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 ECOO for the WRDSB
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:03 pm   Post subject: ECOO for the WRDSB

This message is for students who attend a high school in the Waterloo Regional District School Board and are interested in participating in this year's ECOO Computer Science contests. As you may know, WRDSB is not officially part of ECOO, as we don't have a convener. I recently offered to be the convener for the WRDSB, and am volunteering to do so for this next few years.

ECOO, i.e. the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario, holds an annual team programming contest. There are three levels to this contest: Boardwide, Regionals, and Provincials (which also serves as the finals). For the past few years, Waterloo Collegiate Institute have been sending 2 teams to the regionals to represent our school board. Usually, only two teams are allowed to be sent from each school board (this number varies with respect to the size of the school board). Seeing as this year we have other schools that have also shown their interest in participating in this contest, I have decided to compose a Boardwide contest that will determine the top 2 teams from our board that will continue on to the regionals at London, Ontario. Feel free to visit ECOO's CS page for more details regarding the contest: If you are interested in this, feel free to PM me, in which case I'll give you my email ID, and then have your CS teacher send me an email.

This contest is to take place sometime between March 28th and April 9th, so you have around two weeks to notify me.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2011 12:08 pm   Post subject: Re: ECOO for the WRDSB

Yesterday we held the ECOO Boardwide contest for WRDSB. I made the problem set as opposed to using the standard boardwide questions (I attached the problem set to this message). Feel free to use it as a practice for the regionals. I must also point out that #1 was created by Malcolm Sharpe, and #4 is from the COCI 2008/2009 contest.
Included in the .zip file is:
- The problem set in .doc and .pdf
- Testcases for the problems
- The marking sheet used

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