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Addictive Tower Defense with Martin Kess

Martin Kess, one of the founding members of CompSci.ca, has been busy working on a fantastic looking game for the BlackBerry platform: Addictive Tower Defense. This isn’t the first of the quality games to come from the CompSci.ca community members, but it certainly raises the bar once again.

I caught up with Martin to talk about the game.

Treating video games as software

I find this conflicting: Video games are often the driving force for kids to pursue Computer Science, and yet shipped games are often not perceived as software. Maybe the quality, integration, and user experience really is better than across other industries;

though unless the development process goes through the incredibly expensive steps of validating a safety-critical system, there will likely be some bugs left.

0 to GameDev in the wrong lane

what programs do i need to becoming a game programmer. i was on youtube on other day. people said use visual studio.

YouTube is not known as the place for intelligent comments, let alone technical discussion on teaching oneself enough of Computer Science and Programming (and Math, and Physics, and…) basics to start building video games.

Don’t needlessly over-complicate problems that are already complicated.


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