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SWAT turns in to and gets a new url

Author:  Dan [ Wed Mar 05, 2003 6:07 pm ]
Post subject:  SWAT turns in to and gets a new url

As the topic says we have moved to a new domain name. You shoed up-data any links and/or bookmarks. We don't won't to loses any one in the move Wink .

Also we have upgraded the forum a bit. Now you can send e-mails to other users on the broad form the profile with out having to use your own e-mail. Also when people sine up they get an e-mail saying they did and what there pass is. In addition we add a thing to get your pass if you for got it and we added pm notification by e-mail.

The main page of is currently being updated and will be a lot better soon. We recommend that if you make a bookmark to this site that it is set to and not because we may charge the forums url.

In addition to this we may be giving away some free e-mail forwarding, web based and mail server based e-mail accounts. If interested e-mail me at or post here.

P.S. you can also e-mail tony at for help about Turing.