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Slight design improvements with stylish link buttons

Today I got a holiday present from our resident graphics designer Aaron – a new set of images for the CompSci.ca Resources sidebar section links. The old ones were bulky, taking up much more space than needed. The new ones are stylish, fit well into the layout, and come with taglines that actually suggest where the links lead. Very 37signals. It is great to see how much you have improved over the years Aaron, keep it up!

Computer Science Canada Link The parent domain of this blog, CompSci.ca is a Canada based community for Computer Science students and enthusiasts. Covering a variety of programming languages, forums offer tutorials and peer support, as well as discussions on related (and absolutly not) topics.

DWITE Computer Competition link DWITE is a Computer Programming Contest that will begin operating under CompSci.ca administration starting Fall 2007.

CompSci.ca Tech Link /tech is my other blog for more hardware related topics. It is not updated nearly as often as this one.

Aaron has mentioned that the designs were partly inspired by the 9rules button I already had in my sidebar. Though I wonder if the use of all those arrows could be attributed to the Shuffle! anime series / game.

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  1. Posted by Amailer | December 28, 2006, 12:36 pm

    Hehe, glad you like them! And I hope to get better :D

    As for the inspiration- it wasn’t the anime XD Not sure what it was, I think I just saw arrows somewhere.
    But yes, I tried to make them like the 9rules Network banner, it looks sweet :P

    Now… DWITE… ;D

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