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Need Help With An Animation

Author:  miked [ Sun Mar 14, 2004 2:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Need Help With An Animation

Alright I'm learning Turing on my own with help from a friend and so i decided to make a crappy little animation to get a hang of Turing {or atleast some of it}. So I drew a guy and put a bowling ball high over his head and then I have it fall on him. Then the ball hits his head and blood appears and the ball bounces offscreen. My problem is that I want the guy to fall over but I don't know if it possible to rotate the pic to be on an angle in Turing or if I have to draw a guy in paint on an angle to make it look like hes falling down. I tried just putting a new picture in of him lying on the ground but it didn't look right at all. He didn't look like he was falling he just went from standing to being on the ground. So if someone could give me a tip on what to do it would be really helpful. This is the code I've got so far
View.Set ("graphics:300;400,position:center;center,nobuttonbar")
View.Set ("offscreenonly")

var Bowling_Ball : int := Pic.FileNew ("C:\\Program Files\\Mikes\\bowling_ball.bmp")
Pic.SetTransparentColor (Bowling_Ball, white)
Pic.Draw (Bowling_Ball, 27, 370, picMerge)

var Man : int
Man := Pic.FileNew ("C:\\Program Files\\Mikes\\man_in_blue.bmp")

var Man_With_Blood:int
Man_With_Blood := Pic.FileNew ("C:\\Program Files\\Mikes\\man_in_blue_with_blood.bmp")

var Man_Dead:int
Man_Dead := Pic.FileNew ("C:\\Program Files\\Mikes\\man_dead.bmp")

for decreasing y : 400 .. 83 by 5
    Pic.Draw (Bowling_Ball, 27, y, picMerge)
    Pic.Draw (Man, 0, 0, picMerge)
    Time.Delay (15)
end for

var x : int := 27
var y : int := 80

for : 1..13
Pic.Draw (Man_With_Blood, 0, 0, picMerge)
Pic.Draw (Bowling_Ball, x, y, picMerge)
    Time.Delay (15)
x := x - 5
y := y + 2
end for

Author:  Cervantes [ Sun Mar 14, 2004 2:06 pm ]
Post subject: 

to rotate pictures, use Pic.Rotate. Type it into Turing and press F9.