Description   This unit contains all the mathematical routines. There are three routines that are part of the language, but are conceptually part of the Math unit.

All routines in the Math unit except Math.Distance and Math.DistancePointLine are exported unqualified. (This means you can call the entry points directly.) Math.Distance and Math.DistancePointLine are exported qualified. All constants in the Math unit are exported qualified. (Both Math.PI and Math.E must be prefaced with "Math.".)

Descriptions of all the subprograms in the Math module can be found in this chapter.

Math.PI The constant p (3.14...).
Math.E The natural base e (2.718...).

Entry Points  
abs* The absolute value function.
arccos The arccos function (radians).
arccosd The arccos function (degrees).
arcsin The arcsin function (radians).
arcsind The arcsin function (degrees).
arctan The arctan function (radians).
arctand The arctan function (degrees).
cos The cosine function (radians).
cosd The cosine function (degrees).
exp The exponentiation function.
ln The natural logarithm function.
max* The maximum value function.
min* The minimum value function.
sign The sign function.
sin The sine function (radians).
sind The sine function (degrees).
tan The tangent function (radians).
tand The tangent function (degrees).
sqrt The square root function.
Distance The distance between two points.
DistancePointLine The distance between a point and a line segment.

* Part of the language, conceptually part of the Math unit.