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 [FP]Chat Client Advanced++, Not text based. Sexy looking! 8)
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, 2004 11:07 am   Post subject: [FP]Chat Client Advanced++, Not text based. Sexy looking! 8)

Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

That's right kids... You've all seen the crappy text based. 1 server - 1 client models (mods) of that example chat that comes in turing. But we (meaning me and "icemaster") have come up with our own "1 server - As many clients as a computer can handle" model 8) Jizzing yet? It's not text based either. It's all graphic interface, just to make the users jizz a little more Wink .

Pretty straight forward, and pretty cool. I will also be making a web-page for it and will begin writing some encryption for it shortly. We plan on making a sort of "HotLine" type of thing.

Code is 3 posts down.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, 2004 3:00 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

ill give you 31 bits....and ocne you send me the program, ill just post it myself...for no bits Smile

PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, 2004 4:16 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

good call thuged out g, NO one pay him the bits until he learns that were not here for that , we are here to share knowledge , if you wantsomething for your proram go sell this almighty thing on ebay , mabye we dont all belive in open source but compsci is not a sales site , whoever buys it will post it here..... and because of your post im not gonna bother with your program , Very Happy Very Happy

EDIT " okay fine you posted the code but i dont unnderstand how someone could see that you were planning on posting te code and that it was a joke , " someone find a quoate from his comment to help me out Very Happy

PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, 2004 4:55 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

shorthair, You're a real asshole aren't you? You've joust got it in for me today. First my quake 3 key generator which was not ment to be used for hacking but for educational purposes. You know, like making a gun out of plastic in your basement but not really shooting anyone with it? Just to learn? There's a little thing called learning by experience. And BTW, that little thing was ment to be a joke you carpet-muncher! I made that post from school (where I don't have the code or the EXE for it, So I decided to just give people a heads up of it.) Damnit! You've really managed to make me hate you right now. Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad

Now that I'm home, You asshole can have the code for the client. Once icemaster gets on he'll post up the EXE for his program (because he doesn't believe in open-souce, unlike me who uses linux for more than the fact that it's free, and actually contributes with bits and pieces of code to open source projects). But no, You don't give a flying-fùck about any of that, you don't even care to think for a second. You jump to compulsive conclusions, It's people like you that jump out of air-planes 5 minutes before it's going to explode into the sea because you don't want to die, but ends up dying and the bomb is defused 20 seconds before it explodes. GG asshole.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, 2004 5:10 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

By the way! I've noticed various hacking programs and trojan horses all over this website, So you'll make program to shameleslly consume diskspace or program that will control your system and/or delete vital OS files and not give two fùcks but I make a key generator and you get on all over my case. I don't think microsoft would aprove of some people here making trojan horses. And the fact that some poeple here actually contribute some code to these such hackers makes it even worse. If you really care for dan's reputation and/or well being then go bitch at homer_simpson, not me. Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad

PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, 2004 7:33 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

1) your the fucking idiot for trying to get bits for your program
2) who gives a fuck what M$ approves of
3) maybe next time you decide to submit something, you wont be such a retard and DEMAND bits before anyone can see it
4) shorthair was not out of line at all, your the one being an asshole...its the people like you who are quick to shout out everyone elses faults, like assholes, when you dont stop and think....your being an asshole, as your calling someone an asshole

PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, 2004 8:01 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

shorthair: .... and because of your post im not gonna bother with your program , i was interested in it but now i dont really care
Than maybe you should not post in this thread!

Maybe you guys should ignore each others posts until you can grow up enough to stop riding each others ass!

PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, 2004 8:45 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

Hey good program templest have sum bits.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, 2004 8:52 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

of what I can see (which is the first screen because no one is on so i cant connect to anything) it looks pretty good. Cant til one of my friends with turing gets on my list I wanna give this thing a try

PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, 2004 8:57 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

icemaster didn't go on today, so blah for the server going up any time. If he's at school tomorrow I'll get him to send me a copy of the server so I can post it. If not, I'll make a crappy 1 client server just so you can test it out while he gives me / or posts the actual full working server.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2004 10:51 am   Post subject: Server

lol omg u ppl make me laugh

why can't we all just get along, comon if u want to fight like little babies then go to a forum made for fighting like little babies

personally this site has helped me alot in my programming

yes i am going to post my program... err it's not the latest version, the latest version has a few... well lets just say i have quite a bit of fly swatting to do. so here's my program and i'll explain it

the first thing that happens is the server asks you how many clients you would like, now enter an integer for how many u want...ok if you enter "sdfsdfsFSD34" you will get no where and it will tell u to try again.. using good the old "strintok" command..... but n e wayz after you enter that it will display GUI labels of your the amount of clients you specified, you LOCAL ip address(keep in mind that this is local, if you want anyone to connect to you you will need the real thing just go to and you will get the real thing)
the next label is for the starting port number, which in this case is "1450"
now in my server, after the first person connects, the server is initiated in a 1 on 1 chat with that first person, but at the same time the serer is listening to port "1451", so if you want to chat with more just have them connect to the server, using port 1451, and on so the each time the port number increments by one...i hope everyone gets was challenging at first but really it's just and array of integers that the server wait for connections with, as oppose to the one integer variable that the 1 on 1 chat has

so here's my program have fun

oh yes and one more thing, my program is command based so when you chat be sure to type in "/commands" and get a list of the available commands waiting for you

oh and also i really don't care about bits they can't do anything for me, of course i would apreciate them Very Happy but i really don't care

as posted before this is an educational site

Server By Isaac Emesowum
clients can type "/*/userlist" in normal chat to view online users

 Filename:  Server By Isaac Emesowum
 Filesize:  315.11 KB
 Downloaded:  394 Time(s)


PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2004 3:21 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

ok Question .... seems as if no ones interested in an IRC Turing chat

PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2004 3:30 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

isaac, this is about the time everyone is getting home from school. And with the kid posting pr0n all over the site incident, many people here don't have access to it until they get home (managed to piss a few admins off). Give it time, I'm pretty sure everyone thought Linux was a dead-end idea until XFree86 was invented! Very Happy

Ohh, BTW: I remade my Chat-Line from Chatz0r (my old version). Chat-Line is probably version 7.2 right now. Anyways, I haven't re-implemented the "/commands" command. And all that other stuff.

JSUK: Isaac copied the "/bcolour" cmd from my "/bcolor" command. Wink Twisted Evil

Ohh, the commands on my program are currently:

/name <new name here>
/quit <~ exits the program.

I just got too lazy to redo all those commands. Shocked

PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2004 6:09 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

haha i was inspired by your command that changes the background, it's not like i copied you, well unless i don't know what GUI.SetBackgroundColor means....and plus u only have 2 commands i have many more muahahaha 8) 8) 8)

make sure to re-implement the feature that sends the server the name so the server can list all ppl that are connected, and if you quit, be sure to send a message to the server that you quit...we'll talk at school tomorrow lol

PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2004 6:39 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

somebody tell me wat bits r? i'm sooooooooo confused bout wat they r? r they some sorta money account ting?
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