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Author:  np_123 [ Wed Jun 15, 2016 11:44 am ]
Post subject:  Mastermind

Mastermind (single-player) code-guessing board game

Code is randomly generated. The code can have repeated colours.
To make a guess, select colours from the six colour squares on the right, then click on a circle to make it that colour. If the circle already has a colour, it will be replaced. Empty (no colour) circles are not allowed, therefore all circles must be given a colour before submitting a guess.
If you do not find the code in 12 guesses then it will revealed to you in the row coloured orange (at the very top).

A grid of 6 circles will be displayed beside your guess (after you submit it).
White circle means correct colour, but wrong spot. Red circle means correct colour and correct spot.

For example, you submit a guess with 6 green and it shows 1 red circle and 5 black(default), then you know there is only 1 green in the code. But it could be anywhere.

Let me know if you experience any bugs.
If you look at source code, it follows MVC model. I was a bit lazy with commenting though.