Window.GetPositionPart of Window module

Syntax   Window.GetPosition (windowID : int, var x, y : int)

Description   The Window.GetPosition procedure returns the location of the specified execution window on the screen in the x and y parameters. The x and y parameters specify the lower left corner of the window in screen coordinates. (0, 0) is the lower left corner of the screen.

Example   The following program outputs the current position of the run window.

        % Constants for windows
        const titleBarHeight : int := 21
        const windowEdgeSize : int := 13
        % Calculate the actual size of a window
        var windowWidth : int := maxx + windowEdgeSize
        var windowHeight : int := maxy + windowEdgeSize + titleBarHeight
        % Get the screen size
        var screenWidth : int := Config.Display (cdScreenWidth)
        var screenHeight : int := Config.Display (cdScreenHeight)
        % Open the window
        var winID : int := Window.Open ("title:Upper Right")
        Window.SetPosition (winID, screenWidth  windowWidth,                    screenHeight  windowHeight)
        % Return the current position
        var windowXPosition, windowYPosition : int
        Window.GetPosition (winID, windowXPosition, windowYPosition)
        put "Window located at ", windowXPosition, ",", windowYPosition
Status   Exported qualified.

This means that you can only call the function by calling Window.GetPosition, not by calling GetPosition.

See also   Window.SetPosition to set the current window position and Config.Display to get the size of the screen.