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Win95 and workgroups

Author:  SuperGenius [ Sat Jun 26, 2004 10:57 am ]
Post subject:  Win95 and workgroups

I'm trying to backup my laptop before I install lniux, so I want to connect it to the workgroup on my lan (ex. when i go to network neigbourhood and press "view workgroup computers" I will be able to see my other computers)

It works fine on my other computers, and my laptop can acess the internet so I know that the nic is communicating with the router, but on my laptop when I try to view the workgroup computers it says "the network is not available" or something like that.

Author:  Dan [ Sat Jun 26, 2004 3:06 pm ]
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That probley means there is some small seting wrong in the network config on the laptop or windows is just being it's random self as uhsale. Try typing in the adderes of the computer mannuly like "\\compname\" and see if that works.

Also if you can see the laptop on the other comp you could still send the files by going in to the laptop and copying them.

Author:  the_short1 [ Sat Jun 26, 2004 6:30 pm ]
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95... holy shit.... that ancient...


im having this problem also for win98.... except i think it may be because all my windows system files are dated at jan 1st 1996 cuz im an idiot and ran scandisk without reseting my clock to the right time... Sad... that and some may be corupt...

but i can share files from upstairs comp... and can download tem downstairs..

but i cannot share from downstairs.. Sad.. when i click the 'alolow me to share files thing in settings' it just sitts thre... then network properties freezes...

for ur case.... did u enable file and print sharing yet?? probally... but just checking...

important information: ALL COMPUTERS ON YOUR NETWORK need the SAME workgroup name... *when u press computer information'... u have ur computer name... desc... and workgroup... well the others dont matter... but the 'workgroup' must be the SAME for each computer...
i learned that the hard way... <cuz that may be ur problem... cuz computers were not showing up in network neighborhood until i fixed dat...

hope that helps!

yes... and when ur on other computers... to Map A Network drive..

just go

\\computer name\sharename

Author:  the_short1 [ Sat Jun 26, 2004 6:34 pm ]
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o.... if u still cant get it to work out properly..

use a webserver (like mine for my forum)

another thing u may want to do..

type in that adress that gets to ur Router settings page..

and go to tab marked DMZ Host or something like that...

their will be a small text feild for a 3 digit number..

well... complete the addresss ...

my ip (internal;) is
it showed 192.168.1. <then the text feild..
and just enter those last 3 digits that are from ur IP addy...
then it should work for webservers... and other crap

<< i have linksys >>>
^ Rob a networking tech support person told me that *aint it good to be friends with someone like him Razz