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If a programming language was a boat…

This one is inspired by a recent forum post, that still leaves me in amazement.

Hi, Im wondering how i can create a boat in turing and if someone can post a example.

This makes no sense, since one doesn’t normally make water vehicles in Turing, the programming language. Though this got me thinking — if a [...]

(not) Cargo cult programming, source control, communication, and lack of it all

Sometimes group projects go wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong. Consider a multi-group project with a shared code-base, for a car racing game. Coded in C.

“This is even worse than before. They put multiple versions of their same code, in the same branch. And demos they found online.”

Cargo cult programming is a style of computer programming that [...]

hard code

Hard coding is the practice of embedding a pre-calculated result into a program. Input is disregarded, there are no calculations or logic flow, just unchanging (thus “hard”) output. This shouldn’t count as programming. And even though hard code is appropriate sometimes (such as stubs in test suites), it is most often encountered in a matter [...]


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