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Forces by Adam BielinskiEvery once in a while something exceptional comes across CompSci.ca forums, and this year it’s Forces – an outstanding game by Windsurfer (Adam Bielinski).

This original game places you in control of a sparkle generating orb. Strategic movement, and application of attractive and repulsive forces turns those sparkles into particle based weapons against a variety of enemies.

Simplistic polygon graphics overcome Turing’s speed limitations, and provide a fast-pace action game. A lot of detail is conveyed in colour, and coupled with special effects, it makes up for one spectacular game. Really the only comparable game developed with Turing is CoutsosEvasive Maneuvers.

Evasive Maneuvers screenshot Evasive Maneuvers was released back in 2003, and has since gained a legendary status as the “it” game of Turing development. This spaceship fighter game has set the bar for features, detail, playability, and essentially introduced a new level for high school term projects.

Both games are proudly hosted on CompSci.ca. You could check out their respective pages for further details, and to download.

Forces – also, view trailer
Evasive Maneuvers

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