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Poems in Linux documentation

Programming is fantastic! Programming is full of art, humour, and creativity. Though sometimes it can be a challenge, and sometimes the monkey is not running (image from n#). Still, Computer Science manifests traditional art forms, and the poetry of programming finds a literal place in the Linux kernel.

Linus Torvalds himself contributed to the discussion with [...]

Hunting for programmer’s easter eggs with Google

In this seasonal entry we’ll be hunting for some virtual easter eggs in open source software programs. Computer programmers and software engineers are a creative group, often with a sense of humour, so eggs come in an abundance. Easter eggs, as hidden features, are left for a variety of reasons and come with a varying [...]

Software piracy in schools

There is some buzz in world news on the state of software piracy in schools. Specifically in Russia, where a highly controversial case emerged over the use of a certain Operating System for educational purposes. Considering that Russia has one of the highest piracy rates in the world, the entire situation seems kind of ludicrous.

a [...]


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