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Author:  jonos [ Sun Feb 22, 2004 10:24 am ]
Post subject:  "Movies"

everyone post what movies you have recently seen, cause then us lazy computer programmers can maybe get of our asses and go do something (haha, you know what i mean?)

it wasn't as good as old school, and i haven't seen road trip, but the best things were of course, the females. i must say 95% of all the females in the film were hot. also, the grown harriet the spy (remember that movie?) is in it and she's also hot. so just sit back in your seat at the movie theatre with your coat across your lap, and enjoy the hotness.

lost in translation:
this is a pretty cool movie, its funny some times, but i would consider it an "art" movie. i can't describe it, but many maybe able to see themselves in it, from some things ive heard on compsci. its boring in some parts, but the best part is when the japanese hotel owner sends a prostitute up to bill murray's room and she can't "fake act" very good, its pretty funny.

go see some movies and get off your asses (my parents force me), and revel in my acts of post count gainage (id say bits, but we don't get bits).

Author:  Maverick [ Sun Feb 22, 2004 11:09 am ]
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w00t eurotrip!

Author:  poly [ Sun Feb 22, 2004 11:16 am ]
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50 First Dates
just saw that last night. Hmm I love adam sandler movies, but for some reason I didnt enjoy it too much. Im going to see it again next week, maybe it was just last night i wasn't in the mood for a movie (mind was occupied on something else)

Butterfly Effect
Hmm this was a VERY good movie. I loved it, Ive seen it a few times already

Author:  Maverick [ Sun Feb 22, 2004 11:18 am ]
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50 first dates, maybe cause its not a pure comedy sandler movie like big daddy and Billy Madison<--Best Movie Ever

Author:  Preist_Holmes [ Sun Feb 22, 2004 11:30 am ]
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I thought it was pretty much a chick flick

Author:  Tony [ Sun Feb 22, 2004 12:27 pm ]
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jonos - your parents force you to go see movies?! Surprised who do you go with?

Author:  Maverick [ Sun Feb 22, 2004 1:08 pm ]
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His Parents Very Happy

Author:  Cervantes [ Sun Feb 22, 2004 2:00 pm ]
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I think he means that his parents force him to get off his ass. Course, you're only off you're ass while your going from your computer to the car, then again when you're standing in line for your ticket.

Author:  Dauntless [ Sun Feb 22, 2004 2:09 pm ]
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You rock, Priest.

Author:  Paul [ Sun Feb 22, 2004 2:14 pm ]
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"You rock, Priest"
-Dauntless (Sun Feb 22, 2004 2:09 pm)

Author:  Amailer [ Sun Feb 22, 2004 7:04 pm ]
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[quote="Paul Bian"]"You rock, Priest"
-Dauntless (Sun Feb 22, 2004 2:09 pm)[/quote

wrong topic? Eh

Author:  jonos [ Sun Feb 22, 2004 7:07 pm ]
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cervantes is right... again Very Happy. i went with my brother and my friend from oakville, though going with a girl would be better, but that probably won't happen until i get enough money to pay one (that was a joke people).

yeah so your supposed to post movies you saw, so please do that, maybe i can get initiative to get off my ass (oh ya, i try to play music from my stereo (without the remote) instead of my comp so that i have to get up and switch songs... good idea, isn't it?

Author:  Paul [ Sun Feb 22, 2004 7:56 pm ]
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jonos wrote:
(that was a joke people).

You sure? I thought you were rich.

Author:  AsianSensation [ Sun Feb 22, 2004 11:45 pm ]
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I recently saw "Better Luck Tomorrow", only because of this scene:

Girl: This is pretty nice, so what are you guys?
Typical Chinese Guy: We're are a club
Girl: Oh, you mean like a math club?

sums stereotyping in three lines.

other than that, it was a crappy movie.

Author:  jonos [ Mon Feb 23, 2004 7:42 am ]
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that's pretty funny, except the majority of the chinese people at my school aren't in math clubs, they're in gangs scaring grade 9s and shoplifting at the store.

Author:  naoki [ Mon Feb 23, 2004 4:48 pm ]
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i think everyone should see "bowling for columbine", only because they feature windosr. yes, i couldn't believe it, but the guy actually went to windsor to interview people about gun laws and stuff. he also went to sarnia and asked the sherriff. but the fact that they even interviewed a cop on the riverfront proves it.

i think that was pretty damn cool, considering how it was such a famous movie and everything.

Author:  jonos [ Mon Feb 23, 2004 5:22 pm ]
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its actually a documentary, but that doesn't matter. that roger moore guy is an idiot, no offence to his followers though.

Author:  jonos [ Sat Mar 06, 2004 11:48 pm ]
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well i saw the last samurai, and seriously that is one of my favourite movies now. i came out of the movie theatre with way more respect for japanese history, culture, and tradition. its amazing how disciplined they were. the bravery the samurai must have shown when committing the suicide demanded of them in the code or whatever.

oh ya, and the japanese woman was really beautiful too, so thats an added bonus.

Author:  Maverick [ Sun Mar 07, 2004 12:16 am ]
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no they arent. Dont lie. Obviously they wanted to cast good lookin japs but obviously there are ugmos as well.

Author:  jonos [ Sun Mar 07, 2004 11:37 am ]
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i said woman, not women, i don't remember even seeing that many other wormen, but the main one was really beautiful.

Author:  Paul [ Thu Jun 24, 2004 7:11 pm ]
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Well, instead of starting another topic, I'll just use this one. Maybe from now on this can be the thread in which we post anything about movies...
Anyhow, which movie should I go see?
- The stepford Wives
- The Terminal

Its totally my choice... and the reason seems to be the fact that Im paying... and Im not really good with decisions...
but yahoo ratings gives the Terminal a B+ while the SWs a C+

Author:  SuperGenius [ Thu Jun 24, 2004 10:01 pm ]
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One of my favourite movies is called Haggard. If any of you are fans of cky/jackass you'll know who ryan dunn is, the movie is a story about part of his life where he gets dumped by his girlfriend, and then bam and brandon try to cheer him up. What makes the movie so unique is the people behind it. they are all crazy so their movie is also crazy.

Author:  Dan [ Fri Jun 25, 2004 12:11 am ]
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jonos wrote:
its actually a documentary, but that doesn't matter. that roger moore guy is an idiot, no offence to his followers though.

Have you even seen bowling for columbine?

Author:  SuperGenius [ Fri Jun 25, 2004 11:26 am ]
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Bowling for Columbine was one of my favourite films, because I'm sick of seeing movies which are filled with product placements and other corporate bs. Micheal Moore is one of the few people with enough courage to stand up to the film industry and do something different. He is far from being an idiot.

Author:  Delos [ Fri Jun 25, 2004 11:40 am ]
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Princess Mononoke.

Ah, Miyazaki...two freakin hours long! But totally worth it.

Author:  Dauntless [ Fri Jun 25, 2004 3:25 pm ]
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Well Michael Moore tells us what we want to hear and secretly have believed all along. He's definitely a spin doctor. I wouldn't say his stuff is a balanced of things. Definitely leaning towards propaganda. I dislike it because
a) You add a humourous bent to things and people remember your point because it was funny. They don't think about whether or not it has merit.
b) You show them something incongruous to what they've normally seen and add something that is true, and suddenly they're convinced. Wyrd Sisters, anyone?

Anyways, I liked Bowling for Columbine. I sort of dislike Michael Moore though, because he doesn't seem genuine.

Author:  Dan [ Fri Jun 25, 2004 4:30 pm ]
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He seems prity genuine to me, all the times he has been on t.v. he has keeped to his belfies that he shows in his docuemotrys. I see no reason to think he is not genuine, i just dont think some one whould go to the effort if they where not. It is alot easer to make movies and docmeuntys that are not polticly charged. For example his latested documenotry also never saw the light of day b/c it was so agested the bush goverment.

Author:  Mazer [ Fri Jun 25, 2004 9:36 pm ]
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Ninja Scroll was pretty cool, though it could've done without all the naked chicks. 'Specially the one with the snakes. Best quote: "Ah! My best hat!"

Author:  Dan [ Fri Jun 25, 2004 11:33 pm ]
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while we are anime movies, has any one seen the two NGE movies? End of Evangoalion was prity cool (but i gusse you whould have to be a fan to get any of it and even then.....).

Author:  Mazer [ Sat Jun 26, 2004 9:03 am ]
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I was gonna download it back when I thought it was a movie, but apparently it's like a kabillion episodes... yeah, so I didn't download it.

Author:  Dan [ Sat Jun 26, 2004 3:39 pm ]
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That is only the 1st moive, the 2nd one (end of evagnaion) is them redoing the ending of the show to make sence to more poleop.

Author:  Mazer [ Sat Jun 26, 2004 8:05 pm ]
Post subject: 

So there actually is a movie? Or a movie version (that covers the whole story)?

Author:  Delos [ Sat Jun 26, 2004 9:35 pm ]
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Animé movies...
I somehow ended up watching Hack Liminality...

Ep. 1...not bad...intersting exposition...
Ep. 2...wah?! Suckness.
Ep. kool...nice ideas...
Ep. 4...wth...what just call that an ending!

Meh...waste of 1gb of space...

Ah needs to something to remind one that not all animé is amazing...a small amount is the suckness...

Hmm...that reminds me...I've got some other ones to watch...

Author:  Dan [ Sat Jun 26, 2004 10:24 pm ]
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Mazer wrote:
So there actually is a movie? Or a movie version (that covers the whole story)?

there are 2:

1. just clips and some new stuff that covers the whole story
2. All new and is the ending of the show


Animé movies...
I somehow ended up watching Hack Liminality...

i whould not realy call liminality an movie, it is more of an side sotry to the game.[/quote]

Author:  the_short1 [ Sun Jun 27, 2004 10:27 am ]
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hahah..... i want to see 50 first dates.... but from the comments here.... meh... making me think twice.. prob still see it cuz adam sandlar is still really funny..

tonite im going to see Terminal... hopefully Tom Hanks will be a little funny... common.. he gets stuck in a airport? anyways... dont really care taht much if its good or not.... gona be with a really hot chick... so its all good..
ill post my review of the movie tomorow..

Author:  Martin [ Sun Jun 27, 2004 12:41 pm ]
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Some movies I've seen lately.

Farenheit 9/11. I didn't think that this movie was very amazing. Bush is our savior. Hah, yeah right. But still, Michael Moore bent facts quite a bit in this movie to the point where I wasn't sure if the stuff that I didn't already know about was true either. It abused people's emotions too much, instead of throwing fact after fact like in Bowling for Columbine. The other thing is that Bowling for Columbine seemed to be more universal and therefor relevant to me. I can't do anything about American politics.

Equilibrium. This movie is godly. The Matrix meets 1984. Gun kata. Need I say more?

Author:  Mazer [ Sun Jun 27, 2004 4:42 pm ]
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Darkness wrote:
Equilibrium. This movie is godly. The Matrix meets 1984. Gun kata. Need I say more?

Yes. I'd say: "It's like 1984 except the end doesn't suck ass! And like the matrix would've been if they stopped with the original good movie."

I've only ever seen the end part, and that was without any sound. But it was that cool. Kapow! Bang! Schwiiiing! Fwooosh! Splortch! Yep, I did the sound effects myself to compensate.

Author:  naoki [ Sun Jun 27, 2004 7:32 pm ]
Post subject: 

Gun kata's look ugly on screen. When he took those two handguns and started beating on the guys, all I could think of was why they weren't reacting. If a guy is hitting me hard enough, I'm pretty sure I'd reel backwards to protect myself. On the other hand, if his blow isn't hard enough to do that, I'll just take my gun out and blast him, or deliver a blow myself.

Secondly, 1984's ending serves a purpose, Equilibrium gives you what you want. It's the ending that everybody who knows about dystopic literature and movies is waiting for: a hero to end the suffering. Because of this, the director neglects to create a tangible plot himself to explain how this cleric can do all this by himself. I watched the whole movie just to see how the hell could Cleric kill all those men himself (besides being called the best sweeper, which is more like calling Neji the #1 rookie; meaningless).

Only cool part was when he fought off the leader dude and they were dodging each other's gunshots. The rest of the film looked like ass

but i still love ya mazer 8)

Author:  Dauntless [ Sun Jun 27, 2004 9:47 pm ]
Post subject: 

Gun katas are implausible. Eat it up, anime freaks.

Anyways, what I didn't get is why they didn't have a bunch of clerics protecting him...instead of grunts. The beginning was good, with the strobe-light gunfight in the dark. The end? Not so satisfying. Compared to the Matrix where it builds up starting from where Neo gets plugged in, to the part where he blasts his way through a hallway of SWAT, up to the part where he stops the bullets and kills Smith... Equilibrium just couldn't compare. It was a stop and start movie; you thought he was finally gonna take it all the way, and then he stops fighting. For example...when he meets those first few renegades , when he switches the pistols, he kills that squad of sweepers with the pistol butts...he stops fighting when his partner shows up. Then in the interrogation room, he starts...and stops. I liked the part with the swords, naturally.

Equilibrium, out of 10? 7/10. Good atmosphere, some good scenes, but too stuttery. They could've played up the loss of feelings thing better than they did, rather than focusing so much on gun fights that were more or less the same.

Author:  naoki [ Mon Jun 28, 2004 1:44 pm ]
Post subject: 

Dauntless wrote:
I liked the part with the swords, naturally.

You mean when the fought with the tonfas and the black dude got owned (while flirting too), or at the end when the black dude is cocky again, and brags about "not getting his uniform dirty" or something, and then gets sliced in two?

There's prolly one good swordfight in there, but because it's sandwiched between mediocrity, I forgot about it.

Author:  Dauntless [ Mon Jun 28, 2004 6:55 pm ]
Post subject: 

The part where he goes into the room (before he has the gunfight with "Father"), and he backs up, grabs the guy's katana, and kills the ring of black suits. That's before he chops the one guy in half.

Author:  Martin [ Mon Jun 28, 2004 7:25 pm ]
Post subject: 

It's an action movie guys, it's not worth analyzing. It's just a fun thing to watch.

Author:  the_short1 [ Mon Jun 28, 2004 8:17 pm ]
Post subject: 

soeaking of matrix... how was the last one that they made? cuz i was thinking on renting it.... i saw the first two.... just want to see the third...

DONT DIS MATRIX.... it was cool movie!

Author:  Paul [ Mon Jun 28, 2004 8:21 pm ]
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it was ok, don't remember much from it though, don't remember much from any movies I see, except for the stepford wives, nothing more scary than gawking at robot women and commenting, with ur girlfriend right beside u.

Author:  Dauntless [ Mon Jun 28, 2004 8:54 pm ]
Post subject: 

RE: Equilibrium, as an action movie it wasn't even that great.

The only good Matrix was 1. 2 and 3 were unbearable; if you're a total Matrix geek, you'll love the twists. I think the Wachowski brothers indulged themselves as Matrix fans too much and not enough as directors making a good movie.

The thing about the Matrix was that it broke new ground. You could watch it as a newcomer and be affected by it. The second and third Matrix, rather than having the groundbreaking power of the first would have been more effective as prequels or parallel storylines. I liked how the first Matrix ended. You knew that Neo had power over the agents. You knew he was going to win.

Spoiler (in white):
Even though Neo didn't exactly win at the end of 3, it wasn't satisfying. It was pretty convoluted and confusing at the end actually. So the Matrix actually screws everyone over because everything that was supposed to happen actually happened.

Maybe 2 and 3 would have made better separate movies rather than sequels, because the satisfying premise established in 1 was ruined just so that the world of the Matrix could have more depth. I don't think I'm very alone in saying that the Wachowskis could have done the movie world a favour (and leave a more poignant memory of the Matrix) had they stopped after the first Matrix.

Isn't it ironic that the first Matrix movie was the best one, though the first (actual) Matrix wasn't? Maybe they should have learned from their own movie.

Author:  Dan [ Mon Jun 28, 2004 11:41 pm ]
Post subject: 

Equilibrium is realy just a 1984 rip off told from the persipive of the though poilice rather then some random guy. They also steall some stuff from Berave new world. Nothing in it was orgnail at all. Just added two old books about the futtuer together with some matrix moves.

Author:  Mazer [ Tue Jun 29, 2004 7:29 am ]
Post subject: 

And katanas! Don't forget the katanas, Dan! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Author:  naoki [ Tue Jun 29, 2004 9:50 pm ]
Post subject: 

Best part of 1st matrix : everything

Best part of 2nd matrix : Neo flying and catching Trinity, with a speed so fast he whips cars into his slipstream. Also, the fight in the hallway of the Merovingian (sais = the cool) as well as the 18-wheeler battle with Morpheus and the agent.

Best part of 3rd : .............. hmm ... it's either the boring chase with the Logos, the DBZ fight at the end, or the death of every main character and integral person in the Matrix world

ex : "general, keep fighting!"
"i will boy! get me more ammo!"
general dude dies in his mech
"no! general! i wanted to be like you!"
boy grabs mech, starts shooting like an idiot
boy shoots for a while until he's taken down by the rush of sentinels

cue sad music

Author:  Paul [ Tue Jun 29, 2004 10:10 pm ]
Post subject: 

I liked the french dude who swore and got women to blow him in the bathroom Laughing

Author:  Mazer [ Wed Jun 30, 2004 6:45 am ]
Post subject: 

There was nothing good about the second movie. Especially considering the fact that there WAS NO second movie. Fortunately the Wachowski Bros. (sp?) have enough sense to stop with the first (and only) movie. Matrix Reloaded doesn't exist.

How the hell can you take a scene with a katana and make it crap? Way to go, baldy.

Author:  Dauntless [ Wed Jun 30, 2004 9:23 am ]
Post subject: 

Now that I think about it....there WAS no second movie. There IS no trilogy. Anything less is thoughtcrime.

Author:  the_short1 [ Wed Jun 30, 2004 9:24 am ]
Post subject: 

i liked the second one... granted not as much as the first... but i thought it was a decent enuf movie..... . maybe i dont need to see the last..... meh...


Author:  naoki [ Wed Jun 30, 2004 10:58 am ]
Post subject: 

Mazer wrote:
Matrix Reloaded doesn't exist.

Reminds me of when O'Brien says to Winston "You don't exist" and Winston says how that's contradictory, since he's obviously telling something real enough to be acknowledged, that he actually can't be acknowledged.

Author:  Mazer [ Wed Jun 30, 2004 4:30 pm ]
Post subject: 

Shut up, you. Rats, attack!

Author:  Dauntless [ Wed Jun 30, 2004 4:43 pm ]
Post subject: 

Oh, is that me?

*whips out the katana with the decent attention span and hot body*

Author:  naoki [ Wed Jun 30, 2004 5:19 pm ]
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mazer's command seems perticularly frightening when it's coupled with his fist-waving geometric gif. Big Brother never looked so good, although where's the moustache?

Author:  Paul [ Wed Jun 30, 2004 6:50 pm ]
Post subject: 

its mesmerizing

Author:  Mazer [ Wed Jun 30, 2004 7:36 pm ]
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Paul Bian wrote:
its mesmerizing

That's nothing, check this out!
Posted Image, might have been reduced in size. Click Image to view fullscreen.
Well... ok, it's not a very good picture but if you don't realise it, that's the Hypno-toad from the pet-show episode of futurama.

Author:  Paul [ Wed Jun 30, 2004 8:47 pm ]
Post subject: 

Isn't victoly from samurai showdown? u know, if u win, "VICTOLY!"

Author:  Mazer [ Thu Jul 01, 2004 6:56 am ]
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What the heck are you talking about Paul?

Wait... you can't mean what I think you mistakingly meant, could you? Because if you are... all up in here... there will be some terrible mod-power-abuse vengeance.

Author:  Paul [ Thu Jul 01, 2004 8:37 am ]
Post subject: is where the frog is from... whoa that rhymed.

Author:  naoki [ Thu Jul 01, 2004 1:12 pm ]
Post subject: 

if you're going by spelling then yes. otherwise, the phrases don't rhyme at all, unless you have a terrible way of saying "from" or is a lecher who mistakens "com" for something else

you are the type to understand what "go down to hornytown and fire the mayor" means (andy richter rox)

Author:  Mazer [ Thu Jul 01, 2004 2:38 pm ]
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Hehe, I saw that yesterday.