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SDLC, Software Development Life Cycle, templates

Author:  btiffin [ Tue Dec 30, 2014 5:28 am ]
Post subject:  SDLC, Software Development Life Cycle, templates

Hello, all

I'd like to beg favour. Just finished a draft of Sphinx ReStructuredText sources for an SDLC documentation tree.

The initial templates outline a very Traditional development model. Waterfall, back office formal.

Anyone have a sample of a more modern software development outline? An outline that can be lifted into Sphinx rst, with permission and freedom rights?

The input sources are nice clean text, (if you click through the link above, be sure to check out some of the Show this Source buttons) and I'm more than willing to transcribe another set of templates, but not really expert enough to invent them.

A goal will be a shared repository management tool, with extract to clipboard features.

hopper extract SRS

would pull out a template document, tagged SRS (a Software Requirements Specification) and post it to the clipboard, ready for pasting.

hopper extract SRS newfile.rst

would copy the extract snippet to the given file. By building up an outline, developers can get on with the new and pre-fill the old.

hopper extract unittest
would pull out the source harness for a new test case, boiler plate paperwork complete.

Anyway, if you know of a less waterfall, more circular perhaps? methodology outline, please drop a note and or a link.



Author:  charlieSem [ Sat Jan 10, 2015 4:22 am ]
Post subject:  SDLC Software Develop

According to my knowledge of SDLC is means System Development Life Cycle. Its a system analysis techniques for how to make a web-site or software. If you are follow these SDLC then you can easily develop a website. So SDLC is a integral part for web-site.