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DWITE – the Programming Contest

For a while now, Dan and I wanted to organize our own programming contest. Years of participating in contests, competitions, show-offs and challenging others to do the same, has left us with experience and desires for an event to call our own. Developing a sustainable programming contest is no easy task, but recently we have been granted an opportunity to do just that.

Mr. S. of DWITE is coming to a conclusion of the term he has set aside for himself to develop and run that contest. He is eager to pursue other projects and interests, and CompSci.ca has been selected to host and administer the contest, starting in Fall of 2006. We’ll be getting the much needed help and expertise from Mr. S. himself, to ensure a smooth translation; as well we’ll be inheriting the name of “DWITE” and have a head start with high-schools already familiar with this event.

Over the coming months I plan on making a couple of trips to London, Ontario to meet up with Mr. S. to discuss development, review rules and generally have him look over our progress of putting everything together. Additionally I’d like to get some insight from the people running CCC here at Waterloo, though that is appointment pending.

For now there is a lot of planning that needs to be done with Dan and interested members of the community.

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  1. Posted by Martin | May 9, 2006, 11:30 pm


    The DWITE is going to be fun, if Dan ever invites me into the DWITE forums. Otherwise it’ll suck. Because I won’t be there.

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