Font.WidthPart of Font module

Syntax   Font.Width (txtStr : string, fontID : int) : int

Description   Font.Width is used to obtain the width in pixels that a specified string will take to draw in a specified font. The textStr parameter is the string. The fontID parameter is the font in which the string would be drawn.

Details   If Font.Width is passed an invalid font ID, a fatal error occurs. If the Font.Width call fails for other (non-fatal) reasons, the width for string in the default font will be returned. As well, Error.Last will return a non-zero value indicating the reason for the failure. Error.LastMsg will return a string which contains the textual version of the error.

Example   The program gets information about 24pt Bold Palatino.

        const testString := "Test String"
        var width, fontID : int
        fontID := Font.New ("Palatino:24:Bold")
        width := Font.Width (testString, fontID)
        put "The width of \"" + testString + "\" is ", width, " pixels"
        Font.Draw (testString, 100, 100, fontID, black)
        Draw.Line (100, 50, 100, 150, brightred)
        Draw.Line (100 + width, 50, 100 + width, 150, brightred)
        Font.Free (fontID)


Status   Exported qualified.

This means that you can only call the function by calling Font.Width, not by calling Width.