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DWITE 2008-09 Contest Season

What’s new for this season of DWITE is that this year we’ve got stuff to give away — namely I’ve got a hold of 5 copies of Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. That’s one for each round of the contest.

Little Brother is the 1984 for the new generation. Surveillance, hacking, Japanese popular culture, Firefox, TOR, RFID… and that’s just the first chapter!

hard code

Hard coding is the practice of embedding a pre-calculated result into a program. Input is disregarded, there are no calculations or logic flow, just unchanging (thus “hard”) output. This shouldn’t count as programming. And even though hard code is appropriate sometimes (such as stubs in test suites), it is most often encountered in a matter [...]

Getting ready for the Canadian Computing Competition

The Canadian Computing Competition is coming up in just a couple of weeks — February 26th, to be exact. Whether you just started programming last month or you are a coding prodigy, you should seriously consider writing the CCC if you are eligible (full-time Canadian high school student).

There are a few good reasons to write [...]


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