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 Stupid Holtsoft..
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 07, 2004 10:48 pm   Post subject: Stupid Holtsoft..

can they be any more shity>?


they go and add in tons of new commands into help file... and they let u use them.. and all that...

but ud think they would also add them in the f8 and f9 button lists too.. rite?


see the two pics..

this is just one of many i just discovered today.

GUI.SetColor (btn1,blue)

is a valid command.. and is done rite..

yet.. if u press f8 or f9 when on GUI.SetColor.... it says cannot be found... im like.. WHAT... i just got htis outa reference..

they oviously forgot to link the profiles to the f8 and f9 system..

when u press f8 its sposed to tell u the proper syntax to this..
like how many parameters u need etc (it says this at bottom left of screen)

and f9 is sposed to bring u to page in reference containning that command..

STUPID HOLTSOFT... they should BURN IN HELL!!! should take over the production of turing ! im sure we woulkn't forgot those al the time! and i mean i found like 20 of these today..

set color.gif
the error..
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set color.gif

set color (from reference).gif
this is what it says in reference.... yet.. i get the above errror..
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set color (from reference).gif


PostPosted: Thu Jul 08, 2004 7:52 am   Post subject: (No subject)

Y'know, they do other things to, eh?

Like eat, sleep, work, live. It's not like you can't get to everything in the reference, it just takes a tiny bit more time. And sure that sucks, but don't you think it's going a bit too far to just condemn them all to hell? As for taking over production, as bad as it seems they're likely doing a better job than we would.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 08, 2004 9:12 am   Post subject: (No subject)

Hehe...yeah, we'd probably just spend most of our production time arguing whose avatar gets to grace the box cover...

Does anyone actually know how many ppl there are actively working on the development of Turing...if such a thing exists.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 08, 2004 11:45 am   Post subject: (No subject)

... 3except most of the good avatars are animateed..

now thats something someone should invent..

ability to show a moving GIF on a box cover.. ERR not 3d tilt effect..
but like say u go to buy CS from computer store... the front of box could like shift between pictures... that would be wicked... but not probable.. unless they can make ultra flat screen displays and inbed them into carboar.. and cost issues..

well that was a crazy idea..


well... theyve had tons of time to do that... GUI.SetColor aint that new is it?

and i saw lots of others..

and sad they still havn't picked up on it..

and i dod wonder how many ppl are working on turing...
sad if its only tom west... Laughing
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