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PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2003 5:21 pm   Post subject: Rate your teacher...

Just wondering how everyone else likes their teachers (computer teacher)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2003 7:57 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

you know something is wrong when you can write tutorials explaining stuff better then your teacher...

As I see it... the best I can hope for is a motivation to learn new things. I still get it from my old compsci teacher.

If you actually learn something from your teacher OTHER then the sytax... well you're in luck. Please interview your teacher, ask why Razz I'm serios. I dont think compsci teachers explain how to do stuff or algorythms and stuff. Best you can hope for is an example in which sertain syntax is used.

"using loops you can loop through the code. It can count numbers"

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2003 8:04 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

The problem as I see it is not directly with the teachers but with the course itself, a good teacher will make it challenging and as such, stimulating and exciting, the problem is the bulk of it is very basic, and I know from experience that a lot of comp sci teachers only know what is on the curriculum, so if you're advanced beyond the curriculum you can't get much help from your teacher as such your teacher doesn't appear as knowledgable as you are and that's where the problem appears. I do believe that certain teachers should definitely be re-evaluated over a period of time to see if they warrant retraining. This is a lot more apparent in the public school system, but some private schools also suffer from the faculty not being skilled enough in the field to support advanced students. This problem is really only apparent in math based courses, such as comp science, as it comes down to your ability to grasp concepts.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2003 8:10 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

the teachers know the syntax... so the algorythms should be easy for them... if they cant make their own algorythms they shouldnt be teaching... i actually tought a class once because i argued with my teacher, and he asked me to do it thinking i wouldnt... but i ended up being right.. (dumbass)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2003 8:21 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

lol I hate when teachers do that, I ended up putting my old comp sci teacher in his place by doing that by teaching a whole term and getting him fired, fucking dimwit, carried around an HTML for dummies book.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2003 8:24 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

well check out my school - we got a network admin for compsci teacher, NOT compsci teacher for network admin... and he's not good at it ether, we got some grade 12 student with admin access to the network to maintain it.

anyway, I've heard he's not gonna be teaching computers next year... just my AP course Confused

wtf? I'm screwed, eh?
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2003 8:27 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

yes you are, I highly reccomend a c++ extracurricular, theres a few good ones in Toronto.

but the point is we should not have to turn to extra curriculars to get the education we SHOULD be getting in school.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2003 3:29 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

My teacher, well she is better then the teacher we had last year.
I have a few problems with this one though, first off she takes off marks if things are too complex. and secondly, she says this are wrong, and then I have to go and research it, to prove her wrong.

She also limits us (me) on what I can do, which sucks Sad

PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2003 4:58 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

kick her ass octopi! don't take shit from moronic teachers!

k don't actually, but don't stand for it.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2003 6:25 pm   Post subject: teachers are dum

seriously! i have a teacher who majored in history and minored in bussines....and he teaches my CS....i am acing his class because he doesnt even undestand my coding....he doesnt even run to see if its right....i used procedures to do a gold score program and he saw the word procedure and he's like how did u do this? and i was like...i didnt copy anyone..and he was like i just wondering how this works...i was thinking...AND THIS GUY CAN TEACH CS?!?!?!?!?!....yea OCTOPI....dont stand for ur teachers bullshit...if you know that you are right and your program does what its supposed to....the teacher cant take of marks if your program is 20 lines less then hers just coz ur smarter...i hate when teachers make you do in math my teacher wont let us do tan/cos/sin etc. because he din teach it...but the WHOLE FREAKIN CLASS KNOWS THE LAWS THAT APPLY!!!! most teachers nowadays are underqualified because the government was not smart enough to think about how the new curriculum is goin to affect the teachers....if you asked a gr.12 chem teacher about gr.11 stuff he wouldnt be able to help you because hes not used to doing that....the same way if you tell a gr.11 teacher that suddenly s/he's gonna hafta stick in an extra year of material in the same time what is he supposed ta do..when you think about it...the governemt should be doing tests on teachers instead of making us do EQAO and LITERACY TEST and the rest of that stuff to make sure we're not failing

PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2003 7:10 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

well... we could think of it this way... when we get out there,we will take over the teachers positions... and we will rule the world with our smartness!!!! Very Happy ... but my teacher isnt bad... now i have a student/teacher..he modified what he's teaching the class for "harder" stuff for me... but he only knows turing so that blows... i was hopin i could move onto somethin a lil more complex but it doesnt look that way... the hopes i have for me have dieded... but hey, next year will be better... hopefully Confused

PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2003 11:44 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

void, I'm all for the literacy test, as there are a LOT of morons at my school who pass due to sympathetic teachers. I know certain teachers are under-qualified and having them do tests to see if they are still capable of teaching would bring down so much shit from the teacher's union about exposing the ignorance of the faculty or something. And there is a MASSIVE cost to retraining all those teachers, even though I believe they should be retrained, where is the money coming from?

PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2003 11:54 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

hey the literacy test is just wrong. standerided testing is not efective and it is wrong to depetime some ones fucher on one crpay test that is not even wirten well. alouth i do agreage wiith you about some poleop geting an easy ride, standised testing is not a answaer.

P.S. for those of you whodering, yes dan, spurising, did pass the literacy test Wink
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2003 11:57 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

*shocked* Shocked

ok not really, I sorta saw that one coming. Rolling Eyes


anyways, I'm just saying some people need to be held back as opposed to coasting through schools due to sympathetic teacher or rich parents.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2003 6:40 am   Post subject: (No subject)

i kno a guy who is getting 90's and failed two sections (and his teacher hates him...he's islamic and the teacher is straight up jew) but there is another kid i kno who wrote the test a second time...AND HE WAS ALLOWED TO GET HELP FROM THE TEACH!!! how "standardizzed" is that testing... (dun wory dan....we all knew you could use a pencil better than ur keyboard Razz) **i passed** is the vice in this situation...but i realized that co-op teachers are better than real teachers...maybe that switch should oocure to offset the dumb teachers in the skool :>
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