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The difference between Computer Scientist and Computer Engineer [according to SMBC]

It’s Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal! Though jokes aside, Computer Science vs. Computer Engineering is often a tough choice to make, but here are some ideas for figuring out the subtle differences between those programs.

Anti-computer force field effect

The Gabriel Effect of Penny-Arcade makes for an angry webcomic strip, but it also hits too close to home. At least in my experience.

I’ve been scheduling annual “wipe hard drive and clean install everything” dates with my (now) girlfriend’s computer for years! And while I have very limited exposure to my extended family, the role of the “family tech support” person is still enough to make me wonder if some people are just naturally good at making software not work.

This is -Sparta- Ruby!!!

This wonderful gem parodies a popular scene out of 300, the movie, into programmer’s terms. Via Death by Overcoding.

“This is Sparta Ruby!!!”

I’ve mentioned how wonderful Ruby is, but does it knock down Java? Maybe soon


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