Description   This unit contains the predefined subprograms that deal with drawing pixel graphics to the screen.

All routines in the Draw unit are exported qualified (and thus must be prefaced with "Draw.").

Entry Points  
Cls Clears the screen to color 0.
Dot Draws a dot.
Line Draws a line.
DashedLine Draws a dashed or dotted line.
ThickLine Draws a thick line.
Box Draws a box.
FillBox Draws a filled box.
Oval Draws an oval.
FillOval Draws a filled oval.
Arc Draws an arc.
FillArc Draws a filled arc or a wedge.
Polygon Draws a polygon.
FillPolygon Draws a filled polygon.
MapleLeaf Draws a maple leaf.
FillMapleLeaf Draws a filled maple leaf.
Star Draws a star.
FillStar Draws a filled star.
Fill Does a flood fill.
Text Draws text as graphics