Draw.ArcPart of Draw module

Syntax   Draw.Arc (x, y, xRadius, yRadius : int,
    initialAngle, finalAngle, Color : int)

Description   The Draw.Arc procedure is used to draw an arc whose center is at (x, y). This is just like Draw.Oval, except that you must also give two angles, initialAngle and finalAngle, which determine where to start and stop drawing. Zero degrees is "three o'clock", 90 degrees is "twelve o'clock", etc. The horizontal and vertical distances from the center to the arc are given by xRadius and yRadius.

Example   This program draws a quarter circle whose center is (midx, midy) the center of the screen, using color number 1. The maxx and maxy functions are used to determine the maximum x and y values on the screen.

        View.Set ("graphics")
        const midx := maxx div 2
        const midy := maxy div 2
        Draw.Arc (midx, midy, midx, midy, 0, 90, 1)

Details   The screen must be in a "graphics" mode. See the View.Set procedure for details. If the screen is not in a "graphics" mode, an error will occur

Status   Exported qualified.

This means that you can only call the function by calling Draw.Arc, not by calling Arc.

See also   View.Set, maxx, maxy and the various procedures in the Draw unit.