Syntax   sound ( frequency, duration : int )

Description   The sound procedure is used to cause the computer to sound a note of a given frequency for a given time. The frequency is in cycles per second (Hertz). The time duration is in milliseconds. For example, middle A on a piano is 440 Hertz, so sound(440, 1000) plays middle A for one second.

Example   This program sounds the frequencies 100, 200 up to 1000 each for half a second.

        for i : 1 .. 10
            put i
            sound ( 100 * i, 500 )  % Sound note for 1/2 second
        end for
Details   On IBM PC compatibles, the hardware resolution of duration is in units of 55 milliseconds. For example, sound(440, 500) will delay the program by about half a second, but may be off by as much as 55 milliseconds.

Details   The sound procedure does not currently work under MacOOT.

See also   play statement, which plays notes based on musical notation. For example, play("8C") plays an eighth note of middle C. See also the delay, clock, sysclock, wallclock, time and date statements.

See also predefined unit Music.