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Recommended for strong math students only.

It’s the catchphrase that many students hate seeing on the course description for their introductory Computer Science course: “Recommended for strong math students only.” That one single line is the source of many headaches for countless young students expressing an interest in computer science, but not necessary math. There are many questions about the relevance [...]

OpenT : A Free Alternative to Holtsoft’s Proprietary Turing IDE

Many high school computer science students have heard of Turing, a proprietary language/IDE developed and owned by Holtsoft. The fact that Turing’s development environment is proprietary poses many problems to students who try to do their schoolwork at home. The $75 price tag is hardly justified, considering the limitations of the software’s functionality and support. [...]

Excelling in Computer Science: It’s up to you

About a week ago, I wrote an article on keeping students interested in computer science. After that article was published, there was a record breaking amount of feedback concerning it. The general consensus was that there is indeed a huge problem with students losing interest in computer science. Today, I’d like to talk about how [...]


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