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 The Ultimate 'Essential' Program List
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 29, 2004 11:49 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

i almost forgot!!!

Fink - unix-side package manager for osx, i can't live without this!!!

PostPosted: Sat Jul 31, 2004 9:34 am   Post subject: (No subject)

um.... DAP can do the save all files / pictures / videos from a webpage... ( a list of all them comes up u just select all the ones u want)... and DAP is muchos FAST... and it works with FIREFOX!!!!

GO DAP!!!!

Download Acesslerator Plus..


yea.... kazaa lite is still out there..

here ill hook you up... there is one person who still cares about kazaa lite.... he made a site to save kazaa lite's existance... ianywaysi know him... name nathan moir... here is the siet to get kazaa lite.. (FREE no spyware no shit version) and no u cant find his site on google....

here are all the mirrors.. (since his site is badblye oranized... and he also links other kazaa lite clients (like clean KMD, and resurection)

anyways..... kazaa lite 2.4.3


there we go... enjoy.... is better? he has that on his site too.. but only like 2 mirrows.... hmmm w/e... im happy with my vurrent version...
and i will take the installer and host it in the pub section of my webserver for safe keeping...

PostPosted: Thu Aug 05, 2004 11:52 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

Seti@home: Help find those aliens.

DosBox: For playing old games (Dos emulator).

7-Zip: Freeware unzipping tool for a lot of formats.

ZipZag: Another archiver/unzipping program but the thing I like about this one is that it can zip up into .pk3 archives which is good when one wants to screw around with Quake III stuff.

VLC Media Player: I like this because it comes with its own codecs so my downloaded video files work, while in Microsoft I can never get codecs.

Maybe I'll think of some more later.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 06, 2004 11:11 am   Post subject: (No subject)

ahh... how could i forget.....

RamPage - It goes next to system clock, your double click and it will free memory up from programs that forget to free, or just mismanaged memory, works great especially from turing(forgetting Pic.Free or Font.Free etc... or with computer with less then 128 mb ram, but can be used with computer withs 512 MB ram (ive tried it) works good

you can make it free up to a certain ammount, or just free x amount more ram.... very handy....

AddKiller - Buypin ok.. for all u peeps still using IE... or if u need to use IE forsomething that firefox cant ... this is for u! .... simply right click on this little bulleye on system tray, move mouse to 'add rule', a drop down list comes up with all active windows.... simply select the one u DONT want to see agan.... BOOM.... it closes... and if that winow tries to open again... it auto kills it... .. like right now... :: Post Reply... if i blocked this window, anytime that TITLE comes up... it would be closed... handy... also can limit open windows to x ammount... good for 'underground sites with lots of pop ups' just limit to 2, one for searching, one for the pop up window with the information (yea, program at source forge now...)

IRFANVIEW!!!!!!! cant beleive no one has said this one yet....

Irfanview is the BEST free IMAGE program out there!!! can do some image effects, coller filters etc, but mostly a Image, Sound, Movie Viewer / Converter.... can convert from ANY format to ANy other Format... its INSANE!!!! can even open up autocad images.... nice printing interface... slideshows.. fullscreen...screensaver maker, nero burning, mp3 player... download the full plugins thingy too... opens program in .1 seccond...

PostPosted: Fri Aug 06, 2004 11:44 am   Post subject: (No subject)

bah... rampage, I use it, it says theres more ram available then within 1 min, it slowly goes back to what it was

PostPosted: Fri Aug 06, 2004 5:58 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

yea... that only happens if u use rampage when no more ram is available..

i can free all 64 mb of my ram if i wanted... but oviously OS and other running programs will just steal it back...

rampage will steal ram taht a program may need (if u keep clicking on it)... then the program will just take it back..

u just kidna gota know ur flow point (what ram u have left when nothing is running) and only free up to that point.. then ur fine..

rampage is the best for me since i only have 64 mb ram...... after closing a program some dont free the memory they were using... and it allows me to run at peak mempory at all times...

its really more beneficial then u thijnk... hell before i had it i never knew that i only had 5MB free after running some programs then closing them.

ull be shocked how much u acually have left (about 3 hours after u first boot ur pc)... resource meter is much differnet then this..

PostPosted: Fri Aug 06, 2004 10:12 pm   Post subject: (No subject)


Updated graphics engine, ragdoll physics, 1024mb video cards supported, and syntax highlighting!

PostPosted: Sat Aug 07, 2004 9:30 am   Post subject: (No subject)

CyberDuck - Great free ftp/ssh/scp/sftp program for osx

MPlayer OSX - Highly optimized video player for osx

mplayer - Same as above, but for linux/unix (once again highly optimized)

Azureus - the best (highly tweakable) bit torrent client/server out there for all java supporting platforms (other clients are based of python, this one is based on java)

PostPosted: Sat Aug 07, 2004 4:18 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

I beg to differ as far as Azureus being the best BitTorrent client. I much prefer TorrentStorm -

PostPosted: Sat Aug 07, 2004 4:45 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

TorrentStorm wrote:
The Windows BitTorrent Client.

Nope, I'm gonna have to agree with rizzix.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 07, 2004 5:08 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

Mplayer is prity good when it is not casuing masive errors that requize it to be reinstalled.

Dose any one know any relay good p2p clinets for linux? I tryed aMule and xMule but both caused system lock ups and i tryed limewire but it's netwrok was crap and i could not find any anime on it at all.
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 07, 2004 5:50 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

Apollon - P2P Client for Linux

PostPosted: Sat Aug 07, 2004 9:49 pm   Post subject: (No subject)

i knew some one was going to say that. That one dose not crash anything but it dose not conecte well to any netwrok but openft and i also could not find any good sorces for anime on thos.

I gusse a better way of asking the question whould be dose any know of any eDonkey clients for linux other then xMule and aMule?
Computer Science Canada Help with programming in C, C++, Java, PHP, Ruby, Turing, VB and more!

PostPosted: Sun Aug 08, 2004 2:50 am   Post subject: (No subject)

Wine is the key.

W.I.N.E. = Wine Is Not an Emulator.

You can get all the good toys with it.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 08, 2004 6:01 am   Post subject: (No subject)

So what is it, then?
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