Window.ClosePart of Window module

Syntax   Window.Close (windowID : int)

Description   The Window.Close procedure closes the window specified by the windowID parameter.

Example   The following program opens a window, makes it active and then closes the window after getting a keystroke from the user.

        % Open the window
        var winID : int
        winID := Window.Open ("position:300;300,graphics:200;200")
        % Draw the random ovals in the box
        var x, y, clr : int
        for : 1 .. 20
            x := Rand.Int (0, maxx)     % Random x
            y := Rand.Int (0, maxy)     % Random y
            clr := Rand.Int (0, maxcolor)   % Random color
            Draw.FillOval (x, y, 30, 30, clr)
        end for
        var ch : char := getchar            % Wait for input
        Window.Close (winID)            % Close the window
Details   If a window is selected (i.e. output is going to that window) when it is closed, the main Run window becomes the selected window.

Status   Exported qualified.

This means that you can only call the function by calling Window.Close, not by calling Close.

See also   Window.Open and Window.Select.