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Firefox horror screenshot – crash errors

Firefox crash screen, full of error popups

Last weekend, while visiting my parents, the Firefox web browser has crashed on me for trying to watch a video. Not the stopped working correctly type of crash, but the full out send Tony into a psychological shock over BSoD flashbacks type of crash. Complete with illigal operations, error reports, and faulty memory locations – I was greeted with a stack of error messages, destroying any hope for recovery.

The instruction at 0x7c911c48 referenced memory at 0x00330044. The momory could not be read.

Nasty type of an error message – “arbitrary instruction asked to read memory, it shouldn’t have”. Pressed ok to confirm.

firefox crash report window

Common crash report window. “Please tell Microsoft about this problem.” I don’t think they are interested, especially since…

QuickTime 7.0.2 The plug-in performed an illegal operation.

The last window, the only one with any useful information, has been rendered by the crashed application – placing any windows over it would erase the contents (no draw loop). I had to crash my Firefox a few more times before catching a readable screenshot. Error’s orgin appeared to be the Apple QuickTime plug-in, an outdated version actually.

Solution? Update the plugin to the current version, 7.1.3 at the moment. Not without a sense of irony, my idea of recover therapy was to return home to my Mac OSX system.

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  1. Posted by BooTCaT | February 11, 2007, 10:14 pm

    Hey pal , i had the same , error , with the plugin .
    but when using Freetube , i had the error , by using the windows media player plugin with the same , illegal operation .

    What i think is that , thie is due to the site and not the browser . because , that site did not load up with any browser .

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