Window.SetPart of Window module

Syntax   Window.Set (windowID : int, setUpString : string)

Description   The Window.Set procedure sets the configuration of the window specified by the windowID parameter. See View.Set for a complete list of available options. The setUpString parameter can be any combination options, separated by commas. Here is a selection of the available options.

text:<rows>;<cols> - Sets the output window to text mode and changes the window size to be <rows> rows by <cols> columns in size.

graphics:<xsize>;<ysize> - Sets the output window to graphics mode and changes the window size to be <xsize> pixels across and <ysize> pixels in height.

visible | invisible | popup - Sets the screen to be visible, invisible or popup. A popup window is hidden until output is sent to that window. The main Run window is a popup window. If you never send any output to it, it never appears.

noxor | xor - Sets whether all drawing operations draw using XOR.

nocursor | cursor - Sets whether the cursor is visible or not.

noecho | echo - Sets whether the input from the keyboard is echoed to the screen.

title:<text> - Sets the window title bar to <text>.

position:<x>;<y> - Sets the position of the top left corner of the window to be (<x>,<y>).

offscreenonly | nooffscreenonly - Sets whether output to the window goes to offscreen window alone, or both the onscreen and offscreen window.

Status   Exported qualified.

This means that you can only call the function by calling Window.Set, not by calling Set.

See also   View.Set for a complete list of the options available with Window.Set. See Window.Open for how to create a new window.