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 Want to help out Look here.
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 6:35 am   Post subject: Want to help out Look here.

Do you want to make Computer Science Canada a better place? Well we have a bunch of projects going on that could all use volinters. Here are some of the volienter postions aviable and ways you can help out:

Computer Science Canada Wiki
Our wiki is in need of alot of updating and to be checked regulary for spam or bad edits. If any one ever has free time and whonts to add an artical to our wiki or check it for some spam edits, we whould be glad if you could. Every one with a fourm account should allready have a wiki account, just use the same login and password. Articals can be on anything realting to computer science, tecnogly, math, science, the internet or this comunity. We whould love to see a page about you too.

I am not in charge of the OpenT project but i am shure rizzix could use some help if you know alot about java and making compiers. For thos that do not know OpenT is an attment to make an open sorce programing langue that uses syntext like turing and is combatale with it. If you think you could offer somthing to this project PM rizzix and let him know.

A front page for despertaly needs a main page that ties together all the parts of our community and looks realy profsenal. Any one who is good at webdesin and whonts to help should let me know threw a PM so we can get a nice front page to the site ASAP. All we need is somting simple with links to everything and some nice about sections to let every one know what and who we are!

T-Shirt Logos and desings
I whould love to have some nice T-Shirts made for and but i don't have any desings or images to use on them that peoleop whould whont to wear. If you whont to help out or and have some good graphics skills send me some of your ideas or images. As we are non profit and just making enought for hosting we don't have much to give in terms of moeny but we may be able to come up with a revenue sharing plan if peoleop buy the t-shirt you make!

OpenT Logo
OpenT needs a logo, they are current having a contest for the best logo here:

DWITE and layouts/themes
If you are good with CSS could realy use it's own phpbb theme/style. Our system uses style sheets to change the look of the site so no xhtml/html coding is needed, just alot of CSS magic. If you are good at CSS and layouts send me a PM and i will send you a copy of our style sheet and what ever you need.

The layout looks rather dual right now and some pages are a bit messy at best so we are in need of a new layout. If you have xhtml powers and are a master of CSS and have the free time to make use a nice looking layout for the site let us know! Comic Site
Got a great comic idea about coputer science, math, the internet or tehcnogly but no where to host it or a fan base to start with? We have a comic site that is not current being used and whould love to let some post some of there comics there as long as it has somthing to do with computers, science or math.

DWITE Questions
If you are good at coming up with programing questions and are not going to be taking the DWITE contest this upcoming year we need some help coming up with problems for high school students doing the contest. PM me and we will add you to the questions making group on this site.

PHP Programmer/Fix V3
V3 (this site) is in need of alot of work still. If you have PHP skills and know your way around phpbb we could use you to fix some of the bugs that have come up in the system. We are a bit protective of our site so we may not accept new members in this voliter role unless we can fully turst you. You can see some of the bugs that need fixing in our bug tracker.

bTeam, making a book
One of the long term goals of Computer Science Canada has been to make a book and get it published. There are many ideas on how this could be done, from using existing content on this site to starting from scratch, but litte has acuataly been done in the project. If you have ideas or whont to help out, send me a PM and i can add you to the bTeam (bookTeam) group on this site and you can talk with others about your ideas. All profits from such a book whould be used for hosting this site or other Computer Science Canada, althought if alot of work was put in by one user a revenu sharing plan could be put in place.

Well thats all that i can think of for now. We don't have much if anything to give any one who whonts to help out other then our deep thanks but we may be able to give you some free limited hosting on our server. Also if you have a project of your own that you whould like hosted or see Computer Science Canada give a try let us know. We will host good projects or sites about Computer Science for free as long as it dose not hurt our server.
Computer Science Canada Help with programming in C, C++, Java, PHP, Ruby, Turing, VB and more!

PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 10:49 am   Post subject: Re: Want to help out Look here.

PM me if theres any site bugs you want fixed. (php)

PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 12:17 pm   Post subject: Re: Want to help out Look here.

also guest posts
If anyone is interested in having their article published on our blog, PM me with your idea, and I'll set you up with an author account.
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