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Computer Science HS Assignment Reference!

Author:  CraftinPark [ Thu Sep 28, 2017 7:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Computer Science HS Assignment Reference!

Hi, I'm currently a high school student taking a computer science course. One of my current assignments involves me finding someone currently working in the computer sciences field. I need to find information about their work and their education, and have proof of contact. Was wondering if there was anybody out there willing to help me out!

The questions are:

1) What does your typical day look like? (What does your work involve you doing. How long do you work. What kinds of problems/tasks do you encounter?)

2) What education did you take in order for you to acquire your job (Degrees, University, Other extra-curricular programs)

Please feel free to go as in-depth as you would like with your responses. I will also request that you would link me the website of your company, along with some personal information: name, email - just as proof that you really do work in the computer sciences field and that you are not made up for the sake of the assignment!

Thanks in advance, I will be waiting for your reply!

P.S. - Bonus points if you work in Ontario, Canada!