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 Top 6 ridiculous rules in many areas that you ever heard - skateboarding rules
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 9:08 am   Post subject: Top 6 ridiculous rules in many areas that you ever heard - skateboarding rules

Honestly speaking, some regulations are just outdated and even bizarre that should be reconsidered and modified to adapt to the changes of modern society. Some of them are not pertinent, however other regulations that are outstanding are really weird and unreasonable that sometimes we can not make it out why the local government could enact them earlier. The acts related to skateboarding are very diverse among states and cities in different countries in the world. It might be reasonable to claim that the legislators do not really grasp the skateboarding culture or probably do not put effort into understanding it previously.

A nuisance actually crops up when it is hard to determine which should be assigned to skateboard - pedestrians or conveyances. The issue gradually lost the public’ attention and then cause uncertainty in the legislation of the government. However, it is the right time that the legislators had to get down to alter the regulation. Because skateboarding has gained its popularity throughout many decades and there is no sign of cooling off in the future. More and more kids and teenagers start to look for skateboarding to relax after stressful classes. If you are among these folks but do not know how to begin, so FYI the very first thing is to choose a good skateboard for yourself and the review of quality boards are available at

1. Just skating after 6:30 pm (Duluth, Minnesota)

In Duluth, skateboarders are not allowed to fo skateboarding on walkways before 6:30 pm in the center of the town and Canal Park. People in this area somehow have a so-called skateboarding-dislike perspective. So why do they oppose the skateboarding? Might it be the hustling circulation on the walkways there? Whether what the main reason is, we guess that it is quite ridiculous and sometimes, some skateboarders venture to go skating at the limited time to fulfill their desire.

2. You are not allowed to skate in any police station (Miami Beach, Florida)

Miami Beach’s law in skateboarding bans the skaters to ride in the police station. Let’s talk about it in a funnier way. Have you ever heard of someone on this beach saying that they were extremely excited to pick up their board and ride straight to the police station? This can never occur since it is kind of squandering your time. We probably might consider that the police on this beach has one imperative to complete - someone has to stand out to reject this “regulation”

3. It is not allowed to skate on the road (Toronto, Ontario)


It is not allowed to skate on the road. We would like to repeat it because yes, it is happening in Toronto. Bicycles can move freely on the roadways while skateboards are totally banned. Toronto officials might not come up with any possible ways to make these 2 means of transportation harmonize with each other so they ended up with such a rule like that. We do not know why they differentiate skateboards from bicycles in terms of this rule but obviously they did.

4. It is also not allowed to skate in bicycle lanes (Toronto, Ontario)

Notice that you even are not allowed to ride your board in bicycle lanes in Toronto, again. Earlier we talked about no skateboarding on roadways and now in bicycle lanes. Of you combine these two regulations, you can jump to the conclusion that Toronto authority does not support skateboarding activity in the local area. A few skateparks were built in Toronto and it appears to be the sole approved location for skateboarders to fulfill their skating desire.

5. Skateboarding on the street is unlawful (Canton, Ohio)

If you are a fan of skating on the street, our suggestion is to determinedly stay far away from Canon, Ohio. Some decent people there are taking the safety of skaters and other traffic users into consideration and have claimed that the walkways are already assigned to skateboarding. The punishment for the violation is very harsh and not being encouraged to take a gamble. Probably thinking in a more positive way, this law might be helpful for kids who are new to skateboarding but too curious and rushing to skate on the street to express themselves. If you have kids starting to play skateboarding, of course, you can encourage them to take up this incredible sport, maybe by giving them a skateboard as a gift for them because after all, this sport brings a lot of benefits to their mental and physical health. But you also have to remind them of better practicing at a public park or skatepark for their safety in the first place. And if you have no idea which board you should buy for your kids to make them satisfied, just check it out at best first skateboard for kids - skateboard reviews for kids.

6. Only Two At A Time (New York State)

Newyour’s rule is totally funny and bizarre. Their regulation dictates that if you gather to go skateboarding, you can ride less than two abreast. This seems to be just quite formalistic because considering it seriously, you can skate with only one mate next to you and you can not skate among a group of skateboarders. This really sounds illogical and ridiculous. So are there any negative effects if they go skating in a group? We can not even explain this.

More great articles about skateboarding are available at:
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