whatdotcolorgraphics function

Syntax   whatdotcolor ( x, y : int ) : int

Description   The whatdotcolor function is used to determine the color number of the specified pixel. The alternate spelling is whatdotcolour.

Example   This program draws a line which bounces off the edges of the screen and makes a beep when it finds a pixel that has already been colored.

        setscreen ( "graphics" )
        var x, y : int := 0
        var dx, dx : int := 1
            if whatdotcolor ( x, y ) not= 0 then
                sound ( 400, 50 )
            end if
            drawdot ( x, y, 1 )
            x := x + dx
            y := y + dy
            if x = 0 or x = maxx then
                dx := -dx
            end if
            if y = 0 or y = maxy then
                dy := -dy
            end if
        end loop
Details   The screen should be in a"graphics" mode. If is not set to "graphics" mode, it will automatically be set to "graphics" mode. See setscreen for details.

See also   drawdot, which is used for setting the color of a pixel. See also maxx and maxy, which are used to determine the number of pixels on the screen. See also sound, which causes the computer to make a sound.

See also predefined unit View.