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Travel Time API — Amazon vs. Microsoft public transit times

The awesome part about working at a startup is that I get to play with all the neat technology that the rest of the team puts together. One such example is the Travel Time API, which is used to calculate actual travel times (via multiple modes of transportation) from one origin to many destinations.

The resulting map of how far one can get via public transit and walking from the centers of Amazon (left) and Microsoft (right) tech headquarters within 25 minutes.

UBB (metered internet) will restrict innovation

UBB (Usage Based Billing / “Metered Internet”) is a hot topic right now, with many Canadians angry over the failures of CRTC and the subsequent forced price hike of the internet, even when using small competing ISPs. Here, I’ll talk about how Usage Based Billing will disrupt (in a bad way) Computer Science education, innovation, and as a result, the software industry.

Legalizing p2p scheme: legally borrow music from the internets

While a lot of people scream that RIAA/MPAA are not keeping up with the times and technology, we are not really any closer to having an entertainment distribution system that takes advantage of available technology to make it convenient for consumers and one which fairly compensates the industry that creates the said content. So I propose starting a discussion, by presenting a scheme that pulls p2p technology and current copyright laws closer together.


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