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Need help creating an editable table

Author:  jin [ Sat Feb 06, 2010 1:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Need help creating an editable table

hi guys,

I need to represent my database as an editable table so that you can edit multiple entries and the upload once to the database, rather than editing one row at a time. So what i have right now is something like this where the table is just displayed as text the edit is link to take you to a page to edit the row.

    a  b  c
1    1a      edit
2     2b     edit
3         3c edit

What i am looking to do is be able to edit the table all at once then then only have one link to save changes in the database.

     a    b    c    Update database
1    1a
2        2b
3             3c

I have only started learning with html, php and mysql. If it can be done using those great, if not please let me know what i should be looking into and if you know of any good tutorials.