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[Tutorial] Creating a Simple Button

Author:  Delta [ Thu Feb 05, 2004 12:38 am ]
Post subject:  [Tutorial] Creating a Simple Button

Yes I realize that Xploder has made a tutorial on this already but his seemed to be quite scattered. So in turn I decided to make it even simpler.

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a simple push button. Like the one you see below.

Step 1 : Setting up the document

Open a new flash document, open the properties panel if its
not already opened (ctrl+F3). Then set the dimensions to 300 px
by 100 px, fps at 10 and background colour to black.

Step 2 : Drawing your Shape

Ok make a rectangle like you see below, using the rectangle tool
(R). Now give it some text by clicking the text tool(T). Make sure
the text is set to 'Static' this can be done in the properties panel
(ctrl+F3) Its a choice box on the left hand side on the panel. Then
click on the rectangle (with text tool) and start typing if your text
is too big or small that can also be changed in the properties

Step 3 : Converting it to a symbol

Select your rectangle(all of it) with the arrow tool (V). Right click
on the rectangle and click on Convert to Symbol (F8 ). Name it
whatever you want then as its behaviour click 'button', then click

Step 4 : Giving it Different Roll Over and Press Down Look

Now select your button and double click on it. This will bring you
into an editing mode meant just for editing your button. Press F6
three times (this creates a key frame of your button on the
timeline). Now on your time line click on the second frame (over).
Now just change the colour of your text, by selecting the text and
bringing up the properties panel (ctrl+F3). Now click on frame 3
(down) on your timeline. This time select only the rectangle and
change the colour of it thru the properties panel. You can leave
the last button blank. Now preview the button (ctrl+enter).

Click away! I hope this tutorial made buttons a little clearer for you guys Smile

Author:  Amailer [ Thu Feb 05, 2004 12:59 am ]
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