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The most important programming language

One of the common questions that comes up among students new to Computer Science and Programming is along the lines of “what is the best programming language?”. And the the brief answer to that is simple:

You’re doing it wrong.

You don’t know that programming language

Original image by cote

Or maybe you do? How about your favourite programming language? What does it take to say that one “knows” it?

michaelp asks:

When exactly do you “know” a language?

There’s a gradient of choices to pick from.

You know of the language — “I hear they call it Java.”
You’ve memorized the “hello world” program — <?php [...]

Web 2.point.Mac: Developing software on Apple computers

There seem to be some misconceptions about Apple computers. Some of the common questions that come up, at least when thinking about for-University laptops, are along the lines of “Will I be able to write programs on a MacBook?” and “I thought Macs were just for arts…”. I will try to challenge that view.

Note: This [...]


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