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Darren Stuart of Web 2.0 Show has spotted something nifty happening over at the GarageGames. GarageGames are behind some game development tools such as Torque X. The Great Games Experiment they have started a month ago is a social network for those interested in video game programming.

“The Great Games Experiment is a social networking community for gamers, developers and publishers to play, show off, promote and ultimately enjoy games.”

Sounds interesting, but they are pulling the Gmail type of hype with limited access into this Beta. You need to already be a garagegames user, or sign up for a waitlist. Though once in, you get two invites for your friends. I have just signed myself up, and will give my invites out to those interested as soon as I get them.

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  1. Posted by CompSci.ca Blog » Inside the Great Games Experiment | January 5, 2007, 12:27 am

    [...] Just a day after requesting myself into the Great Games Experiment, I have been allowed to register. It being a limited Beta, I was able to snatch the popular Tony username, though you’ve got to be logged in to see anything but the front page. You’re not missing much though, the profiles are limited to a short description, and an aggregation of your comments, reviews, and friends. [...]

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