Description   This unit contains the predefined subprograms that deal with fonts. Using these routines, you can display text in a selected font name, size and style on the screen. Note that output in a particular font is treated as graphics output.

All routines in the Font module are exported qualified (and thus must be prefaced with "Font.").

Details   There is a default font. You can draw in and obtain information about the default font by passing fontDefaultID to Font.Draw, Font.Width and Font.Sizes. The default font is the same font as is used by put in the output window.

Entry Points  
New Selects a particular font name, size and style for a new font.
Free Frees up the font created by using New.
Draw Draws text in a given font.
Width Gets the width in pixels of a particular piece of text in a specified font.
Sizes Gets the height and various leadings of a specified font.
Name Returns the name of the specified font.
StartName Prepares to list all available fonts,
GetName Gets the next font name.
GetStyle Gets all the available styles for a specified font.
StartSize Prepares to list all available sizes for a specified font and style.
GetSize Gets the next font size.