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[FP]QFTB2 RPG Engine (super alpha) and Kiddy Grade Demo RPG

Author:  Dan [ Tue Jun 22, 2004 11:13 pm ]
Post subject:  [FP]QFTB2 RPG Engine (super alpha) and Kiddy Grade Demo RPG

This is my final project for grade 12 compsci made in java. What i was going for here was an set of class that whould let me easly make an RPG game that was real time rather then turn based. Due to time constatirs on my project i did not complet the engine but i still have plans to update to completion and even posably turn it in to a crapy MMORPG game. To demanstart the use of my engine i made a very small RPG game in it based on the anime "Kiddy Grade" .

The demo game is very short and only has one indoor area where you can talk with poleop and one battle sceen witch just keeps on going affter you kill the bad guys or stops when you die to show a game over screen.

There are some isues with probitybly with this project right now and you MOST HAVE the JMF instaled to run the the class or the java sroce code. Also alougth it will run at any screen reastion it will only look right and not having things overlaping on a seting of 1152 by 864.

Here is the readme file i wrote about the specs of the comp it was tested on and worked and on how to run it:


To play Kiddy Grade game run the MainFile.class

The demo game made with thess class is made for a system with the flowing specs:

REZ: 1152 by 864 if the comp playing it is not at thiss rez things will look wired but it should still run

CPU: P4 3.2ghz muity thread it should run on slower ones but i am unshure of this

RAM: 1gb it should run on ones that have alot lower then this but has not been tested

vid card needs to sport fullscreen mode
sound card and speakers need to hear sound in game

Needed java APIs:

JMF (java meaid frame work)

Needed codeces for playing the songs and vid:

MPGE for vid
mp3 and wav for sound
(most comps should have thess perinstaled)

full javaDoc of thess class can be found in the doc dir
also i left the Jcreator Project file and workspace to
make viewing of the code easyer.

Now i incudled the class files and sorce code for this so poleop can see how it works, but i whould apprishate it if you did not copy any parts of it direncly with out talking to me 1st. The link to download the code, javadoc for it and class files is here:

[url] RPG Engine (super alpha).zip[/url]

Also i have the JavaDoc acceasble for it online here:

You can find the JMF witch is need to run this here:

Pleases do not download this project if you are unable to run(do not have java/do not know how to run a class file/do not have JMF) it b/c it is about 35mb and will eat up alot of bandwith if poleop keep downloading it.

P.S. the reason there is no poll with this one is that it is not an officale contest entry b/c i am an admin and it whould not be fair, but i whould still like to here your options of it and if you where able to get it to run on your comp. If you find a bug in it plz post about it and tell me your comps specks, screen rez you where on and the verson of java and the JMF you where using.

P.P.S. WARNING for any one under the age of 10, the anime Kiddy Grade dose conatin some fan serivce witch is nothing real bad but some poleop could object to this. Alougth i tryed to edit the magority of it out there still could be some lingering traces of it in the game so if you object to that kind of stuff and anime in genreal dont download this.

P.P.P.S. to skip the intro hit any key.

EDIT: And dont wory, this is made in prue java, none of that crazy holth or M$ stuff Wink

Author:  Dan [ Sat Jun 26, 2004 11:57 pm ]
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Don't every one try to download it once now Evil or Very Mad

Sigh, i whould have thougth at least one person whould have tryed to download my game. Oh well i gusse this gose in to my piel of gr8 crap no one ever looked at. Crying or Very sad

Author:  zylum [ Sun Jun 27, 2004 12:05 am ]
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i think people dont want to d/l something that's 35 MB just to look at it... why is it so big anyways? maybe you can make it into an applet and put it on the web?

Author:  Dan [ Sun Jun 27, 2004 12:14 am ]
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i have been thinking of doing that but it may not be easy to convert it. just dispoint since i put alot of work in to this and i think it is quite cool.

Author:  Cervantes [ Sun Jun 27, 2004 11:20 am ]
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I'd try it dan but it would take me 3.97 hours to download your program as well as the JMF, going at my incredible 2.8kbps.

waaaah Crying or Very sad

Author:  Paul [ Sun Jun 27, 2004 1:01 pm ]
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Ok, something went screwy with the cookies, didn't even know this existed, will dl if you tell me if my computer would run it:
548 mhz intel pentium III processor
512 mb ram

Author:  Catalyst [ Sun Jun 27, 2004 2:02 pm ]
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i like it Very Happy
seems a bit buggy tho (probably that im running it at 1600x1200)
it also runs a bit slow (im at 2.0Ghz)

Author:  Amailer [ Sun Jun 27, 2004 9:27 pm ]
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Ill download it tomorrow should take me.. few minutes HAHA -.- yes the power of fast ..good speed internet...

Author:  Dan [ Mon Jun 28, 2004 1:17 am ]
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Catalyst wrote:
i like it Very Happy
seems a bit buggy tho (probably that im running it at 1600x1200)
it also runs a bit slow (im at 2.0Ghz)

ya you have you run it at the right screen rez or all hell will break losse in it. I did not have time to make all of it work with any rez. Thanks for trying it, it is nice to know that some one saw it.


Ok, something went screwy with the cookies, didn't even know this existed, will dl if you tell me if my computer would run it:
548 mhz intel pentium III processor
512 mb ram

While catalyst says it was slow on his but i thougth it ran at a normal speed on some of the comps i test it on with 400mhz. Alought it was made for and on a comp with 3.2ghz and 1gb ram.

I am going to be trying to turn this in to an online game over the summer so thos that can not run it or do not whont to dl it now may seen it then i gusse.