Draw.PolygonPart of Draw module

Syntax   Draw.Polygon (x, y : array 1 .. * of int, n : int, Color : int)

Description   The Draw.Polygon procedure is used to draw a polygon with n points. A line is drawn in Color from the point (x(1), y(1)) to (x(2), y(2)) to (x(3), y(3)) and so on. After drawing the line to (x(n), y (n)), a line will be drawn back to (x(1), y(1)), closing the polygon. The Draw.Polygon procedure is equivalent to:

        for i : 1 .. n - 1
            Draw.Line (x (i), y(i), x (i + 1), y (i + 1), Color)
        end for
        Draw.Line (x (n), y (n), x (1), y (1), Color)
Example   This program will create an octagon and display it in color 1.

        View.Set ("graphics")
        var x : array 1..8 of int := init (100, 100, 135, 185, 
                                   220, 220, 185, 135)
        var y : array 1..8 of int := init (100, 150, 185, 185,
                                   150, 100, 65, 65)
        Draw.Polygon (x, y, 8, brightblue)

Details   The IBM PC limits Draw.Polygon to a maximum of 256 points.

The screen must be in a "graphics" mode. See the View.Set procedure for details. If the screen is not in a "graphics" mode, an error will occur.

Status   Exported qualified.

This means that you can only call the function by calling Draw.Polygon, not by calling Polygon.

See also   View.Set, maxx, maxy and the various procedures in the Draw unit.