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DWITE – Fifth Season

DWITE Online Computer Programming ContestDWITE is an online computer programming contest, aimed as a practice for Canadian secondary school students. Often quoted as “fun”, this contest offers a unique dynamic that is enjoyable, promotes competition, and at the same time prepares students for more serious programming challenges such as CCC and ECOO.

With up to four people per team, and only a single computer, DWITE promotes collaboration and teamwork. It also means that no particular student is required to carry the full weight of problem solving and implemintation, so the environment is excellent for both newcomers and hackers.

An automated online judge is set up to mark the submissions in a variety of different programming languages, and the current scores and rankings are updated on the website thoughout the competition. It is a whole different game when you are playing catch up, or are trying to keep a lead over your peers. DWITE rankings let you know exactly how your and other teams are doing, and open a possibility for friendly side-competitions.

The contest runs 5 to 6 times a year, letting students improve over time with practice. The first one is scheduled for Tuesday, October 3, 2006, followed by five more, about a month appart. If you are a Canadian highschool student, registration is now open!

The official website is – http://dwite.org/

– Tony

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