Description   This unit contains the predefined subprograms that handle windows. There are routines to open, close, hide, show and select windows.

All routines in the Window unit are exported qualified (and thus must be prefaced with "Window.").

Details   The predefined subprograms of the Window module all use window identifiers to indicate which window to act upon. The default Run window can be specified by using defWindID. For example, the following code causes the main Run window to appear and then blink on and off three times.

        % Output some data to make the Run window appear.
        put "Hello, World!"
        for i : 1 .. 3
            delay (1000)
            Window.Hide (defWinID)
            delay (1000)
            Window.Show (defWinID)
        end for
        put "How are you?"
Entry Points  
Open Opens a new execution window.
Close Closes an execution window.
Select Selects an execution window for output.
GetSelect Returns the currently-selected execution window.
SetActive Selects and activate (make front-most) an execution window.
GetActive Gets the current active window.
GetPosition Get the screen position of an execution window.
SetPosition Set the screen position of an execution window.
Hide Hides an execution window.
Show Shows the current execution window.
Set Sets the configuration of the execution window.
Update Updates the onscreen window from the offscreen bitmap.