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The Age Program

Author:  scholarlytutor [ Mon Jul 15, 2019 7:10 pm ]
Post subject:  The Age Program

I just made this for kicks. If you can't bother to think about how old someone is based on their birthday, just enter it into this program.

If anyone detects a problem with the calculation, please let me know. I've tried multiple people and things seem to work correctly.

% The Age program.
% Find out a person's age by entering their birth date and today's date.
% Programmed by scholarlytutor

% Variables

var bday, bmonth, byear : int %birth date
var cday, cmonth, cyear : int %current date
var age : int %calculated age

% Program

put "Enter the day, month and year when the person was born."
put "For example, for July 20, 1980, type in 20 7 1980."
get bday, bmonth, byear
put "Now, enter the day, month and year of today's date."
put "Use the same number format above."
get cday, cmonth, cyear

%Checks if their birthday already happened this year
if cmonth < bmonth then
age := (cyear - byear) - 1
elsif cmonth = bmonth then
if cday < bday then
age := (cyear - byear) - 1
age := cyear - byear
end if
age := cyear - byear
end if

%Outputs the person's age
put "The person is ", age, " years old."