arctanarctangent function (radians)

Syntax   arctan (r : real) : real

Description   The arctan function is used to find the arc tangent of a value. The result is given in radians. For example, arctan (1) is p / 4.

Example   This program prints out the arctangent of 0 through 3 in radians.

        for i : 0 .. 12
            const arg := i / 4
            put "Arc tangent of ", arg, " is ",
                arctan (arg), " radians"
        end for

See also   the arcsin and arccos functions for calculating arcsine and arccosine

the arctand function which finds the arc tangent of a value with the result given in degrees. (2p radians are the same as 360 degrees.)

See also predefined unit Math.