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 The Goal: Network BOT (nothing bad)
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2011 3:13 pm   Post subject: The Goal: Network BOT (nothing bad)

So I'm generalizing an idea I want to try to make reality. In Turing, Iv'e made a BOT that could connect to mIRC channels and execute codes and help things. very simple, and fun experiment.

However I want to upgrade from Turing, (thus my choice is Ruby) and I want to upgrade this idea to something that may or maynot work, Which is why i'm here on the help forums...

The Goal:
-> I want to create my own personal BOT for my own uses (or maybe others to in my group channel) which will be used on skype.
-> General use for this BOT will be to save all links posted into my skype channel and save them for future use.

This is just some neat idea i thought of doing, and thought it would fit the ruby language really well.

Problems I need help with:
-> Iv'e been reading into alot of RUBY for a while now, but nothing network related yet. If anyone has a GREAT READ on how to use this etc. please link it.
-> I've never turned my ruby programs into .exe forms, And use Ruby on "netbeans". Aside from launching a few "shoes" programs, i'm VERY nooby at how to create an executable. I might be in the wrong mind set here when i say this, But i'm thinking i want to beable to launch this application and beable to enter in some information if needed , and have it running as its own user in skype, with scripted programming to do things i want it to do.
-> Skype itself i think is far different then mIRC, So how hard would it be to make this bot its own user/pass and connect to the correct networks to get into my group online.
-> I do alot of testing, and i'm wondering if i run this from netbeans if it'll actually connect or do i have to make it .exe first to test it. Say testing to connect/read data on the network.

Please any information/links/comments would be awesome. Thanks.

EDIT TO ADD: I do have a web page also (not that i think its needed) and I have 0 ZERO 0 knowledge/usage of Ruby on rails, If that would be something better to use this for? But i dont think so, but maybe im wrong never know! ! !

PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2011 4:29 pm   Post subject: RE:The Goal: Network BOT (nothing bad)

Ruby is an interpreted language- packaging it into an exe really just throws an interpreter and the source code into one file, if I'm not mistaken.

There shouldn't be any need to package it anyway. I'm sure you can associate .rb files with the ruby interpreter in Windows.

About skype itself, I have no idea.
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