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Choosing between Computer Science and Computer Engineering

The subtle differences between various Computer related majors are confusing, especially at the age when one makes their University choices. 6 Degrees of Computer Science is a good place to start, but the choice is not always clear. Some delegate the choice of their program to luck — apply to all, and see which one they are accepted at from the University of their choice. This does not necessary work if ones academic performance is well enough to earn multiple offers. Now what?

Computer Science at the University of Toronto, in Video!

Byte Club TV’s take on University of Toronto’s Computer Science. CS… in video… with pink hippos.

Greg: “One of the things that I think the department has to do, is a better job at reaching out to people to get that message across; is that almost anybody who can program well is pretty much guaranteed an interesting job, that actually does something useful to society.”

The spirit of Software Engineering

While Software Engineering vs. Computer Science does have it’s technical differences, there are also some differences that take place outside of the lecture halls.

Since University is as much about the experience of attending as the material learned, it might be a good idea to consider the overall package being offered.


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