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 A Dance Dance Revolution Game?
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 11, 2003 12:40 pm   Post subject: A Dance Dance Revolution Game?

Ok, here's my genius idea for my Grade 12 final. Now, exactly how would someone (i.e. ME) go about getting the timing correct with different arrows, so that you can be within a certain amount of time and still get points? HELP!!!

PostPosted: Tue Nov 11, 2003 1:05 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

probably have a small timer for each step.... I can see how you could do this really easily with oop...

have each step as an object... when it's time for them to perform a step, you create the object and in your constructor, tell it how long they have (probably in seconds or half seconds or whatever) and what key and all that stuff.... and probably in your constructor after all the declaring variables and stuff or perhaps from your main program, can call a process within the step object that does something like ...

delay (timeAllowed * 1000)
stepAlive = false

so it waits however many seconds you said and then sets some boolean variable stepAlive to tell whether there is still time to do the step

but... if you don't know oop at all, then this idea doesn't really help you much :/ you could still do it some other way, this way just seemed a lot easier to me

PostPosted: Tue Nov 11, 2003 7:04 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

hmm... well I'm thinking to just check for position of arrows and keys pressed every so often, and if the arrow is still within accepted range (it's Y value) and key is pressed down, then you score the point.

Now unless I'm mistaken, in DDR even if you're on the wrong arrow, you still get the point if you're also on the right arrow (I think I just confused myself there Confused ). Point is, you need something to prevent users from just holding all 4 keys down.
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 11, 2003 7:17 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

in DDR, when a key is hit, and an arrow is in range, then the arrow dissappear and you get a score, so you can set a range in which the arrow will get processed, if a person holds down all the keys, then they will get "Miss" for every single one of the arrow.

I am hoping you could pull this off, because I really like DDR, and a DDR game made with Turing will be hilarious.

Btw, there is something that is really hard to do, Turing runs background music by process, and they are not all that accurate, so it's going to be really hard to get your arrows to match the beats of the song.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 11, 2003 9:27 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

lol, this game'll be awesome if you can pull it off, I'd love to play DDR in turing, it'd be the greatest invention for turing since...something really great was made in turing. I've got an idea, why don't you take incredibly large amounts of screenshots of real DDR games without the arrows being stepped on and then View.Update it constantly. It'd be a gigantic program with a huge folder of pictures to load, but then it'd be more doable or perhaps you can just make your own arrows and stepping effects. There's stepcharts which is like charts of what arrows show up on screen for various songs on And also if you need ddr music to play around with there's some you can download at

DDR 4 lyfe!

btw PLEASE send me a copy of this game and attached files if and when you're complete. Many thanks
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