPG Help required
HELP!!!! -Implementation restriction -Block nesting too deep
Help datafile
Little hyelp with duck game please (wing help)
Help with duck game....please help (wing flapping)
RPG Starter...
Automatically locking old topics
need help with fp car game
Help with View.Update
Need sum quick help
Box movement help
Need Help with Procedure and Arrays
GUI return value help
Pacman Help
Another RPG Starter
Urgent!! Help with Mouse.Where
JTextArea vs. TextArea Problems
Highscore Library
My own directory maker
Help With Game
Simple Fibonacci Code
air hockey
Hey I need help on a defend your castle project
how to do delay in C++
[Help!] Error installing Office 2003
to few subscripts???
realsistic car physics
New Starwars invader!!!!
Space Invaders Help
how to do delay in C++
what is the fastest way of generating primes
what is the fastest way of generating primes?
Turing: Why would you teach this?
Making an Array fit into a Procedure Nice and Snug
PLEASE HELP with my program...
Need Help with Rocket Game (Bomb Animation)
picture importation
puck movement
please help with menu
Little attempt at an RPG
ok...u don have to read this..but..
How do u change font?
NetBeans info.
Life Jepeordy Game
Life Jepeordy Game
Life Jepeordy Game
calling up an array
Rogers censoring the internet?
help with understanding record
my enemy plane wouldnt shoot laser, help
combo boxes and .mp3 music
Replacing Turing
need help with my enemy plane again, this time i've the code
Intercepting lines
tictactoe help
Abstract Flower
global variables
Compsci Rollback?
Barebones Computer Kit for Linux
[FP] Battleship: General Aziz
BitTorrent Tracker (Fixed)
problem with soccer game
[Tutorial] Pointers
Dan needs a new server?
Need help for big Summer project. (Important)
What happened to VirtuPet post?
Shortest Path in a Maze
Java SDK for OSX
Multiple asteroids.
YAY revoltionary event inside
Getting into C++
Space Battle
Help with Firing bullets and collision detection
Windows "shortcut" help.
Hang Man
mod function
2D Arrays, or Something?
New Commands for Turing
planet thingy
Window.Open and opening a written file
a little help with pic.draw please
I'm new to the programming world.
Snow? The Beginnings of a Particle Engine?
Recreating the 'Show Possibilities As You type' effect
Storing Times in Variables
Why I hate people...
yep homer's back(database system with custom GUI)
[Tutorial] Very Basic
Basic php
Turing in VB, haha (Shell Commands)
air hockey help-detection of ball in net
Halo COSPLAY. Yeah.
George Fehr's Mini Golf
Mario Bros. has one annoying problem
Project: VirtuPet (Source + Doc + Compiled)
File apps
What happend to the google ads?
Buy XP or not?
Database with Custom GUI. Textfield V2 released
Triangle Procedure
[FP] Project: VirtuPet (Source + Docs + Compiled)
size of an array
Help With Minesweeper game
where'd the new gui go? check this out pls
Battlefield 2
Need help creating jar files
Tic-Tac-Toe A.I. WalkThrough.
ESLOC: Do you use it?
What do we do about Stealing Code?
Compsci V3: How you can help
Computer Science Exam Review
Opera Web-browser
Official DDR Homepad thread (was about PSX controllers)
Database (SQL) design tips
Video game graphics render errors
Rank Change
Learning Ruby over Summer
Best way about battling & spells in an RPG?
Looking for a graphic Person!!
Need help w/ organizing my program...
My Spacemines Game
Easily Sorting Complex Data
Blah Man!
Changing position of text cursor.
BufferedReader error?
Animation Assignment i- newer version with shooting
Limiting Form accepts
A Start on C++ Some First Programs/Questions
Might be making a game soon, need some help.
Icy Tower
how do you make a mini map?
[Source Code] HighScoreList class
chat program to chat at school with turing
Neat programs, not all mine though
Very First Thing To learn?
New U.S Court ruling
Creating new file?
Prime number counter
Compsci V3: Suggestions
CSS Help
diablo 2 bots
Digital Scythe
wierd problem in 3ds max
Respawning in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...
Googles new nemesis
C++ and paltalk
Whitespace - The end to code theft
Windows Packets
What is Podcasting?
Playing Nicely
Database Help
Workin' at a desk with a dumb little placard?
Gravity attempt
moving and shooting
moving back...
Files with C++
how do you make your own commands?
[FP] Battleship: General Aziz
a game
Happy Canada Day!
a game
mod install
Home Remedies
Editing/Compiling Programs on Windows
Length of a string?
Application Form + Scroll Bar
Orbiting dots
typo = llama
Font help!
i need some help on procedures with button
Iframe like frame in flash
Scrolling title
Iframe like frame in flash
Residence Computer Consultant at Waterloo
Student Printer
Request a Tutorial
[FP] VirtuPet (with .t Source + Docs + Standalone)
Creating fill-out forms
Anyone going to U of Toronto? StarCraft Clan [LET'S DO THIS!]
[The desktops] July 2005
Writing to a file and adding on
Non-OS Specific NTP Server Time
New Laptop
Another files question...reading unkown files?
[Database] Candle Sparks
Starting C++
Free IBM 32MB Usb Key
recording .avi.mp4 format
Error on my applet
Serious problem with JTextArea
Give me a reason to stay
Ugh. Now problems running...
Running audio in your java applet.
Subtitles and SAMI
<Javascript> Close Window/Open Site in New Window
SWING and layout question
What's the best way to save a map?
Character Manager
Google: Official Toolbar (firefox)
How many tries did it take you to install Cygwin?
Firefox: Opening new windows in tab?
Java Queue Example
New Longhorn Screenshots
Switching to linux
Help with Input.Flush
Yet more flash abstracts
Reflections on OOP
Some Useful Javascripts
Dim Sum girl
TextFields Help
Eh, filtering people from PM?
how to do binary tree bst search?
How do 3d graphics engines work?
Tip: Iterating with an index
Nerds with girls
Free Telnet accounts that allow 'telnet'.
Programming ideas.
Sig and Avy Combo
How to make java 1.5 use java widgets
Help: Reusing trial software
Shuttle Launch
The Relationship Between "each" and "for"
I need help (Spyware) CLOSED
Page admin buttion added.
[Python-tut] Iterating Over any Object
neon glow
So confused about assembly?
Coding Style's own contest, would you like to have one?
What's in *your* playlist?
song suggestions for riffer madness
Closed beta test of email to sms
The Advantages of Eschewing IDEs for Learning
Let's all write short-stories!
Website Banner
Unknown Error - please dont delete, i cant explain the prob
JFrame (or any frame) - Create VS Extend
c or c+ or c++????????????????
Keyboard thing
Optimus keyboard
Java 'forgetting' about my class instances
Broken Quicktime ... again
Nickname generator plz help
Analyzing the Waterline, and Sand Bed Profiles using Java
map scrolling
Looking for firefox extension
Problem with A9CAD
Concept art for Quake III Arena clan site...
D: A Newbie-Oriented Tutorial
D: A Newbie-Oriented Tutorial
C VS C++
Writing to an ODBC Database
Regarding radom number generation
Some thoughts about the forum
Obtaining update for Turing
China unpegs its currency from the US dollar.
HTML to PDF conversion
Java String from ASCII value
Problem Bouncing
Java Hashtable Warning
how through connect to proxy server
GTA Hot Coffee Mod
Longhorn to be Named Windows Vista
University of Waterloo -- Student Life 101
keyboard input help
[Tip] Teach Java using BlueJ
Toshiba Satellite 1400 PROBLEM!!! Help!
[Tutorial] Easy Database in Java! (Under Construction)
Trouble with GMail?
Converting rgb to... um, rgb?
Problem with mutli commands
A good torrent site
Hello world wtf?
Compsci Down?
Logic Puzzle Challenge
only on numbers that end in 0
Video Help
Learning C: is this valid?
corriolos effect
Resolution and DPI settings
Programming a web browser?
PS1 DDR mat compatible with PS2 DDR?
Clear Screen/Review
Why you nick
Fakers beware: no more MS updates for you
File I/O
N Queen's Puzzle Solver
Swish Help
Question regarding program used to Code Java
Image Processing
Odd Even Path Puzzle Solver
Need a Host + domain maybe?
MSN "Dangerous Behavior" PAYING FOR REFS!
A Python One-Line Challenge
Where to go next?
[Python-tut] Using reduce
[Tutorial] An Introduction To Java
snake game help
Think About the Problem First
ERROR help, probably pretty simple 2 fix
[Tutorial] Recursion
Some Great Haskell Slides
A Preview of Gnome 2.12
My Dot Game
Turing for Linux?
Internet Explorer 7 - BETA1 - Windows XP Required - Download
Difrence in Input methods?
Whatdotcolour Conflict
Unicode in Java
Images in Java
Read before posting!
Got verts?
Awesome topic on Slashdot - Intelligent Design
encryption help no ord
Need help with these files!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2D Arrays
An Intro to Mono, GTK#, Glade and Such with Pictures
Queues and Stacks
Structs and Record Types
Creating Variables in run time
Help me, RPG problems!
how to put a real number into a file
Su Do Ku
Swing Look And Feel
javac in cmd; the only way???
Type Inferencing: Why it Matters
New MSN For Mac Update
CHAT PROGRAM -- Problems with multi-users
Hasch question, cheking to see if key pressed
interesting problem
IOI Online Contest
Improving Tutorials
Did he use a condom?
Interactive Font.Draw?
are there procedures like turning?
Something interesting...
SWING: Adding components during runtime
Conway's Game of Life!
Parallel port light chasers.
An error that I can't fix though it shouldn't be there
a mario style game called Little Dude
Total Noob quesiton
Back to university
The Start: Introduction, Comments, Output, Variables, Input
Gaming with the family... not always a good thing
Records, Part I: Declaration and other Introductory Concepts
my latest project.
How do I setup Crimson Editor to compile applets?
zylum3D v2
Quake 3 Source GPL'ed!
Desktops August 2005
Inheritence and Polymorphism
Creating New Variable Types
Hello, I just wanted to say Hi from Europe
Telephone Software
are there free programing languages
Tom West
Interface Inheritance
ZOMG! Google Talk! GOGOGO!
WinXP Networking Woes
something about David Hasselhoff avatars
[Tutorial] SWING: Controlling window closing
3 Way voice conversation client?
Ruby Script to .exe
Fast User Switching in Gnome
Eiffel and Java, a comparison by RIT
Azureus Help: hostexception
To clarify...
Kool problem
Free Opera Registration Codes
Native file chooser
Turing... DDE...?
Memory Error
Arkanoid Clon
Adding an ActionListener to JLists *AAH*
Coding preferences
[Tutorial] JDBC: Java DataBase Connectivity -- The Basics
Graphics in C and C++
building trees in Ruby
help with ports
Image map + link issue
String Manipulation
Java Strings whirlpool... oh my god!
Input at ANY time
To those with emails
Ubuntu fans take note
Python: Turning One List Into Another
Xfce news
First day of School... woo
Lots of Python talk lately
Getch help
Getting files off a linux partition
Pascal Aficionados: Oberon-2
Images need frames?
name thing
new iTunes!!!
Still VC++6.0
Haskell Brain Pain: Fibonacci Numbers
Help with images
Java Class
Firefox 1.5 Beta 1
Circle-Circle Collisions - Clipping problem
Turing 4.0.5?
I need Advice (alernatives to READY!!!!)
Mouse location
The Basics and more
A Request
Tricky Python question :)
"Expression Oriented Programming"?
Array of record, inside record :?
why is object oriented programming better?
website resize
I'm back!!
Help with Proc; Gonna need to know GUI too
The Turing Problem (Here's What happened with 4.0.5)
Quick question. How to change color?
Downhill/Mountain Biking
good newbie tutorials
Opening a web page
My rain program
Reminder/Schedualing program?
CG skills needed
Java Books - Which one to buy??
Compsci downtime+roll back+eveything_else_compsci
Teaching Ruby
Generating stand alone .exe
Personalize Google
Reading .TXT RPG "Maps" and tiling them correctly.
Opening more than one Turing window?
Password and Usernames loggin
22 Mac minis + 22 LCDs = Awesome
[Perl5-tut] Perl Intro: Scalars, Arrays, Hashes and Refs
Closing Windows
very basic decimal --> binary converter
help with strings and removing stuff
[Perl5-tut] Perl Intro: Subroutines and Scope
Just starting to learn C#
2 directional buttons?
ISU books
Swap values without temp
Flashing / cls / View.Update
bits system
Bouncing ball
Gandolf's spiel on compilers
[Review] Dell Dj Ditty vs. Apple iPod shuffle
help with ideas for program
Poll not adding up??
Haskell Programmers Take Note!
[Perl5-tut] Perl Intro: Conditionals
how do you download the programs
Structured break; and continue; statements
Tip/Trick: a bit of Javascript in Ruby
Opera Reaches 1 Million Downloads Thanks To Google
How do I control 2 lines at same time?
Collision Detection
[The Desktops] September 2005
Recent C++ Tutorial Noobie+
How compiler my projects.t
Grammar not Grammer!!!
Trying to teach my self php and mysql need some guidence
Need a better, shorter version...
Mouse.Where relative angle question
Article: Java Alternatives
Fate Error: Only variables can be passed by reference
help defeating case sensitive inputs!
Gaming Computers
Turboliux personal website
No Body does flash anymore????
Turing-MySQL (and maybe even PHP)
Paint Program
FMA movie
Syntax Highlighting Error...
seperating audio from a video file
i need a game idea for comp sci class
i need a game idea for comp sci class
Clearing the console screen?
Writing Ruby in C
shortening code pops up prob...
Test Your Skills: Python Thread
just a few question about program, on VB, thx
NetBeans 5.0 Beta
Ruby TYS
Please Help! Drawing a diagonal in C
Not sure why it won't appear...
should i learn java with, or without consoles??
Connect 4
registry help
University Fair
Yet Another Language to Check Out
file browser
file browser
Hunter S. Thompson
Does anyone know how to randomize colours?
Tic Tac Toe
Randint from a set of numbers?
Conver from real media, avi, wmv To mpeg.
Profile user information displaying help things w/ bits?
Shortning code
Java Trivia
St. Clair or Fanshawe?
Quick question on rounding :-)
quick question
Where to download Turing UPDATE?
THE MACS CREW 'little man'
Waterloo students meeting
Dynamic Web sites using dreamweaver
UDP question for VB 6.0
incorrect result -_-
pointes in VB
typedef in Java?
Recursive Binary search...
Tic Tac Toe: Please Check!
EXTREME GUESSING GAME!!!!!!(The Largest Guessing Game Ever!)
TerminalIO Class?
Need a text file input and output tutorial
program help
Need a text file input and output tutorial
10 minutes of blank
Yet Another Language to Check Out
Linux IDE
bullet-time pong
Graphics Movement?
Help with School Ms-Dos
RPG Mapping Help...
Final Verdict (Gaming Computer)
[Tutorial] Extending Turing to include custom functions.
Wikipedia Down?
No Cursor? Possible?
Reading into a file
[The Desktops] October/December 2005
Real vs. Int
How To Center An Input
global vs local variables
Programming Anonymous
Embedding Turing files in startup
Holy billy goat this is driving me QWUAKO!
Way to get rid of huge white bar underneath input?
see through colors
Love cooking? Hate writing? I have teh 1337 solution!
Why Java sucks
[Utility] Grids
Unable to upload files
Embedding Turing in a webpage?
RPG Code optimizing and Save feature help
math problems
Major Net Porblem
Dir.Get --> Stringing the info
Letters going up
assign variable to a picture
g sublevel for chemistry
[Tutorial] Bitwise Operators
fast score counter
Best program for its purpose
Help please.
Deleting lines in a file
Bubble Trouble [Source]
got bored in compsci so... i did this
Hey Guys! I am Back
Mouse Motion Listener?
Japanese characters in Eclipse
Java functions/procedures/processes
Firefox and Opera
Anyone remember me?
Anyone remember me?
Worm hole
Loading Images from a file and using in an applicatio
Error, cant seem to know whats happening.
Multiple Classes
UofT ECE anybody?
How do I change my OS?
Unspecified number of parameters for a function?
Limewire lags like a bitch
Alright guys, I give up.
Is anyone here fluent in written Japanese?
Making Pictures
Java toolkit
i fixed your color program(my first post)
Geometry and Discrete
Strings and Length
Turing ATM machine
Learning C++
Socket Programming
Laptop choice
Recognizing a space
The Economics of Open Source
JiangLing Landwind
Flashing Text
i dont know why this is coming up as an error
I've stopped caring too much about hardware but...
University of Windsor Programming Competition
Making a picture move to a scroll bar
MaddKarma emails?
A few things I need help with...
MaddKarma emails?
Haskell Question
Question For Class...
Breezy Badger
A Tutorial Challenge
eos and uninitchar. Help?
Pastafarianism - The Flying Spaghetti Monster theory.
Static backgrounds?
[source] BFS pathfinding algorithm
A 2nd domain........
New Server
Pick which game!
Trick Question?
Random Flashing
String Help!
Double Buffering
Colours to Avoid Using WhatDotColour
Cool Textile-Like Patterns
Pure Pwnage
JSF Tutorials/Examples/Anything
using the GUI.Alert function
what does this do?
Recognizing spaces as "Space"
Newbie Question
Matrix Pong
How to create a BOUNCY ball???
Star Wars Help
Turing 4.0.3 Update?
Jezzball Help - Arrays
Better FPS for games
Running things
Delphi and The Truth About Cars
Full Screen
24bit Color?
I need help to make my pic move useing the keyboard!
mathematical porgram
Transferring Files over the internet...
Help with Calculating Compound interests in loop
Computer Engineering Course
Interesting Cryptography program
New to turing??? Please read this!
this wont fill in the triangle help me out?
New Powerbooks.. and Quad G5!
joke program
GViM 6.4 for Windows - Save settings
Help with bank program
Picking a University
Real Overflow in expression?
Inputtting Text Questions
Programming Problem - Knight Move!
Help with school work: graphics and counted loops assignment
Size/Complex, etc: of your self...
Tower of hanoi
Speeding things up
Turing Multi Chat
Basic Class
How To Really Learn Pi
Yar! It's back!
Flexible Arrays
Gambit game in progress.
Highlighted text-input boxes
Connect four game help
trying to create a login
Make Turing Faster With Pic!
How to restrict number of characters for input
MSH - it's definately worth a look
length and index help
Sorting Strings Example
Web Standards
3d Game
How do you make a goto line in a program?
SpaceWarsX - an itneresting game I suppose
Quick contest (all languages)
Recommendations for a new Laptop <is for suckers>
sumtin wrong with the site or my comp
FrontEnd for TinyDrive
Beginnings of a spray thingy... Now with fading colour!!
To: Moderators, Re: My name.
Sheep Herding
Noise cancelling headphones
can someone help me(need to find out how to import pictures)
alt combos
Array Question
[Tutorial] Common Dialogs
Thinking of making a program to run with a game...
Java apps for cell-phones
the turing command "fork"
Help with a maze program
collision help
RGB Colours.
JSF Help
Visual Studio rots the brain
Pixel Manipulation in Turing
String help?
Operator Overloading and Java: IBM's take
Need GUI If/Button/TextBox Help
For Cervantes: quick O'Caml tour
My awsome effects name :)
University 2006
Python IDE
Generating 128 files with different names in one program.
Possible Down Time Topic
help with basics
Scoping, Conditionals and Loops
Computer virus's and protection:
DWITE October 27th - My solutions
Array Question
Importing a pic
Sound Program
Help with cursor animation
Prime Factorization Stack Overflow!
Noone is ever here, but just incase, look at this.
Hey All
Error trapping without loops
Programming Languages Suck
Trig Functions
Canadian Test the Server Contest
Need help for a couple of progs
Help required with Error-Proofing
How to do FrameRate Control...
Restricting variables to 2 decimal places
Conflicting Drivers(?) ATI + Nvidia = ???
Microsoft SFU (Usable?)
Fixing turing's Music.Play
Programming joke
JSF Project Ideas
hay i need some help on this fighting game i am making
Super Mario Text!
random number
help me with my pong?
why wont my paddle move
how do i use different keys for things?
[Suggesting Tutorial]
Programming Tip of the Day
Cool Ice Background
A tutorial: the beginning
Bug Test Request
Code to Convert an Int into a Spoken Word String
Why my resume sucks...
University Open Houses
Inventory Management Etc.
help for a n00b!
History Quiz
Need help with assignment
[Tutorial] Fun With Text
reading text / windows XP error
Help with playing sounds
simple text game
A Simple Example of Using Functional Programming
Matrix Car Chase Game
Array length of a long value
My first if statement program. can't figure out problem.
Secret Code Language: need help
New Proud iMac G5 Owner
duck latin
Globe and Mail University Report Card
i = non-i and an exponent question
Program bug
Piano anyone?
I think ArrayList is calling annoyCoder (Coder c) method
A password system
[Tutorial] Handling Forms
Error excecuting?
Blood Splattering
Bullet Time Pong
Doted line
help me out im so confused
Dice-Turing Help Needed :(
Faking system specs
rizzix... operator overloading, another thought
Need Help - Read/Write for a file
Need help with my character jumping... he won't come down!
Question about return type
Im feeling lucky!
Game - Pooyan from class project
Game - Pooyan from class project
Grid Snake
Help with Arrays in a Procedure...
Sort Words Alphabetically
"free" function for simple array.
Bullet Time Pong v.2
[Python-tut] Private Instance Variables
Hey Importing functions in C++?
How to configure Eclipse properly
math students
Count Shapes (II) Recursion problem!
pigLatin - Recursion version
Rock Paper Scissors Contest
Apple's Mighty Mouse
Apple vs. Windows
2 words, 1 variable NEED HELP
Crappy Programs
trying to make BlackJack
Need Some help on a prject.....
beginning of a racing game?
Desktop Viewing Software
Microsoft Outlook plugin or addon of some sort?
FP 2005/2006?
Lapsus's Pong
Error Trap Decimal input?
Function as a parameter
chalkboard project
Landover Baptist
Text collision help
variable type
u guys r harsh
Note about pointing users to proper forums
Strange Pointer Problems
Kill Bill's Browser
I need help
Evil program
im totally lost
LFS , a shooter game :D
There's a mistake in 5 simple lines!
Lyke omg, Compsci h4x!!@!11!21oneoneone!@!!1
strint help
transfer information
OS Experimenters, keep your eyes on this one
delete post-solved problem.
Playing Card Engine
Cmd Prompt
Problem Graphing Data
Wave Effect Program
Need Help- ball won't stay on scroll bar
View.Update + background trouble
Quick Question about Saving Grid Positions.
shooting game help
cool design maker
cool line maker
firewall help?
firewall help?
Input + when statement?
What's False and What's Not?
Why wont it go to the slide i want it to?
Sony Network Walkman NW-E507 on Mac
scope and freestore
Algebra Help.
Printing array
DOCTYPE, how to use it?
Another Bug Test Request
counting characters in a string
Attack of the Ducks!
[C++-tut] Making << Work With Your Own Types
Need help identifying a function
help with letter changer
my quiz program
What makes language X special?
Need Help with Gravity...
Dynamic WML
Transparent GIF/PNG with MS Paint.
Cool History Test
Crazy Train Intro to Song
Speed Finder
Smoke on the Water Song
Stairway to heaven
A stick man game but I have run into difficulties
This is a start of a quizz.
I got a big question about finding tutorials for maple 9, 10
Objective-Caml for C, C++, Java, and Perl programmers
Family Clans
Inventory System using Binary Files
geisha for Martin
Array of pointers
Calculator (with buttons and crap like that)
Unit 731
html like tags :: Computer Science Canada
what do you think happens when you die??
Do You Believe In God?
Evolution vs. Creation.
Quotes within quotes!
Help with a textfield
Quantum Theory
Inserted Sort :/
I'm stumped
No error message, and code does not fully compelet and ends
A Little Help On A Paint Program PLZ
can't make new directory.
Apple Intel Switch
Need Help on white in pictures
Sony, XCP, LAME, First4Internet
Pastafarianism - the game.
Do you find sylvester-27 amusing or annoying
Is 2+2 really 4
Checking for all divisible factor of a number
Is there a way to force your mouse to move?
University Applications 2005-2006
Need Assistance with algebra
Some More Advanced Graphics - Skifree Backcountry
What Comes Next?
Integers in Text.
Help with my program please
My First Game!
Need a quick help on getting the RGB of a pixel.
create a dll.
need help with this code!
Sprites in Turing 4.0.5!!!
Class List GUI
Class List GUI
Compsci CS 1.6 Server (Unofficial)
Help on Media Player.
E-mail []D rogram
Lopping Problem.
Microsoft's New Word: Accountability
iMac G5: The Best Gets Better
hide the dos window
Mario vs Bullet Bill
CSS Styling of <input type="file" />
Ruby's usage
A very thorough guide to style
Can you use Windows API to find the screen resolution?
where can we get sound effects for our games?
Getting Started on OpenGL
Boolean Algebra
Pause and Continueing a Game
This is my shooting game plz help me!
This is my shooting game plz help me!
This is my shooting game plz help me!
This is my shooting game plz help me!
my first program ever (suggestions/comments plz)
World Community Grid -- Join the Humanitarian Effort!
cls and then what?
iMac Impressions
"get" help
How do vectors work?
Adding Controls At Run-Time
Suggestions of mathematical theorems
How do I play sound without stalling?
Linux for PowerPC.
PSP - region free?
Filthy Rich, But Froogle
Need help on mouse hand plz
What do you Perfer Windows or Linux
Zylum's Worms - 2.0
Atomic Models
rpg help
using mod
nuclear fission+fusion
Changing size of applet
DWITE Turing Discoveries.
Who said you can't build your own Mac?
Need help with StringBuffer
Learning Haskell Slides
Damn it! My Card game doesn't wanna work
Rock-Paper-Scissors 15 and 25.
where can i download java???
does anyone know how to stop a certain musicfile?
Default window size?
can somone edit these
Decimal Rounding
[C++ tut] Functional Zen and C++
simple but addictive (guess that number) game
The "I hate losing game"
Contest Problem Types
thank you gandalf
never mind
Writing programs using SDL with linux and Makefiles
DWITE Java Judge Version
STL library like C++?
Determining the time, and date in turing
Salary Finder (Regarding records)
I need help (little thing)
Second Life
My Grade 10 CommTech Animation Lol
H E L P with creating border(s)
Paint and Platformer
IO problems...
We need your help. Help make DWITE better with Turing!
Help with text
DDR... For N64?!?!
help with length function
Attack of the... what? Baldur's Gate NPC's?
flash and turing
link prog
Extend Firefox Contest
Help with the hell song for sum 41
how do u get to the Actionscript in a new file?
Progress Bar
UC Sued Over Evolution Site
half a game
2 of my games
Calculator 2.0
Separation Code Help
New Game
phpnuke =S
Picture URL downloader idea (help)
Y R We Here? II : The application.
Moon for sale
i need help
first submission, and post
Turing oddities contest
Wanna make a program....
Firefox 1.5 is out
Opening a Form With Arguments
Jdraw v1.0 (prolly the only version that wil ever exist o.O)
Teaching Idiomatic Code?
How do you bind? - Before 2:30 If Possible
string arithmetic
How do you convert Strings to chars?
Mega Man Animation
Assigning Arrays
my SECOND program ever
More Japanese Strangeness
problems playing externally loaded sounds (mp3's)
Major Help Needed in Ap Comp Sci A
Pacman AI - A*?
Snake help please
GUI>... god
Rand.Int Command and Subtracting Arrays
Sprite Walking
Pacman Ghost Random Moving Pattern...WTF?
Help Needed!!!
Football by A.R.P.
glitch in game, code flawed?!
I love my Mac, the song
First Qubyte Created
procudure and button help
Astro-Advanced,another shooting game!
The God Warrior
75 Bands. Can you name them all?
Need help with loops
Zelda SNES style- test engine
custom protocol stack implementation, ad-hoc network
Fading Text
Scala and Java: A Quick Swing Comparison by Example
Addictive Game
robo rage on mini clips
SHA-1 Hashes
Dammit I've got another virus. Need help.....
Hangman Project - Hammering out the bugs
Colour Codes On Turing
Music, harmonics?
255 Colour Code Program
Binary to Decimal Converter
getting input
Tokenizer Help
FINALLY DONE PONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FINALLY DONE PONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally done pong!
Blizzard That Depends On Mouse Movement
2 player shooting game help
are there any flash tutorials? or walkthrough?
the index
Gandalf's Snake
Resulting Mirror Angles
Makin a Website
Bob Saget Is God
Simple Algorithms Contest
3D Pie Chart
Factoring contest.
strange NetBeans code
Have some trouble
Help with Character Graphics in Loops
I need help
help plz.. how do you move the screen?
Flash Game (Battle Pong)
Some questions
James Gosling
A new shooter - heli attack... ps. (not an update to lfs :D)
difficulty with a piece of code, tic-tac-toe related
Downloading High Definition TV Shows
String Functions
Handling Strings - Help
The Ruby Test
Different kind of progess bar
Desktop search integration with Eclipse.
Changing letters
The intro to hell song
Coolest and Evil-est Nickname!!
Possible Words
Number Guessing Game
ASCII Comparisons program
Beginning of a flying game
Multiple Choice Science Test
How do you create random integers in VB 6.0?
program flashes
Craps game.
need help again(srry)--finding angles
Sony Rootkit
Popup(s) on CompSci
School Violence Survey
Proper School Violence Test for Gr10 Students
Reassinging Constant Statements...
Dammit by Blink 182
starting a driving game
About FireFox 1.5
paint prog help
Post Turing Created Music in THIS thread.
two subsctipts? eg. q(x)(y)
Allowing Editing of Posts in Help Forums
Berkely Offering Free Course Podcasts.
DWITE is probably the most entertaining computer contest
Stand Alones and Net Games Wiki
Error proof Matchmaker
Mouse Click Location
Setting Program to Windowed Mode
Turing Help!!!!!!!!
forgot how to center text
Server Slow Down
Turing Help!!!!!!!!
Was this game made with Turing?
Money Code
obtaining audio from a video file? possible or impossible?
NET and routers
array!! plz help!
Pure Pwnage: Episode 9
Grade 12 Calculus
Anyone an expert on routers and ports?
Pic.Rotate Help
Space Game
lightwave effects
Need help with this div and mod stuff
How to go about coding a board game...
doing house project need help asap
A friend needs help....
Music and Pictures
Directory tree
New IRC Channel
What I did to my friends...
Searching for text from a file
URL networks?
Get that doesn't pause
Returning To Menu From Procedure
tiny problem, come pros!!!
parabolic arch needed in this dont know how to put it in
Different Computers Different Speeds
Computer Science / Computer Media combined Summative Project
Problem with picture while delsplaying words
Doing a project..need help asap
how to slow stuff down please help ASAP
final project due in a month any ideas
need help in making the ball bounce in a parabolic
Fixing Code
Ideas for backing up data
rRootage for PSP
Review: Ready to Program
Write a program that bounces a ball across the screen...
NEED HELP TO..binary and output the count to LED’s to screen
[O'Caml] Riemann Sums
how to downgrade?
Ball On Wall Glitch
help with changing progarm from day to night
how to clear variables when using again
Convert Lowercase word to upper
bouncing ball
Problem with my collision
Star Enlarge problem
aaahhh FP period is almost here
How come I get this error?
Array problem...
String problem... again..
Someone good at Assembly?
need help with smoke have code [b]please help[/b]
text file map help
Need help with garage and moon problems (code writen)
Texas Ranger...
Game question
cant switch color over to blue from black..
need some help with garage opening and...
error message
java.exe uses 100% CPU!!!
need to make the ebay logo in turing...
how to put .gif files into turing, anyone know how?
Computer Engineering TEE201-15
Space game start
Decoding program
GreyScale Converter
Agents' visit Chills UMass Dartmouth senior
Multiple Falling.
ViewHTML Procedure
Copyright Law
help with stars please
I am Turing Retarded Help me
Catching Bad String,Int,Char Values?
A Question to Waterloo Students...
WhatDotColor Image SCan.
Have You Got the Pot Noodle Horn?
help with game in flash
How long do you think this will take?
Coffee + Chocklate milk
Dover Intelligent Design Trial
Mod command problem? i keep on getting the same error?
Advertising site again...
Firefox 1.5 stability problems?
Need to reset Time for my game
View Online Images
What is longhorn??
Working on a final project...
GUI (Scrollbars,textfields)
Making objects fall
Intializing Applet
string sort
how to get output from Shell and put it in a VB Form
Shooting game
String Erase.
i dont get what the problem is
Microsoft to drop support for Windows
streamMP3 from the internet
For Cornflake
whois Report in Turing
Ogre3D Open Source Graphics Engine
Frame Rate
Turing 4.1
Problem with sequential files and output
New To Flash
I Need Desprate help with directories
Help on multiple choice quiz program
Syntax highlight and file attachment issues
Bits o' Scheme
C# Dark Ages of Camelot Emulation Project
game help
Binary by ARP
"off topic" forum problems.
Site problem
Final Fantasy III battle game help
A Challenge
Christmas Tree Program
Raiden Style Game
I don't see what's wrong with this line...
Swing and paintComponent
Christmas Tree Program
Any other way besides Time.Elapsed... :?:
Merry Christmas
Blood Splatter =P
Math.sin: sin(pi/6) = 0.4999999999999999994
disabling command button
scrolling functions in turing 3.1.1
split() method
Battleship (multiple quesions)
The ternary operator: redemption
DLL help
circular collision
sending info from one form to the other
Radio Button Help
MSN fun
Game Screens
What's the most shocking thing about language X?
New Features in Turing 4.1
Start of a new game
Questions about View.Update and process
Problem Importing Pictures
Coding Guidelines
Blind Guardian
applying to university
Please help me exit this loop
Penny Master beta?
P2P and Firefox
Help with a certain code
left shift
Lunar/DB adopts h.264
Graphics in GUI?
Mucc (55-69)
Slope to Degrees
Having two WORKING inputs for a applet
Partially Transparent/Semitransparent Pictures
Huge Multi-User Chat
Is functional programming difficult to learn/teach?
SC: brood war >_<
How to create dependent forms? (like MsgBoxes)
406 Error
Is It Possible To...?
NPC Help
[FP]Turing Movie Player
query time
Task Manager in VB?
animated gifs?
removing heatsink+fan from P4 530J
Parabola issue
An Introduction to Io
RGB and GUI collide
ftp/http file transfer
Converting from morse into english
A good MIDI writing/edting library?
[Tutorial] Online HighScore Module
Sending a HTTP "Host"
how to fix GUI
Program Crash
Sync folders OSX
RGB colour mixer
I need help with this program, i cant figure this out.
How Can I Improve This Program
I Need To Improve My Program and Need Feedback...
Circular Pong
Login script problem
Defend Your Castle
turing crashes
Line Break?
Custome Net.OpenURLConnection
Io: Control Flow
Io: Control Flow
Better OpenURLConnection
Help with Turing source code
creating Objects: how to have n objects?
Frozencore : Register And Win (iPod nano & T-Shirts)
forms lagging
Dumping funds in to
Turing PhotoShop Clone
good question
good question
decrypting ROT13 (vectors)
better way than cls?
passing values to other programs
Help with Turing GUI.Quit problem
The matrix (neo/morpheus convo)
question about MIPS (assambly code)
sine arc function?
GUI implementation
Why hate microsoft?
the sum of the sum of n integral squares
A quick GUI question...
What is the equivilent in Turing to this VB command?
Responding Heads
Operation signs
Dell surprises us all
command line arguments
NEW! Turing Rock, Scissors, Paper Tournament
objects into a Vector?
100,000 posts.
[Tip] Turing w/Grayscale Bug.
What is the problem with this program??
Start Of Game - Help With Controls,Movement
preventing a box from leaving the screen
Can someone please help me with my street lights program?
Files Input/output
Optimus Keyboard
math - elipse
Looking to hire Turin expert
Email Program
Optical Mouse Scanner
2005 backwards compatable with 6.0?
The safest OS?
3d models into Turing
fighting game ai help
A way to get kids interested in programming, perhaps
OMG!!!!! a flash drive?
Syntax or library
Suggestions needed : 'Calling' whole class programs
The beginning of my rpg.
VB in microsoft word???
Seek file command
Passwords in textfields?
Multi-threaded programming.
The Down Time Topic
Need Help with my Stoplight program I got one light...
Who's a music wiz?
Using Microsoft Access with Visual Basic.
mario and blocks
The iMac goes first
Horstmann Graphics with Dev C++
Meandering through Common Lisp
Learning Java. Is there any compiler.
3d modeling program
Classes Part I
Classes Part II - Object Interaction
Classes Part III - Inheritance and Polymorphism
Card Suit Java
Action procedure declared after the fact...
pls help me wit my program
AI Help
I need help with a selection sort
Mario game help
Chuck Norris Facts
text question-newb
Artillery Game (alot like pocket tanks)
how to add a counter and a add 7 for this problem?
Help with snake game project
Connect Four recent
Linux Distro Chooser
Connect the dots, Get better grades
FunctionalJ -- Java programming Functional style
Japanese character support for vim or emacs.
Numbers Game
Circles are such funny creatures.
brick program help??
Importing Bitmaps into Turing programs
Clearing A Certain Area
Using GUI button help
for hacker dan or tony
Rock Paper Scissors Game
help with making objects transparent
for hacker dan or tony
help to make recursive grid
Quips, Quotes, and Comebacks!
Start: Applet not initiated
Textarea "enter" to <BR>
help problem with buttons
GUI.CreateButton calling a procedure with a parameter list?
Sound Effects?!?!?!
Help with slowmotion in pong
Desktops Jan - Feb '06
Keystrokes error in textboxes
more than one movement at the same time
Stumped on GUI
DNA to RNA to Protein
Possible to run more then one command at once
Bomberman Game Progress!
Python 2.5 is coming
Windows Media & Xiph Formats support for iTunes/Quickti
IR Sensor and Emitter
help with car
Really Basic Game ideas
New to C++ help
Displaying Images using Swing
Procedure Vs. Funtion
[source] string/chain
Calendar Program HELP PLZ!!!!
password protect databases
positioning output
Game help
Help with fighting system
Movement Is "Glitchy"
Squished up Snake
Gnome/X11 clipboard.
images, keys and mouseclicks
For loop help
Monthly Avatar Contest
Help With A "GoTo" Type Command
i need help??
Merlin Platformer
some really weird stuff is happening
Binary/Base 10 Help!!
[source] jello
how do i make the ball go slower
Help me with my pong game
Connect Four Helped Need BADLY
Deep Blue Insane search!
help plz Pong
launch a program with turing
quotes and code
methods and variables
MSN Login Server Down?
Help With Collision,
A Series of Questions
converting module.
Checkers game
Brock MICA Contest
Linking Pictures through a Field
how do i move a guy in turing?
need pogram fixed wood be nice if i had help
need pogram fixed wood be nice if i had help
need pogram fixed wood be nice if i had help
need pogram fixed wood be nice if i had help
Help with Tic Tac Toe game
How To Make a ball shoot?
Arrays and Sequential Files
Arrays and Sequential Files
Arrays and Sequential Files
Arrays and Sequential Files
Operating System
Java - Flickering (fast help needed)
snakes and ladders
Matching card game problems.
Double tapping buttons?
High court upholds Oregon assisted-suicide law
Ski Free Backcountry
Error checking
Convert int to string.
Font.Draw Problem
Endless stupidity <- Learn from it (like me)
Mutiple loops running
Turing and php?
The Prompt Command.
Crazy Eights
record syntax.
Saving a game character / inventory
[Source] chat program
trouble with moving mutiple "AI"
Deep Space: Platformer
Spryte Module
Tic Tac Toe
Block Breaker collison detection
Time.DelaySinceLast and snake
[source] water
[Tutorial] Troubleshooting collision detection
The Perils of Java Schools
The Guerilla Guide to Interviewing
An escape character?
Space Invaders... Using an array for X and Y Of Enemies :?
Text box -> enter -> execute proc
including pictures
How to stop flickering?
Computer Science Students Outsource Homework
Imagine Cup 06
Animation for November
Short form VB names?
Pong =<100 Lines
CLS help...really easy question...
Boggle game help
if statement default case
Scala 2 Beta available
right click.
i need help making a picture move
How To Constantly Check Values?! Help=20 Bits
make a calculator that adds and subtracts in binary numbers
Why this dies
Pearls Before Swine - Final Project
Make a Char Jump
Another Highscore Technique
Another Record Error
pictures and cls
ppl plz help!!(access database program)
Battlefield 2 Double Dash
Shall we file this under "Google is evil"?
Improving Pong AI
using turing to send pic across the world
The Joys of MIPS
Help with arrays
I need help with my program, please help
I really need help plz
New here Some of my Work
setscreen help
Help With Compiling
Rebol Basics
How to Ask Questions the Smart Way
Record Help
Sequential files in alphabetic order
Tyrells Showcase
How do you keep count of the user's guesses
An Introduction to SWT
How can i delay something specific?
Another problem
[source] rally racing!
Lines, and time.
help [movie review edit]
Need Help Making a Data Base that Accepts Names and Phone #s
Help Needed to exit a process (Music)
Change location that Turing finds music files
Radio Button Issue
Need Some Explanation on View.Update
Grade 10 Computer Engineering Technology class?
Playing Cd music, skipping songs?
Problem with backslash characters
Tutorial Request.
Please Help my ship turn
CCC Prep -- '98
GUI Text Field Help
Import error
[Tutorial] Removing DIV ads
dont understand why this doesnt work.
JAVA user input
[FP] Deep Space
Who won?
number guess
America Jr.
lowercase letters
Crazy 8 help!!!
Crazy 8 help!!!
Crazy 8 help!!!
Radeon X1900 WOOOHOOO!
[FP] Overhead Shooter
Dont know how to do collission with pictures
Help with my survey program!
millionaire game
DEEP at U of T
Random Play CD
WinXP on Mac bounty
Some Comic Frames - Done in Pencil
Saving files as .exe
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (.exe)
People shouldn't be allowed to vote.
Simple question about fonts
Rubidium - Ruby IRC Client
text blackjack... tell me what you think
Shall we file this under "Google is evil"?
senior prank
Can anyone help me get my AI to work in my Othello program?
[tutorial] Case
help with my base converter
Turing Boxing
Two Player Same Keyboard?
Help with Tic Tac Toe game
Trivia program with count function not working correctly
Game: Bomb and Run
Sorting Names
Help With my shooting game
"offscreenonly" problem
iPod U
Fan Mail
Collision with
University in 2 years (wut to do)
have flexible 2d array, need to add element
Downloading a file from the internet
i need help with square roots
ne one kno where i can find java so i can start programing?
Super Mario
Matrix game
[Tutorial] SWING and the MVC
Banned Xbox 360 ad
indexOf on array
What should I use for this website?
button recall?
Connect Four and Squash
hey newby to turing Some of my work
Can u turn off Input.KeyDown?
WhatDotColour help
Video Mode
How to search for Files?
Segmentation Error
Hex'n in Turin', and the rising urge to break things
Downloaded files are unviewable
[source] tictactoe ai
Php-like explode and replace?
Mouse clicks
New Rank
attempt to read past eof error
A Few Functions
Interfacing With Parallel Port
is there any time counting class in java?
Jeremiah's Calculator
where can i find VB
real to int?
CLOS: Translations from Java and Ruby
Bubble sort
is there a way to exit a fork.
linksys wireless-g notebook adapter
MMORPG features.
DWITE Comments
My Project, Dungeon the game
gameServer Beta Testers
Shall we file this under "Google is--" ah fuck it.
Which of the Next-Gen. Consoles do YOU prefer?
Need some coding help
agent smith dodging game
new hd
Waiting for messages in a message queue
The Matrix Master has stepped down.
credit card program
Number game, made it in an hour, gimme feedback plz
Game by Robbie
With insane level-Robbie
Insane level added-Robbie
New and improved game by Robbie
Work @ Home Web Development (PHP/RoR)
Mouse Help
Any good tutorials/guides for creating windows/panes/frames.
RPG Battle Animation
Text Based File Browser --Comments/Suggestions Appreciated!
[Lisp-tut] Taking a format string apart
The Next Mainstream Programming Languages
Mouse-following text
Test your skills (2006)
How to take a picture from the screen and print it?
I cannot print the output screen from a standalone program
Cool Places To Work
Error 521
Blender: Flower in vase
Calculating interest / Help with functions
[Tip] Getting used to printf formatters NWN server
Difference, between net beans and ready....
Text Help
generating random real numbers
Help with displaying real values
Big Blue is Back...
Datafile write troubl
file sharing
[source]binary/decimal converter
Matrix stick movie
ressetting mouse coordinates
Multiple word inputs - Help please
Need some pointers....
Math program help.
Ubuntu 5.10 "Breezy" and the JDK
Pong! - A slighty different take on the classic.
Looking for a suggestion
Funky JavaScript Problem
Why wont this loop properly?
Game making HELP...background