Programming C, C++, Java, PHP, Ruby, Turing, VB
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Programming C, C++, Java, PHP, Ruby, Turing, VB  

HoltSoft Downloads

The fallowing are the downloads that where made free by HoltSoft before they went out of business as well as new versions of Turing that have been found or developed by the community.

Programming Languages:

Turing 4.1.2 for Windows - Unreleased version of Turing found when HoltSoft released the source code of Turing. May still be buggy.

Turing 4.1.1 for Windows - The last version of the Turing programming language officially released by HoltSoft. Turing was developed with the intent of teaching students the basics of programming and was commonly used in Ontario high schools.

Turing Docs: Turing 4.1.1 Online Documentation and Turing 4.1.1 Offline Documentation in .chm format.

Turing 4.1.1a for Windows

Turing 4.1 for Windows

Turing 4.0.4c for Windows

Turing 4.0.5 for Windows

Turing 4.0.3 for Windows

Turing 3.1.1 for Windows (32bit only)

Ready to Program 1.7.1 - RTP 1.7.1

Ready to Program 1.7 - The Ready to Program (RTP) IDE, java packages and java 1.4.2.

Ready to Program 1.0.8

Ready to Program 1.0 - The Ready to Program (RTP) IDE and java packages.


The Turing Walkthrough - Beginning to End - Best of list of the Tutorials

All Turing Tutorials


Object Oriented Turing Reference Manual Seventh Edition Version 1.0 - Reference manual for the Turing programming language by R.C. Holt and Tom West. ISBN 0-921598-35-1

Introduction to Programming in Turing First Edition, Second Printing - An introduction to the Turing programming language by J. N. P. Hume. ISBN: 0-921598-42-4

Community Projects:

OpenTuring - A open source Turing IDE, interpreter and compiler based on the Turing 4.1.2 source code released by HoltSoft. GitHub page may be found here.

We are still missing some versions of Turing and RTP, if you have a copy and want to let us host it, send a copy to